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    British Sword opinion

    I guess the price for these have gone upp lately. This one is in good condition for 700€ http://www.kwsantiques.de/english/edged/c174.html
  2. Hlynur76

    British Sword opinion

    I didn?t send them mail but I saw one sale at christies in May 2003. There was a British Pattern 1900 Naval Cutlass sold for ?353. I?m not sure how it is today.. but I guess it?s higher than 350 pounds. About the Icelandic horse, yes they eat well. They taste good, but we don?t eat them as much today as we did back in the days. Regards Hlynur
  3. Hlynur76

    British Sword opinion

    Thanks for your info guys and your answers Jonathan, I appreciate. No problem Mervyn, we are all learning ;)
  4. Hlynur76

    British Sword opinion

    The temp. here is good atm.. dry, sunny and 2C? - 4C? in shadow today. Now snow atm.. only on mountains ;)
  5. Hello all... (Damn, how do I change topic name ? lol) EDIT: It?s KUBAN I?m talking about here not Krim, my mistake I think this shield is a good one, but I'd love to hear other opinions please.
  6. Hlynur76

    British Sword opinion

    Thank you Mervyn for very good answers. No we don?t have polar bears here in Iceland (In 2008 two of them came with Iceberg from Greenland for first time in many years). I guess some british soldier took it to Iceland in WW2. Because someone had no clue what was waiting for him here. Maybe was it?s role for defence on polar bears "Boer War" hmm.. intresting. Was it then used in Boer war? Does it means that sword was made at the same time as it was issued or is this ?/00 mark just for issue year? You say this scabbard is not the right one, I guess you are correct on that because the sword does not fit all the way in. I guess someone who had bought the sword have found some scabbard to use with. (Like the first picture shows) I might sell it if I get right offer ;)