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  1. Hello! In june 1919 the Landesjägerkorps formed the Reichswehr-Brigade 16. Each swadron was attached to an infantry-bataillon. There were two Inf.Rgt. (numbers 31 and 32) with three bataillons each. The bataillons in the Freikorps-area were numbered I-VI. The III.Bataillon became III./RW-Inf.Rgt.31 in Halle with one swadron and one battery.
  2. Great document, GreyC! After the Freikorps period, the tradition of Ul14 was taken by 2./Reiter-Regiment 13
  3. Hello! Impressing photos!!!! I have two photos (one took from a boat to the sight of Villerville / Le Havre, the other taken form a trench) without words... ("We broke through the german lines and took 30.000 prisoners and 80 guns") and one from the eastern front... (it´s just a sign of a primary school in Wonjuw(?)
  4. Hello! As far as I know, he didn´t serve in the BW http://www.oocities.org/~orion47/WEHRMACHT/HEER/Generalleutnant/BOELSEN_HANS.html Why are most of the photos in this thread shown twice?
  5. Hello! I asked my friend. I stil wait for the answer, but I think it will be ok
  6. Hello! Above the photo I don´t read Noske; to me it´s a "Nr.13" (number 13, maybe number 18, that would fit to the number of the document). Here is another example of Noskes signature. (It´s from a friend´s collection)
  7. Hello! Very nice pieces! Congrats! But i don´t believe that the signature is an original one. There are a lot of documents, signed by Noske and the signature always looks the same. Why should he sign a document of a simple soldier?
  8. Hello! I don´t have any documents, but I have some infos about the formation. The Minenwerfer-Kompagnie 12 belonged to the 12th Inf.Div. It was formed may 9th, 1915 from the following platoons: schwerer Minenwerfer-Zug 57 mittlerer Minenwerfer-Zug 169 leichter Minenwerfer-Zug 283
  9. Good choice, Chris! I recieved my book last week. I stil didn´t read it, but zapping through the book makes me sweat. I hope I will finish the actually book I read right now!
  10. Hello! Right. Trade means Handel. In Rome the Caduceus was a symbol of Trade and traffic. There was a free day at may 15 https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermesstab
  11. That´s interesting! It looks similar. Do you know, what Handel stands for?
  12. Hello! I haven´t seen an Edelweiß with thet needle. But it looks ok. I don´t know if they were woirn by the Alpenkorps, but it´s an original piece of the DÖAV
  13. The Jg.Rgt.3 was raised in may 1915. It had an 11th company. But I couldn´t find a Lt. Münzel