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  1. Chapeau! A really graet photo!!!!! Here is his entry of the 70/71 EK I owners:
  2. Hello! Beside the traditionally cavalry regiments of the pre-war era, the german army formed some Reserve, Landwehr and Landsturm cavalry units.. In 1915 they set-up the Cavalry-Regiments 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 93 and 94 and Landwehr-Cavalry-Regiments 90, 91 and 92 Please don´t ask, why they chosed those numbers... No idea... Most of them later changed into Kavallerie-Schützen-Regimenter
  3. Hallo! Maybe Patrick has it? http://military-books.lima-city.de/hp02/index.html But he´s still in holidays until the end of month.
  4. Hello! The fact, that Ernst was written in brackets indicates, that there must be another one with the name Luyken
  5. Hello! I only have the ranklists of 1906 and 1908. 1906: Lt. v. Busse (prom. 18.10.03), 6.Batterie Lt. v. Studnitz (prom. 22.6.06), 2.Batterie Lt. v. Bonin (prom. 27.1.99), 5.Batterie 1908: Lt. v. Busse, 1.Batterie Lt. v. Studnitz , 2.Batterie Lt. v. Bonin, 6.Batterie The rank Oberleutnant v. Bonin seems to be wrong. The ranklist 1909 shows him as Lt.d.Ldw. in Garde-Landwehr of 2.Garde-Feldart.Rgt. The ranklist 1911 shows him as Oberleutnant d.Ldw. in Garde-Landwehr of 2.Garde-Feldart.Rgt. So, it was wrong or the card was written in 1910/11 I can´t read N°3
  6. I don´t know. That´s just a guess. It´s possible. When we have the reverse I could check the official recordings of the war. The regiment fought: 1.9. Sedan, 5.9. Montmedy; 29.9. Li´Isle Adam; 9.10. Gisors; 14.10. Ecouis; 19./20.10. Etrepagny; 22.10. Vernon; 25.10. Longchamps; 6.11. Le Thiel; 7.11. Forêt la Folie; 19.-29.9. and 26.11.-28.1. Paris
  7. In the ranklist 70/71 is a v. Kunheim with EK II: Sec.Lt. v. Kunheim in Garde-Train-Bataillon. Note the the rank "Oberleutnant" came-up not before 1899. Before it was called Seconde-Lieutenant for Leutnant and Premier-Lieutetant for Oberleutnant. So the script must have been written after 1899/1900 The ranklist 1869 shows two v. Kunheim (1x Sec.Lt, 1x Pr.Lt.) in Cavalry of 7.Ostpreuß. Landwehr-Rgt.Nr.44. Thet means, Sc.Lt. Kunheim was in the Landwehr before the war and had been activated for the war, probably in 1870. But I´m not sure, that he is the man in the photo, but he is our only hint...
  8. Sometimes the writer could be wrong... In the list of 70/71 EK owners I´ve found a Sec.Lt. Rudolf Emil v. Kunheim in 1.Garde-Drag.Rgt.
  9. The plate is stolen from the net... Maybe the reverse will help next week
  10. You´re right. I´ve checked a few books. The man wears an "Interimsrock" This tunic was worn around the 50s and the early 70s. So it´s a quiete rare photo! Here is a Interimsrock of a dragoner of the line. Guards didn´t have any Litzen
  11. Ah OK. Then let's wait a while. Or maybe another one knows more
  12. Could you show the reverse, please? I don´t believe it´s 1813 one.