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  1. Some of them are stamped on the rim. Model wise I think it stayed the same for all of its 125 year life. 1850-1975. Maybe there were some small modification done to the crown. I can't really remember. I'll get back to you. The first model seems had an smaller hinged crown.
  2. Christian J

    I found two crossbelt plates :-)

    Great looking pieces. What's the size of these?
  3. Thanks for the references. I still think it's the same and had some time at the workshop, hinge and hilt fixed.
  4. I'll bet my bottom dollar that it's the same example. It's been slightly repaired and the missing hilt and cross is from manual editing for the catalogue (from which auction is it if I might ask?). In the time it seems it lost some enamel on the swords.
  5. Actually seems to be the same piece. Look at the enamel damages.
  6. Christian J

    Order of the Iron Crown

    Thanks guys for commenting.
  7. Christian J

    Order of the Iron Crown

    Hi Tifes, Thanks for replying. I got this picture from another forum. Easier to see with the loupe when you know what you are looking at. Yes, it's a shame about the "emeralds" and a couple of the "pearls". Does this effect the desirability much? Best regards Christian
  8. My unmarked medal. Missing its reverse text. I can't explain why. One can notice a faint shadow where it should be. Also a very rare commemorative booklet from 1930 with the medal imprinted. Written by the corps founder Christer Uggla.
  9. Christian J

    Order of the Iron Crown

    I have this Iron Crown. The ring is clearly marked with A for Wien and what with a little imagination would be a goat and 3 for 18ct. FR for Rothe. The mark on the cross is blurred like hell. Could it be something else considering the ring is made of gold? 33gr, 75mm. Guess it's a first class?
  10. Christian J

    Another interesting Finnish Medal

    Does it have an engraving on the rim? I bought one and to my surprise it was engraved to a Swedish speaking captain. I guess that it's a private commission? I've heard they were intolerant to the Swedish speaking population but I think that's an after construction. I also bought a small print, a recruitment pamphlet in Swedish, from the same seller.
  11. My pleasure, Christophe. Thanks for the info Chip. No piping on the bottom right, so a simplied pair it seems. Do you have any further info on the dunkelblau straps? I'm curious about the blue cord. Not sure that I've seen this before. Otherwise much obliged.
  12. Thanks for the replies. Been collecting FR34 for a couple of years and try to acquire it if something shows up. (I'm eternally grateful if you see something and fire away a tip to me). A couple of old pictures of the collection. The tunic and cap is named to a Oberleutnant in the regiment. Found the nice goblet here in Sweden. Turns out it's for a "volunteering" swedish Fähnrich. I'll gladly post a couple of my documents concerning FR34 that I myself is only able to make out fragments of. Any help on the different schulterklappe models?
  13. Been collecting straps and other items from Füsilier-Regiment Königin Viktoria von Schweden(Pommersches) Nr.34 for some time now and finally acquired a Einjährige! Thought I'd get some help in identifying the different models. What does the blue stripe represent, Einjährige, same as the polka piping, unteroffizer or something else? Are the feldgrau only M1915 or any other designation? Believe the short ones are mantel klappen? Any model number on the "dunkelblau" straps? Some of them has remnants of the number 34 still visible and reused in 1905 when they got Viktoria's chiffer. Thanks for viewing.
  14. Ah, thanks for pointing that out. At a second look at the postcard, it's written v. Bülow on the margin. Though he has a striking resemblance to Krähe. Best regards Christian