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  1. Hello! In june 1919 the Landesjägerkorps formed the Reichswehr-Brigade 16. Each swadron was attached to an infantry-bataillon. There were two Inf.Rgt. (numbers 31 and 32) with three bataillons each. The bataillons in the Freikorps-area were numbered I-VI. The III.Bataillon became III./RW-Inf.Rgt.31 in Halle with one swadron and one battery.
  2. Great document, GreyC! After the Freikorps period, the tradition of Ul14 was taken by 2./Reiter-Regiment 13
  3. Hello! Impressing photos!!!! I have two photos (one took from a boat to the sight of Villerville / Le Havre, the other taken form a trench) without words... ("We broke through the german lines and took 30.000 prisoners and 80 guns") and one from the eastern front... (it´s just a sign of a primary school in Wonjuw(?)
  4. Hello! As far as I know, he didn´t serve in the BW http://www.oocities.org/~orion47/WEHRMACHT/HEER/Generalleutnant/BOELSEN_HANS.html Why are most of the photos in this thread shown twice?
  5. Hello! I asked my friend. I stil wait for the answer, but I think it will be ok
  6. Hello! Above the photo I don´t read Noske; to me it´s a "Nr.13" (number 13, maybe number 18, that would fit to the number of the document). Here is another example of Noskes signature. (It´s from a friend´s collection)
  7. Hello! Very nice pieces! Congrats! But i don´t believe that the signature is an original one. There are a lot of documents, signed by Noske and the signature always looks the same. Why should he sign a document of a simple soldier?
  8. Hello! I don´t have any documents, but I have some infos about the formation. The Minenwerfer-Kompagnie 12 belonged to the 12th Inf.Div. It was formed may 9th, 1915 from the following platoons: schwerer Minenwerfer-Zug 57 mittlerer Minenwerfer-Zug 169 leichter Minenwerfer-Zug 283
  9. Good choice, Chris! I recieved my book last week. I stil didn´t read it, but zapping through the book makes me sweat. I hope I will finish the actually book I read right now!
  10. Hello! I´m not sure, if this one is german, austrian or another foreign tinny... Does anyone know, which one this one is, please?
  11. Hello! Right. Trade means Handel. In Rome the Caduceus was a symbol of Trade and traffic. There was a free day at may 15 https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermesstab
  12. That´s interesting! It looks similar. Do you know, what Handel stands for?
  13. Hello! I haven´t seen an Edelweiß with thet needle. But it looks ok. I don´t know if they were woirn by the Alpenkorps, but it´s an original piece of the DÖAV
  14. The Jg.Rgt.3 was raised in may 1915. It had an 11th company. But I couldn´t find a Lt. Münzel
  15. Hello Chris! The right soldier in the last photo has brandenburg cuffs. Maybe divisional staff or ammo-column?
  16. Hello Chris! In boith links you a have a look inside to the index ("Blick ins Buch") The first one is a summary of the history of the Alpenkorps, the second one has more biographies and reports of soldiers. I stil don´t have the second one, but it´s ordered!
  17. Sorry, I can´t recognoize them. Because of the cuffs it´s probably Fieldartillery. According to the tinnies maybe bavarian 19 or 20
  18. I want to show you my collection of austrian and german cap-badges (Kappenabzeichen) with a german background. Tha means, either they are german ones, or austrian ones, that was worn by germans, or could have been worn by gemans (no photo-proof), or just an austrian unit under german command. I won´t show an Edelweiß, because about the Edelweiß we have a lot of threads here in the forum. 1.) Karpathenkorps A german unit (1. and 200. ID) 2.) b.8.Res.Div. A bavarian unit. 3.) 21.Korps In that corps was the group Seekirchner. An austrian unit, commande by bavarian Gen.Lt. Seekirchner
  19. Well, that coluld be. An optical illusion. Here another nice example with 21.Korps, b.10.Inf.Div., Böhm-Ermolli, Erzherzog Carl
  20. Hello Chip! Well, you might be right. If I compare it with the collar badge in the back ground. Maybe it´s been worn at the collar...
  21. Hello Fritz! Please check the sizes of the two badges. 8th RD was smaller than Carl. Herre 8thRD seems to be larger... I don´t think it´s 8thRD
  22. Romanian armored car - What model?

    Hello! Probably a nice, rare photo! This might be a Renault Model 1915