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  1. Ah, ok. Thank you! One single letter makes another sense...
  2. Hello Stephan! A very nice photo! I only have a problem with the unit... Double-Litzen and the cypher with white pipings might be Gren.Rgt.101. But that regiment hadn´t been in the Balkans... It only served at the western theatre
  3. Bonjour Gris C! Very nice photos!!!! Those two men are french Dragoons. Drg.Rgt.9 from Épernay (east of Paris - In Samur was the french cavalry school) Drg.Rgt. 31 from Lunéville (east of Nancy)
  4. Hello! This card, stamped with MGK, Landwehr-Inf.Rgt.81 shows an unusual badge. Does someone know, which badge it it, please?
  5. Hello Fritzel! Do you know his name? He should be listed in the casualty lists. But I have a problem with "Stabsgefreiter". That rank didn´t exist in the Great War. There only was "Gefreiter" and "Obergefreiter" (but Obergefreiter only in the heavy artillery). For Odessa please look at the units under 7. (württ.) Ldw.Div. in #8
  6. A brilliant photo, Heiko! Minenwerfer-Kompagnie 121 Formed 26.10.1915 from Schwerer Minenwerfer-Abt. 20 (later to Inf.Rgt.60) and mittlerer MW-Abt. 125 (later to Res.Inf.Rgt.7)
  7. Indeed! They do! Maybe this one fits in the collection? Both wished to be back home to their families and a cold beer...
  8. Hello! The Crimean peninsula had been occupied by the Korps Kosch (under command of Heeresgruppe Eichhorn). Units: 217.Inf.Div., bavarian Kav.Div., 15.Landwehr-Div., and from Rumania came 212.Inf.Div. The 217.Inf.Div. later went to Georgia and later to Serbia. Map 1: The battles around the Crimean peninsula ("Der Weltkrieg 1914-1918, vol. 13") Map 2: November 1918 ("Die Rückführung des Ostheeres") Ordre of battle of the Gen.Kdo.52 in November 1918 ("Die Rückführung des Ostheeres")
  9. Hello Fritzel! No problem! I just wanted to correct the grammar, because just a few people here speak german, so I could try to teach you a little bit german. (But my english is not better... ) Well, the Verdordnungsblatt was updated differently. Sometimes weekly, sometimes (in peace-time) monthly. I don´t know about the Verlustlisten. I think it depended on periods with heavy or "silent" battles. Generally you can say the entry in the Verlustliste came between 2 weeks and a month after the incident happened. As far as I know ther ain´t no records about EKs published. Probably there were records, but they were destroyed in WW2. The Sanitätsbericht is a three-volume edition. It explains the works of the medic soldiers, the technical equipment a nd the tactical placements of hospitals and so on. The Naval Corps in 1918 was: 1st Naval Division (1st. Matrosen-Rgt., 2nd Matrosen-Rgt., 4th Marine-Inf.Rgt.) 2nd Naval Division (3rd Matrosen-Rgt., 4th Matrosen-Rgt., 5th Matrosen-Rgt.) 3rd Naval Division (1st Marine-Inf.Rgt., 2nd Marine-Inf.Rgt., 3rd Marine-Inf.Rgt.)
  10. Private Joker didn´t have a war-face, but the left gunner has...
  11. Hello Fritzel! A short grammar-lesson... "Die Preußische" is a female adjective... What you mean, it´s called "Der Preuße". Anyway, if you need more infos about the tropps down in Crimea, let me know, I´ll have look
  12. Hello both!!! Thank you very much for those fantastic informations! I think it´s ti me for Odulf to write a book about the dutch army. The Verlag Militaria jjust published a book about the belgian army in german, dutch and french. Maybe they are interested in a publication of a dutch book?
  13. Hello! Here I have photo of a dutch soldier in 1919/1920 He writes in german: Zur Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit 1919-1920 Amersfoort. "Errinerung" with a double r and a single n. Probably the photo was sent to his german friends or relatives. Does anyone has informations of the dutch army in that era? What does the stamp mean, please? 5th infantry regiment?
  14. Hello Fritzel! The book "Schlachten und Gefechte des Großen Krieges 1914-1918" shows us: 12.-14.3.1918: Gefecht und Einnahme von Odessa (Battle and occupation of Odessa): Gen.Kdo.52, 212. and 217.Inf.Div. (from Heeresgruppe Linsingen) 19.4.-15.11.1918: Besetzung der Krim (Occupation of the crimean peninsula): Gen.Kdo.52, 217.Inf.Div. (now from Heeresgruppe Eichhorn-Kiew). You´ll find the divisional units here:
  15. A fantastic map, Chris! Glad, the officer kept them!!!! Good man!!! by the way, here is my "Feuerwalze":
  16. Hello! That´s intersting! I was told, the soldiers were dutch. I´d like to know something about the arm-patch. Maybe that could help. Thanks for the link to the book! I´ll have a look! But, are the differences to WW2?
  17. Hello Odulf! I didn´t know that. Thanks a lot! Unfortunately there are very less informations about the dutch army. I also haven´t seen any books in german or english
  18. Time Left: 6 days and 17 hours

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  19. Hello Glenn! Thanx a lot! That helps a lot! The 5th regiments was in Amersfoort. That fits to the photo! I read, the barracks were called Bernhardkazerne. Today there is a cavalry museum
  20. Hello Herman! Veel Dank! Do you know something about the organization of the dutch army between 1914 and the 20s? I haven´t found anything in the internet I´ve got another photo of dutch soldiers and a german officer.
  21. I´d like to show my mountain-photos 1) bavarian Mountain-Artillery (GA = Gebirgsartillerie) 2) Schneeschuh-Bataillon Nr.3 (collar numnber!) 3) Musiscians of Schneeschuh-Bataillon 3 4) Schneeschuh-Ersatz-Abteilung with Windjacke (Windcheater) 5) unknown unit 6) württemberg. Ersatz-Gebirgs-MG-Zug 7) württemberg. Gebirgs-Regiment 8) Post-War
  22. Hello! Yes, of course. Some prussian units wore the mountain-uniforms during the battles in East-Prussia and the Carpathians. Most of the caps were made in Bavaria, so I don´t know, which piping-colour they had. 5000 caps were sent to Heeresgruppe Eichhorn and later 6000 caps for Finland