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  1. Hello! That´s strange. Cuirassiers had a line-eagle. This is a dragoon-eagle. Jäger zu Pferde (mounted Jäger) has this eagle. But Jäger z.Pf. 1-7 had white eagles. Jäger z.Pf. 8-13 had yellow eagles, but enlisted men had a black leather-helmet and officers a black helmet.. No tombak helmets! The cloverleave cocades were worn by Jg.z.Pf 1-7. It looks like a mix between regiments 1-7 and 8-13... Maybe there was a war-time pattern with that symbols and made from tombak...
  2. The Prussian

    Who has photos with kappenabzeichen?

    Do you know this page? https://www.sammlerecke.at/kap/kapstart.html
  3. The Prussian

    Who has photos with kappenabzeichen?

    Thanx Tony. I only collect german badges or austrian badges worn (or could have been worn) by german soldiers.
  4. The Prussian

    Who has photos with kappenabzeichen?

    No. That´s all from photos with Kappenabzeichen
  5. The Prussian

    Who has photos with kappenabzeichen?

    Unfortunately not. Nothing for sale. But you'll find them sometimes at ebay
  6. The Prussian

    Who has photos with kappenabzeichen?

    I only have the photos I shared above. Most of the badges were worn at the eastern front.
  7. The Prussian

    Who has photos with kappenabzeichen?

    What are you looking for exactly? By the way, you´ve got a real nice photo! He wears the badges from: Korps Hoffmann, Deutsche Südarmee and austrian 7th army
  8. The Prussian

    Who has photos with kappenabzeichen?

    Hello! These photos are from my collection. Enjoy!
  9. Kraus writes, that first the Alpenkorps was equipped with the "Gebirgshose". (17.8.11915). The Sturmbataillone recieved their leather-patched-trousers with ordre from 2.1.1917 (Kraus, vol. I, page 560). You wrote, a couple of photos were from 1918. In may 1918, the Gen.Kdo.59 was in the area of Cirey. In Sept./Nov. 1918 the Armee-Abteilung A was: VII.AK, XV.RK, Gen.Kdo.59, austrian IX.AK Units since 15.9.1918 13.ID (until 15.9.1918), 75.RD (7.10.-5.11.1918), 61.Ldw.Brig., 21.LD, 96.ID, 92.Res.Jg.Brig., 25.ID (18.-25.9.1918), 301.ID, 39.RD, hungarian 37.Honved-Div. What about a close-up of the helmet cover in #204, please?
  10. Troops with mountain-uniforms were 26.1.1917: 9.Armee (LII.AK, 217.ID, parts of 89.ID, 218.ID, parts of bav. 12.ID) 11.Armee (Gren.Rgt.11, Garde-Jäger-Btl., Res.Inf.Rgt.21, Jg.Btl.9 and 12, Inf.Rgt.45, Res.Jg.Btl.11-13, 15, 19, Inf.Rgt.146, Schallmeßtrupp 4, Garde-Schützen-Btl. + units since 29.7.1918: Jg.Btl.8, Geb.Bttr.9, 14-16, 18, bav. Geb.Bttr.10, bav. Pi.Kp.106, Pi.Kp.201, Geb.MG-Abt. 210, 211, 214, 216, 217, 219, 220, 230, 231, Geb.MW-Kp. 171, 172, 176, Geb.Funker-Abt. 3-5, 9, 78, 79, Geb.Fernspr.Zug 814-816 14.Armee (all units) Armee-Abt. A (parts of bav. Pi.Kp.23, Funker-Abt. 6b) Armee-Abt. B (Infantry of 6.bav. Ldw.Div., parts of 7.Kav.Div., bav. San.Kp.3, 2./Fußart.Btl.2, MG-Abt. 201, 201 and 208, + units since 19.7.1918: Ul.Rgt.21, Ldw.Inf.Rgt. 38, 40 and 436, several Landsturm units) Armee-Abt. Scholtz (Geb.MG-Abt. 212, 213, 215, 222-225, 232, 233, 247-250, Geb.Pi.Kp.101, Geb.Funker-Abt.1, 6a and 7, Geb.Vers.Haub.Battr. 941, Geb.Fernsprech- and Signalzüge) Source: Kraus, vol. I, page 246
  11. Yes, you won´t see leather-trousers on the western-front usually. Mostly they were worn by mountain troops.
  12. They have leather-knees! Sturmbataillon!
  13. Hi Chris! Yes, you are right, but your focus was on Sturmbataillon, not divisionally Sturmabteilungen... The official Sturmbataillon for Armee-Abt. A was the bavarian Sturmbataillon 15, raised xmas 1916. Another fact is, that the Armee-Abt. A had 2 Lehr-Abteilungen with 60-80 men each. They teached the "Stosstrupps" of the regiments. Each regiment had 60-80 men in their Stosstrupps. Maybe your photo shows one of those?