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  1. Ah, ok. Thank you! One single letter makes another sense...
  2. Hello Stephan! A very nice photo! I only have a problem with the unit... Double-Litzen and the cypher with white pipings might be Gren.Rgt.101. But that regiment hadn´t been in the Balkans... It only served at the western theatre
  3. Bonjour Gris C! Very nice photos!!!! Those two men are french Dragoons. Drg.Rgt.9 from Épernay (east of Paris - In Samur was the french cavalry school) Drg.Rgt. 31 from Lunéville (east of Nancy)
  4. Hello! This card, stamped with MGK, Landwehr-Inf.Rgt.81 shows an unusual badge. Does someone know, which badge it it, please?
  5. Hello Fritzel! Do you know his name? He should be listed in the casualty lists. But I have a problem with "Stabsgefreiter". That rank didn´t exist in the Great War. There only was "Gefreiter" and "Obergefreiter" (but Obergefreiter only in the heavy artillery). For Odessa please look at the units under 7. (württ.) Ldw.Div. in #8
  6. A brilliant photo, Heiko! Minenwerfer-Kompagnie 121 Formed 26.10.1915 from Schwerer Minenwerfer-Abt. 20 (later to Inf.Rgt.60) and mittlerer MW-Abt. 125 (later to Res.Inf.Rgt.7)
  7. Indeed! They do! Maybe this one fits in the collection? Both wished to be back home to their families and a cold beer...
  8. Hello! The Crimean peninsula had been occupied by the Korps Kosch (under command of Heeresgruppe Eichhorn). Units: 217.Inf.Div., bavarian Kav.Div., 15.Landwehr-Div., and from Rumania came 212.Inf.Div. The 217.Inf.Div. later went to Georgia and later to Serbia. Map 1: The battles around the Crimean peninsula ("Der Weltkrieg 1914-1918, vol. 13") Map 2: November 1918 ("Die Rückführung des Ostheeres") Ordre of battle of the Gen.Kdo.52 in November 1918 ("Die Rückführung des Ostheeres")
  9. Hello Fritzel! No problem! I just wanted to correct the grammar, because just a few people here speak german, so I could try to teach you a little bit german. (But my english is not better... ) Well, the Verdordnungsblatt was updated differently. Sometimes weekly, sometimes (in peace-time) monthly. I don´t know about the Verlustlisten. I think it depended on periods with heavy or "silent" battles. Generally you can say the entry in the Verlustliste came between 2 weeks and a month after the incident happened. As far as I know ther ain´t no records about EKs published. Probably there were records, but they were destroyed in WW2. The Sanitätsbericht is a three-volume edition. It explains the works of the medic soldiers, the technical equipment a nd the tactical placements of hospitals and so on. The Naval Corps in 1918 was: 1st Naval Division (1st. Matrosen-Rgt., 2nd Matrosen-Rgt., 4th Marine-Inf.Rgt.) 2nd Naval Division (3rd Matrosen-Rgt., 4th Matrosen-Rgt., 5th Matrosen-Rgt.) 3rd Naval Division (1st Marine-Inf.Rgt., 2nd Marine-Inf.Rgt., 3rd Marine-Inf.Rgt.)
  10. Private Joker didn´t have a war-face, but the left gunner has...
  11. Hello Fritzel! A short grammar-lesson... "Die Preußische" is a female adjective... What you mean, it´s called "Der Preuße". Anyway, if you need more infos about the tropps down in Crimea, let me know, I´ll have look
  12. Hello both!!! Thank you very much for those fantastic informations! I think it´s ti me for Odulf to write a book about the dutch army. The Verlag Militaria jjust published a book about the belgian army in german, dutch and french. Maybe they are interested in a publication of a dutch book?
  13. Hello Fritzel! The book "Schlachten und Gefechte des Großen Krieges 1914-1918" shows us: 12.-14.3.1918: Gefecht und Einnahme von Odessa (Battle and occupation of Odessa): Gen.Kdo.52, 212. and 217.Inf.Div. (from Heeresgruppe Linsingen) 19.4.-15.11.1918: Besetzung der Krim (Occupation of the crimean peninsula): Gen.Kdo.52, 217.Inf.Div. (now from Heeresgruppe Eichhorn-Kiew). You´ll find the divisional units here: