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  1. A wonderful photo! Why didn´t I see that at ebay???
  2. The Mecklenburg cockade ist rare and wonderful!!!!
  3. K.K.240 means Kraftfahr-Kolonne 240. This Supply-column was listed in the 11th army
  4. No, the ranklists only mention the second name, the medals and the promotion of his last rank. I did find a Lt. Schwab in Fußart.Rgt.13 (ranklist 1909) Promotion (called: Patent) 18.11.06. With this date we can follow his career. Rank list 1911: like 1909 Rank list 1912: like 1909, with comment: "kommandiert zur Militärtechnischen Akademie" (commandet to military-technical academy) Rank list 1913: Leutnant in Lehr-Regiment of Fußartillerie Schießschule Rank list 1914: like 1913 with comment: kommandiert zur Dienstleistung beim Flieger-Bataillon 1 (commanded to duty at Aviation-Bataillon 1) Stellenbesetzung 1919: promoted to Hauptmann 18.8.16 Honour-Ranklist: Lehr-Regiment (Fußart.Schießschule), comment: after armistice Major a.D. (außer Dienst = off duty), later in Reichsheer Rank list 1920: Hauptmann in Art.Rgt.5 (comment: before: K.K.240 (I don´t know what that means...) In Fußart.Rgt.13 I found a Leutnant Walter (Rank list 1914), promotion 22.11.08. Is that your man?
  5. Hi Gunnar! Ah, ok. 1907... I checked the later ranklists. So he will have stopped his career before the war and he was re-activated by mobilization. The honour ranklist does not mention any places of birth
  6. Do you know, when he joined FuAR13? The ranklist of honour doesn´t mention him there.
  7. The it will be a Reserve-officer or an officer, who promoted during the war. I couldn´t find a Schwab in the Ehrenrangliste, who was in an avaiation unit
  8. Ah, ok.Thank you. Unfortunately I don´t have any info about commanders of that unit:
  9. Hello! It would be easier, if you would show us the unit... Abt-Führer. From what?
  10. Dave was right in correcting me. It´s not Sütterling... my fault. But I don´t even know, why those writers chosed to write both systems. I can´t recognize any sense...
  11. Right, Chris, Bavaria´s got their "balled" helmets in june 1915
  12. The one is "Kurrent", the other "Sütterlin". Why did he use both? I don´t know...
  13. I asked a friend of mine. He is a specialist in "reading" Gustav Gebert