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  1. I don't know. Maybe. But other sources don't mention the red piped ones too
  2. Great info! Thanks a lot! Congrats to that MP!!!!!!
  3. Maybe you can show, for which action he awarded the medal. He is mentioned in that book. I have the book too, but I forgot his name...
  4. Do you have the "Bayerns goldenes Ehrenbuch"?
  5. I´ve heard there were some differences between the first (green) books of Kraus and the new ones (grey) who were published a few years ago. Kraus wrote in the book "Die deutsche Armee" (p. 310-313): Schneeschuhmütze: ligh-grey cloth, field-grey visor, two buttons and green pipimgs on the top. A photo on p. 312 shows a bavarian cap with "unusual" black pipings and another photo (p. 313) a württemberg one with green pipings. His book "Die feldgraue Uniformierung" mentioned: Schneeschuhmütze (p. 546): light-grey cloth with green piping The "Zeitschrift für Heereskunde" wrote in 1934 about the württ. Geb.Rgt.: A field-grey cap with green pipings. Your photo with the red-piped cap is very interesting, but I haven´t found anything written about it.
  6. Hi Chris! Goldene Militär-Verdienst-Medaille! A real rare MP! I obserevd it too, but the price was horrible...
  7. Hmmm, call me stuipid, but I own the Kraus books too. I haven´t found anything about coloured pipings I read Kraus (Die feldgraue Uniform), vol. I, page 546/547 and Kraus (Die deutsche Armee), page 310-313
  8. Hello KMB! Do you have some sources according to the colours of the cap-pipings, please?
  9. Hello! I agree. Rendsburg
  10. Hello! I agree with Pionier. The problem is, in 1914 all Engeneer units, that were formed by Pi.Btl.13 had the shoulder-strap 13. Later those war-time units did recieve their own numbers. Here is a list of all units, built by the Pi.Btl.13:
  11. No-one would come on this..... Thanks for the solution!!!
  12. Then it´s correct! I don´t know, who weared the epaulettes. There were 12 commanders between 1897 and 1919
  13. Hello! If Inf.Rgt.160, the base colour under the numbers might be blue. It´s difficulty to see...
  14. Note the "button-strap". It´s round. I haven´t seen that before. And austrian field-caps didin´t have any pipings. Either it´s a cap of own property with pipings, or it´s a "collection" of an unknown green-piped cap with a WW2 Edelweiß.