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  1. Hello! Do you have an era? Is it an EK 70/71 or 1914? The tunic doesn´t look like a Dragoner
  2. Hello! I think, Grey C is wrong. According to the Oldenburg medals, Major v. Bartenwerffer of the Generalstab didn´t have any Oldenburg medals. I´ve found the right one in the 1908 ranklist in Generalstab V.Armeekorps Posen. He promoted to Hauptmann 20.3.06 and in 1909 he served with 5th comp./Leibgarde-Inf.Rgt,.115 (Hessen) He had this Oldenburg medal: OV3b: http://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/oldenburger-haus-und-verdienstorden-ritterkreuz-2-klasse-mit-krone-1860.html Ranklist 1912: Chief of staff (3.Division Stettin), additional medal: RAO4, Hauptmann Ranklist 1913: Chief of staff (3.Division Stettin), Major (prom.1.10.12) Ranklist 1914: Generalstab der Armee, Großer Generalstab, Major
  3. Hello Ed! Bayern was absolutely right. The regiment (a Hessen one), belonged in 1918 to 112.Inf,.Brig. (56.Inf.Div.) From july until October 19, the division was located near Bailleul (west of Armentières), then it fell beck back east of Roubaix. Novembr 8, it was near Avelgem (east of Kortrijk)
  4. Ooops, I´m sorry. I wrote 16.11.4. I meant 16.11.14 GreyC was wrong. The Ranklist of honour says, he served again since May 20, 1914 as chief of staff of Inf.Rgt.117. But no entry in Ranklist 1914. His last job in the war was commander of 31.Res.Brig. (since May 1, 1918) Sec.Lt.: 13.9.84 Pr.Lt.: ? Hauptmann: 25.11.98 Major: 27.1.08 Oberstleutnant: 22.4.14 Oberst: 21.1.17 Ranklist 1886: Sec.Lt. in Inf.Rgt.111 (a regiment from Baden) Ranklist 1890: Sec.Lt. in Inf.Rgt.111 (commanded to Kadetten-Haus Bensberg) Ranklist 1895: Pr.Lt. in Inf.Rgt. 111 (commanded to Kriegsakademie) Ranklists 1899-1906: Hauptmann in Inf.Rgt. 111 First entries of medals in ranklist 1906: RAO4, BZ3bmE I don´t have the ranklist 1907 Ranklist 1908: Major in Inf.Rgt. 60 Ranklist 1909: Major in Inf.Rgt. 60. Added medal: Dienstauszeichnungskreuz No entry in Ranklist 1911 (I don´t have the 1910)
  5. Hello! August Weiz (* 27.8.1864 ; + 17.11.1927) 16.11.4-16.12.16: commander Inf.Rgt.42 1.5.18-20.1.19: commander 31.Res.Inf.Brig. (as colonel) Unfortunately no infos for 1917-1918
  6. The Prussian

    Romanian armored car - What model?

    Thanks for the infos!!!
  7. The Prussian

    Romanian armored car - What model?

    Hello! Sorry, I just saw it right now. That are interesting news. I´ve never heard about a manufacture called Mgebrov. How will that be pronounced???
  8. Hello! To me it´s a student cap. The cap band is the so-called "Couleur", that show the different students fraternities https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Couleur
  9. The Prussian

    Fahnenweihe Adolf´s unit

    Salut Christophe! Merci! I´m stil waitng for more infos about that meeting. A friend of mine lives next door to that village. Maybe he will find something...
  10. Hello! I just recieved a badge for the Fahnenweihe (consecration of the flag). In this case Doppelfahnenweihe (double consecration of the flags) of Artillerie-Vereinigung (artillery-association) and bavarian Res.Inf.Rgt.Nr.16 "List" in august 1927 Trostberg (Bavaria). u.U. means "und Umgebung" = and vicinity
  11. Hello! I´d like to show you Hindenburg at a visit at Feldflieger-Abt. 14 in 1916. We also see an austrian and a turkish officer. The austrian is from a Landwehrgebirgs unit. He also wears an Edelweiß. The man with the tschako probably has shoulder boards from a Telegraphen unit (T) and the Ulan wears probably a 9. Do you agree? Who could be the observer? Thanks a lot!
  12. Hello Glenn! Thanks a lot for those addtional infos!
  13. Do you mean only in that unit or generally?
  14. Really a superb MP! Congrats!!!!!!! If you forgot it, it doesn´t seem to be too important for you...
  15. It seems to be an adress. It would be easier to see the entire reverse...
  16. What about the reverse? Is there a stamp because of the date?
  17. Hello Erwin! There was a Hauptmann Kienast in Pi.Btl.29. In 1918 all MW-Abteilungen and Züge built companies. But the MW-Komp. 253 belonged to the 53.Res.Div. That division was in Soissons in that time... They used to be at the Somme in spring 1918
  18. Hi ixhs! Thanks a lot! But I have a problem with the date. Franz Graf v. Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth (Div.Kdr. 27.Inf.Div. since 2.8.14) - he is ok, he fits! v. Watter (since 15.3.15 kom.Gen. XIII.AK) Oberst v. Haas (Rgt.Kdr. 22.4.14-27.12.14 and 6.4.15-21.4.16) He had a break between end of december and april 15, but the regimental history told, that he lead an attack at de. 31! well - I assume he fits too But v. Watter! That is him, of course! But: 02.08.1914 39. Infanterie-Division = 7. Armee 31.08.1914 XIV. Armeekorps (replaced Ernst Frh von Hoiningen-Huene) 09.03.1915 XIII. (Königlich Württembergisches) Armeekorps (replaced Max von Fabeck) IR124 belonged to XVI.AK (Argonnenkorps) What did he do there at that time? Because of the snow it must be winter 14/15 Rommel left the legiment in october 15
  19. Hello! I showed the photo of Rommel already earlier. Now I recieved a similar photo, which shows the same unit a few minutes before of after the other one. In the bright photo we see Lt. Rommel as company leader of Inf.Rgt.124. The higher officers probably are: Franz Graf v. Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth (Div.Kdr. 27.Inf.Div. since 2.8.14) v. Watter (since 15.3.15 kom.Gen. XIII.AK) Oberst v. Haas (Rgt.Kdr. 22.4.14-27.12.14 and 6.4.15-21.4.16) So, the photo might have been taken since March 9, 1915. Can you confirm the date and the officers? The unit used to be in the Argonnes in that period. Thanks a lot!
  20. Hello Erwin! my source is: Stellenbesetzung der deutschen Heere 1815-1939: https://www.amazon.de/Stellenbesetzung-Deutschen-Heere-1815-1939/dp/B009FKDYHC
  21. OH!!!!!! Great!!!!! The infantry regiments were from Hesse. This badge is the Kriegerehrenzeichen from 1917. http://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/kriegsehrenzeichen-in-eisen-1917.html
  22. I thought to buy it, but 39€ and the absence of knowledge, if it is an original one made me to choose against the photo. To me it´s strange, that a lot of expensive or very rare photos don´t have any writings or stamps on their reverses. But that´s just my guess... And I don´t need another skullhead photo, because I´ve got another one !