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  1. That's it! Stil in good condition... Nice photo!
  2. Hello! In a german-english military dictionary from 1943 stands: Querriegel = Thwart (used in engeneer-matters) I don´t know, if it helps...
  3. Hello! I cheked your photo again. I was wrong with Marinekorps. It´s a simple fieldgrey naval uniform since April 15, 1921. (Marine-Verordnungsblatt Nr.10) "Collar with Double-braidings like the early See-Bataillon, without collar-tabs." All NCO and EM had those crossed anchors on ther shoulder-straps. The crossed anchors for helmsmen were worn as an oval patch upon the upper arm
  4. Hello! Here are two other pics of the Naval-RW
  5. Hello! To me it´s a photo from the early Reichswehrmarine since november 1919. Then the cocade was introduced. The collar mirrors and the shoulder straps are those from the imperial Marinekorps by removing the imperial crown.
  6. Hello! Marksman stripes 10th class! Great photo! Two large and two small stripes = 10th class Atelier in Munich. Without Guard-Litzen. So probably 1st or 2nd Inf.Rgt.
  7. Hello. We see an uniform of Jäger-Regiment zu Pferde N°13 from Saarlouis (XVI.Army Corps). He also wears an Oldenburg Friedrich-August Cross: http://www.medal-medaille.com/sold/product_info.php?products_id=2341 His rank is Oberleutnant (1 star) The ranklist of honour had two officers of that regiment, who served in the air service later in the war. Leutnant Neubaur in Flieger-Abt.8, wounded August 8, 1914, died August 21, 1914 in Sennheim (too early, so he won´t be it) Leutnant Schönberg in Flieger-Abt. (A) 254, missed April 14, 1917. But he could also be a reserve-officer. Those were not listed in the ranklist of honour. What´s the badge on his right side? Another pilot badge?
  8. Hello! Really, a nice photo! Me too, I like the steel-helmet-covers! Here is an example of the staff of 208th Inf.Div. (the so-called "Strich-Division). Note the the single stripe for the staff. Unit is Fernsprech-Abteilung 208 (> oval-patch)
  9. If I want to see the page this one arrives: A New WordPress Site Coming Soon!
  10. Hello! The "I" on the plate is an indicator for german 1st army.
  11. Hello! That´s strange. Cuirassiers had a line-eagle. This is a dragoon-eagle. Jäger zu Pferde (mounted Jäger) has this eagle. But Jäger z.Pf. 1-7 had white eagles. Jäger z.Pf. 8-13 had yellow eagles, but enlisted men had a black leather-helmet and officers a black helmet.. No tombak helmets! The cloverleave cocades were worn by Jg.z.Pf 1-7. It looks like a mix between regiments 1-7 and 8-13... Maybe there was a war-time pattern with that symbols and made from tombak...
  12. The Prussian

    Who has photos with kappenabzeichen?

    Do you know this page? https://www.sammlerecke.at/kap/kapstart.html