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  1. What an incredible piece. A tunic like this should be seen by anyone who wants perspective on collecting.
  2. I bought the piece several years ago from Ken Richards in sydney, Australia. At the time, I think he was upgrading his collection, and was selling a few of his pieces. I note he no longer has anything for sale on his very nice website. It was pricey, at least for me, but not as high as what I see shako plates are commanding these days. I can only drool when browsing Bertrand Malveaux's catalogue. Maybe I can scrape enough up for a button or two.
  3. My photography skills are lacking. I'm afraid the flash kind of obliterated the fine detailing. Each wing feather is finely detailed with very fine feathering.
  4. The plate is a thin stamped brass, and may have been gilded at some point. It measures 8 x 11 cm.
  5. Reverse:
  6. I will take some more pics this weekend. Thanks
  7. Very, very nice. I love portraits. I have a wonderful Czar Alexander II miniature on ivory attributed to the court miniaturist.
  8. BTT for comments.
  9. Quite interesting. Anyone know what other awards were awarded to Napoleon? I do know that he awarded Alexander I the Legion of Honor. Did Alexander award any Russian medals to Napoleon at Tilset?
  10. That is a very good question Rick. there are just a handful of First Empire Dealers , among them Bertrand Malveaux in France. You get their catalogues and get a feel, but it is difficult to say what a rarer item such as this with a Waterloo provenance is actually worth. (I guess it is worth the asking price if someone pays it, but that is too rich for me.) It surprises me that there are not more collectors and widespread interest when you consider the subject of Napoleon. There are reinactors, and all the service industries that entails, but not many original dealers in this sort of militaria.
  11. Here is one of those pieces we do not see very often, from Premier Emperor in the UK Very Rare and 100% Original Old Guard Helmet Plate , taken from the Battle of Wateroloo 1815. The plate is in excellent condition and has a small paper label on the reverse saying ' From Waterloo. Capt.Charles Dav'. Superb Item and Very Rare. Only $6400.00 USD
  12. As with all Russian Badges and Awards: Quality, Quality and more Quality.
  13. Comments on this one?
  14. Thank you for the reply, and yes, I agree with you. After looking through Bertrand Malvaux's Catalogue, I too have come to the conclusion that this plate is indeed Second Empire. Chris
  15. Another fantastic document.