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  1. Hello! I know, your english is better than mine, but is interwoven not only a verb? I think there ain´t no word for the nominativ "Durchzug"...
  2. Hello! Inf.Rgt.1 had a monogramm. So it´ll be Reserve or Landwehr. Footartillery is possible too. Bavarian units didn´t have the prussian crossed guns. The blue threads are called "Durchzüge" (pl.), singular "Durchzug". Don´t try to find the word in a dictionary, then you´ll find " draught". Durchzug in this kind is an old german word, that is not in use anymore
  3. Pre-WW1: Saumur - Officiers Etrangers

    Of course! I don´t have many infos of that time in that area
  4. Pre-WW1: Saumur - Officiers Etrangers

    My stamp is from Saumur-Gare March 16, 1909, if I read it right... Great infos about the Kingdom of SCS/Yugoslavia forces! SCS means Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes , right?
  5. Pre-WW1: Saumur - Officiers Etrangers

    Hello! Here is my example
  6. If it would be photo of the Puff, I' d know... Cornelius street...
  7. Great collection, Chris! But Weitze.... If you substract 40% of his prices, you´ll have the real value... He sells a lot, but he is too expensive
  8. Hello! Their garrissons were: I.Btl. Zara II.Btl. Sinj III. and IV.Btl.: Gravosa Have a loloik at ",maps": http://www.mlorenz.at/
  9. But one thing... Is there a regimental history well-known? I´d like to know, what those soldiers did in Düsseldorf...
  10. Hello Robert! Great info! Thanx a lot! That will be the solution to the photo!
  11. Ah, I don´t know that book. It would be great, if you could get those informatzions! Thanks a lot in advance!
  12. That´s great, Andy! I think I´ll have to buy it! Thanks a lot!!! Correction... I just bought it... 77€ incl. shipping. I think that´s a good price (book in good condition)
  13. Hello Robert! As far as I know, all Rhin district badges were made in blue/red colours, weren´t they?
  14. Hello Andy! Unfortunately I don´t know that book. Could you please show us one single page, so I know, how it is structured. Just for the case, I´ll buy it... Thanks a lot!