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  1. Thanks, Chris! Well, I bought the Rommel photo a few years ago, the other one came this week...
  2. Hello Erwin! Commander in that period was Generalmajor Grall (13.7.17-22.6.18), * 1.3.1859 ; + 27.10.1943 I couldn´t find him after June 22, 1918, so he probably became off duty since july 1918. In july 18 the brigade constisted of: Res.Rgt.221, 222 and 223 and 5./1.Garde-Dragoner-.Regiment. http://wiki-de.genealogy.net/96._Reserve-Infanterie-Brigade The brigade belonged to 48th Res.Div. The division was in reserve in Alsace until April 1, 1918 and left that area on April 14 to stay southwest of Vieux Berquin (30km west of Lille) until end of may. The photo must have been taken in that sector. Which badge does the officer far right wear? Here is a british map of april 1918: http://nickpowley.com/wordpress/?page_id=81 And a german one from end of april:
  3. Hello! IF the photos are ok, why are they so cheap? As a proffessional seller, he might know, that those photos are more expensive!
  4. Hello! There is a german wiki-page: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josef_Bischoff_(Offizier)
  5. Hello! The unit is: Stabsoffizier der Flieger (Stofl) 14 The observer is Major Johannes von Chamier-Glisczinski
  6. Yes. Maybe engeneer because of the black Litzen.
  7. The Prussian

    Unknown badge

    Hello! Thanks a lot for that help! Would you say, this badge is according to a medical institution?
  8. The Prussian

    Unknown badge

    Hello! Just right for Christmas I want to puch-up this thread... Unfortunately I don´t have any new guesses about that badge. I just made a few thoughts... If it was Kaiser-Wilhelm-Akademie: Do you think a man who used to be four years in that academy, then became a doctor, would wear such a simple badge? Even in 1918? If it is a civilian one: Which instutution would publish a badge like that in 1918? If "Heeresreserve": What sense would it be? Heeresreserve were large units under command of the OHL. I still would vote for something with "Königlich Württembergisch", but I think, I just "grasp at a straw..."
  9. Hello! The difference is the colour. The beamten had karmesinrot (crimson), ponceaurot (a little bit darker) and hochrot (a little bit brighter)
  10. Yes. But some people don't, probably dealers. Let them pay that money and let them be happy...
  11. Hello Fritz! You´re right with the 3rd regiment. Reserve or Landwehr. What is the base colour of the reverse of the bavarian Beamter? Red? If red we have different officials...: Administrator, Rendant, Kriegsgerichtsrat, Telegraphen-Oberbaurat and more...
  12. Hi FRitz! I know that photo. I stil wonder which badge it is (the 1st from left at the cap). Is it really the Flieger one???? That would be a big surprise!!!
  13. I want to show you my collection of austrian and german cap-badges (Kappenabzeichen) with a german background. Tha means, either they are german ones, or austrian ones, that was worn by germans, or could have been worn by gemans (no photo-proof), or just an austrian unit under german command. I won´t show an Edelweiß, because about the Edelweiß we have a lot of threads here in the forum. 1.) Karpathenkorps A german unit (1. and 200. ID) 2.) b.8.Res.Div. A bavarian unit. 3.) 21.Korps In that corps was the group Seekirchner. An austrian unit, commande by bavarian Gen.Lt. Seekirchner
  14. Hello Fritz! Great collection! Superb! Are you sure, the last two ones were worn by german troops?
  15. Which divisions do you know? There were not a lot. I know 238 and 89 with medals like this. The 50th had a big one.
  16. Hello! I want to introduce my medal of bravery of the german 238th Inf.Div. from 1917. The were two classes. 2nd class like this in 37mm, and a 1st class in 50mm This one went to a Musketier Bork of 11./Inf.Rgt. 465 for bravery in the night at Roeux in june 1917
  17. Hello Fritz! Unfortunately I don´t know much about the zoomed badges. Lovcen is in Montenegro. German troops hadn´t been there Battaglione Cividale is an italian one: http://www.battaglionecividale.com/index.php/2015-04-26-18-18-20/la-storia-del-battaglione/12-il-battaglione Pflanzer is possible it was worn by german troops 8.Geb.Brig. : I don´believe, because Montenegro is mentioned 1914-1917: I haven´t seen ti before. We see an austrian and a german soldier (?). Probably just a remembrance one. Maybe worn, but I´m not sure
  18. Hello Larry! Thanks a lot! That´s my thought too. I think the photo was taken before 1940
  19. Hello! Can anyone tell me, which tactical sign is painted on the bike, please? By the way: There ain´t any numnbers of cyphers upon the shoulder straps. When were they worn blank?
  20. Are there any numbers inside, Chris?
  21. Thanks a lot, mate! I see the plate is from 43-45. Probably the MN is not mentioned, because the photo was taken earlier?
  22. Chris: I don´t know, if "Life-Regiment" is the best translation. In former times a Leib-Regiment was translated with Body or bodyguard. That sounds strange today, but if you would translate it with Life-Regiment it would be "Lebens-Regiment" GreyC: The photo and the Soldbuch with the EW entry is absolutely phantastic!