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  1. You´re right,. The rank is invisible. But in peace-time this man probably was a subaltern, not a staff-officer.
  2. Danke Dir!!! I hope I´l,l get some infos about him, but he was Reserve-Leutnant. The only chance would be to check all regimental histories...
  3. Hello gentlemen! I am still looking for informations about my grand-uncle Hugo Harhaus Because my family was bombed-out in WWII, I only have very rare informations about him. Born in Essen (23. april 1891), he moved to Posen in 1908, when he became a teacher. He volunteered 1st august and stayed in the army until 1st january 1919. Then he came back to Essen, where he used to be a teacher again. In april 1916 he became Leutnant der Reserve (he stepped directly from the rank of a Vizefeldwebel!) in the Inf.Rgt.155. This info I have found in the Militär-Wochenblatt Nr.62/1916. I have the regimental history of the IR155. There I found his name in a long, long list of reserve officers, who served in that regiment. But I couldn´t find his agency (what he did in the regiment). I also have a personal sheet of a teachers association, where I could read, he served in IR 155 AND IR146. Unfortunately in the regimental history of IR 146 he was not recorded. In the "Deutsche Verlustliste from 4. july 1917", I found, that he was light injured by accident. Unfortunately no unit was recorded. Does someone of you has informations about him, especially, where he served after his time at IR155? Thank you very much in advance. I enclosed the sheet of paper of the teacher association (note #9 "Militärverhältnis") and the only photo of him left remained.
  4. Hello! That´s a very interesting idea! But is that young officer a Lt.Col.?
  5. No, ut´s just proofed. He is argentinian.
  6. Here is an interesting wiki page: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argentinisch-Deutsche_Militärkooperation Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator : Training of Argentine officers in Germany Conversely, between 1902 and the outbreak of World War I - military attachés, army doctors and young cadets included - 196 officers came to Germany. They were detached to various German regiments and units, including the Prussian War Academy, the Military Academy, shooting ranges and maneuvers. A high proportion of the officers sent to Germany (59 of the 196) later rose to general rank.Two became chiefs of staff, one, José Félix Uriburu, Argentine president. Arms deliveries from France and the German Reich Brazil, Peru and Uruguay had French military missions and bought their weapons in France. Argentina, Chile and Ecuador had arms supply contracts with German arms manufacturers until 1928 and recruited military advisers in Berlin. Argentina bought from 1864 to 1913: 125,000 rifles and carbines model 1889, 236,000 model 1891 and 157,000 model 1909 at Mauser 1,433 cannons at Krupp to them ammunition, explosives, detonators, shells, propellants, bayonets, binoculars, etc. Argentina increased its arms purchases when the Beagle Canal and the Beagle conflict began soon after the border treaty of 1881 with Chile was signed. In the 1890s, the armament of the Argentine army was purchased almost exclusively from German manufacturers.
  7. Hello! That´s posiible. And don´t forget that Germany sold a few hundered thousand rifles to south American in these years.
  8. Hello! An interesting point! I know there were several turkish officers in the german army. They also were mentined in the ranklists. So an argentine officer might be mentioned too? In the ranklist I couldn´t find any in IR87. Here is a good article: https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/argentina/army-history-4.htm
  9. Hello! That´s interesting!!!! Thanks a lot for that info! It´s very hard to find infos about overseas armies of that period! Because of the four point pip I think it´s silver (General Staff). It was not unusually, that staff officers visited european armies. http://www.militariarg.com/
  10. Did I show this before? Landsturm-Inf.Btl. Ellwangen (XIII.12)
  11. Hello Speedy! Saxon Grenadier-Regiment 101. Rank Greandier (enlisted man)
  12. Hello! I love it too! Unfortunately I haven´t seen any for sale in the past months. I hope I´ll get one for xmas...
  13. The Prussian

    Fußartillerie-Battery 1000

    Hello! As I wrote you personally, I only know the battery used to be in 5th army in 1918. I don´t have any infos about 1916/17. The gun must be a 238mm, L/40 By the way, welcome to the forum! Here are two examples of that gun (unit unknown), but the first photo could fit to Arras/Douai.
  14. Hello Chris! Divisional SB didn´t have leather-patches. Only official SBs had those patches.
  15. Hello! Here is a nice photo of a Sturmbataillon with an arm-patch (crosses hand-grenades) Any idea which Sturmbataillon this could be?
  16. The Prussian

    Question on french uniform

    Hello! I recieved this photograph. I know the arm-sign is TSF (Téléphonie sans fils = wireless telegraphy) Which unit could it be? Engeneer or cavalry? The collar patch is black or dark-blue with brighter laces and N°18. What about the chevron? I haven´t seen chevron ranks like this until 1918. The frontline-presence-chevron were worn on the left arm. When could the photo had been taken? Thanks a lot!
  17. The Prussian

    Question on french uniform

    Hello! You wrote, the photo could have been taken around the 30s. What about 18e régiment de transmission (formed in 1923, avant 18e régiment du génie)? https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/18e_régiment_de_transmissions
  18. The Prussian

    Question on french uniform

    Those collar patches seem to be really difficulty... Did cavalry had those TSR formations?
  19. The Prussian

    Question on french uniform

    Thanks a lot! If I need help, I´ll inform you!
  20. The Prussian

    Question on french uniform

    I don't know it. But I will have a look this afternoon. Thanks mate!
  21. The Prussian

    Question on french uniform

    Hello friends! Bayern: I´d say Engeneers. Black patch with red braids. Trooper. A friend of mine told me, the symbol and the chevrons could have been scratched into the negative.