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  1. Hello Albert! That´s absolutley right! The two captured Whippets first came to Charleroi to get restored. One of them (A249) was send to Berlin while the other stayed in Charleroi. A249 was seen with Abteilung 12 near Briey in August 1918 before sending to Berlin. The other one, A220 was given to Abteilung 13 in September 1918. This was the tank, used bei the Freikorps unit in 1919 Source: Beute-Tanks vol. 2 by Rainer Strasheim
  2. Great photos, Christer! I agree. He really looks like Richthofen!
  3. Hello Christer! It´s a british Mark A "Whippet": http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww1/gb/British_medium_Mark-A_whippet.php Some of the captured ones were used by the german forces.
  4. Yes. Müller is only a second name. Wilhelm could be both. But normally with a I or II it's the second name. Prussian officers often said, a soldier only has one first name - his rank...
  5. Hello Chip! Yes, you´re right! I didn´t see the helmet cover... Well, unfortunately we don´t know, if Wilhelm is his first or second name...
  6. Hi Chris! To me it looks like a metal helmet
  7. Hello Douglas! I read "Unteroffizier Wilhelm II" There was an Unteroffizier August Wilhelm in RIR 221, who fell in summer 1916: http://des.genealogy.net/search/show/4726618
  8. Great document, Chris! What´s RIT48? Do you mean RIR48?
  9. Hello! May I introduce Louis Heinrich Sichart v. Sichartshoff? Born 1797, 1814 Ensign (lowest officer grade) in the King´s German Legion (2nd bataillon of the line), he fought in the battle of Waterloo 1815, Lieutenant in 1816. The he returned to the Hannover army. He became chief of staff in 1857 (colonel), 1858 Major-General, 1864 Lieutenant-General, retreat in 1866, passed away 1882. The photo probably shows him in the 1860s (the photo is written with "General v. Sichart") I´m glad to own a photo of a man, born in the 18th century and fought at Waterloo!
  10. I´m not sure, but eher you can download 583 free military documents and books about württemberg´s army in the great war: http://digital.wlb-stuttgart.de/en/collections/sammlungsliste/?no_cache=1
  11. Hello! I don´t knoiw the year. The info came from the ranklist of honour. You are right with Prinz Friedrich Christian. He was listed in 1.(Leib)-Gren.Rgt.100 AND à la suite in IR121 AND à la suite IR106. His last duty was in IR182
  12. Hello! The Ehrenrangliste says: Leutnant Carl Alexander Herzog v. Württemberg Á la suite: General d.Inf. Johann Georg Prinz v. Sachsen, Herzog zu Sachsen Oberstleutnant Georg Kronprinz v. Sachsen Hauptmann Friedrich Christian Prinz v. Sachsen, Herzog zu Sachsen
  13. And two badges! 1) regimental pin (probably from the 20s or 30s) 2) Fahnenweihe (consecration of the colours)
  14. Hello! Do you have stuff from Hitlers regiment? He served with bavarian 16th reserve regiment "List" I´ve got a card, written by Oberstleutnant Petz, once regimental commander of the regiment
  15. That´s absolutely right, mate! I just wanted to make clear, that divisional stormtroopers didn´t wear that trousers at all.
  16. The Prussian

    German participant of Waterloo 1815

    Hello ostuf! Thanks a lot for that entry!!!!! Great!!!!!!!
  17. Hi Chris! The "Gebirgsstiefelhose" was worn by official SBs and troops who served in the mountains like Alenkorps, Karpathenkorps and units in the Carpathians, Rumania and Macedonia, since january 1918 as well as 9th army, 11th army, 14th army, Armee Armee-Abt. A, B and Scholtz. Then Ul.Rgt.21, Ldw.Rgt. 38, 40 and 438, a few Landsturm-Bataillons Source: Kraus vol. I, page 245/246
  18. Hello! This photo shows the officers of Inf.Rgt.87 from 1909. The reverse is written with the names of the officers. N°18 is marked as "Japaner" (Japanese). Is it really a japanese? I´m not sure because of the cap. Did they have a cockade and such a star like this? Thanks a lot!
  19. You´re right,. The rank is invisible. But in peace-time this man probably was a subaltern, not a staff-officer.
  20. Danke Dir!!! I hope I´l,l get some infos about him, but he was Reserve-Leutnant. The only chance would be to check all regimental histories...
  21. Hello gentlemen! I am still looking for informations about my grand-uncle Hugo Harhaus Because my family was bombed-out in WWII, I only have very rare informations about him. Born in Essen (23. april 1891), he moved to Posen in 1908, when he became a teacher. He volunteered 1st august and stayed in the army until 1st january 1919. Then he came back to Essen, where he used to be a teacher again. In april 1916 he became Leutnant der Reserve (he stepped directly from the rank of a Vizefeldwebel!) in the Inf.Rgt.155. This info I have found in the Militär-Wochenblatt Nr.62/1916. I have the regimental history of the IR155. There I found his name in a long, long list of reserve officers, who served in that regiment. But I couldn´t find his agency (what he did in the regiment). I also have a personal sheet of a teachers association, where I could read, he served in IR 155 AND IR146. Unfortunately in the regimental history of IR 146 he was not recorded. In the "Deutsche Verlustliste from 4. july 1917", I found, that he was light injured by accident. Unfortunately no unit was recorded. Does someone of you has informations about him, especially, where he served after his time at IR155? Thank you very much in advance. I enclosed the sheet of paper of the teacher association (note #9 "Militärverhältnis") and the only photo of him left remained.
  22. Hello! That´s a very interesting idea! But is that young officer a Lt.Col.?
  23. No, ut´s just proofed. He is argentinian.