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  1. Pre-WW1: Saumur - Officiers Etrangers

    Of course! I don´t have many infos of that time in that area
  2. Pre-WW1: Saumur - Officiers Etrangers

    My stamp is from Saumur-Gare March 16, 1909, if I read it right... Great infos about the Kingdom of SCS/Yugoslavia forces! SCS means Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes , right?
  3. Pre-WW1: Saumur - Officiers Etrangers

    Hello! Here is my example
  4. If it would be photo of the Puff, I' d know... Cornelius street...
  5. Great collection, Chris! But Weitze.... If you substract 40% of his prices, you´ll have the real value... He sells a lot, but he is too expensive
  6. Hello! Their garrissons were: I.Btl. Zara II.Btl. Sinj III. and IV.Btl.: Gravosa Have a loloik at ",maps": http://www.mlorenz.at/
  7. But one thing... Is there a regimental history well-known? I´d like to know, what those soldiers did in Düsseldorf...
  8. Hello Robert! Great info! Thanx a lot! That will be the solution to the photo!
  9. Ah, I don´t know that book. It would be great, if you could get those informatzions! Thanks a lot in advance!
  10. That´s great, Andy! I think I´ll have to buy it! Thanks a lot!!! Correction... I just bought it... 77€ incl. shipping. I think that´s a good price (book in good condition)
  11. Hello Robert! As far as I know, all Rhin district badges were made in blue/red colours, weren´t they?
  12. Hello Andy! Unfortunately I don´t know that book. Could you please show us one single page, so I know, how it is structured. Just for the case, I´ll buy it... Thanks a lot!
  13. My Stalheim...

    Hello! It looks like austrian, but I´m not s specialist. But I´d like to play teacher... A steel-helmet is called "Stahlhelm", not Stalheim.
  14. Hello! Great article! Fine collection!
  15. Since 1938 it was german..
  16. Hello! W.F.V.: Wiener Fußball-Verband (Vienna Football-Assiciation) https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiener_Fußball-Verband N.OE.Liga: Nieder-Österreichische Liga (Lower-austrian league)
  17. Hello! I don´t have a rank list of bavarian signal troops but I also read Schönberger
  18. The field cap was the second pattern from 30.10.1935. The first pattern stil had the two buttons.
  19. Hello! Can anyone tell me, which tactical sign is painted on the bike, please? By the way: There ain´t any numnbers of cyphers upon the shoulder straps. When were they worn blank?
  20. Hello! I´ve got a Hensoldt 8x30 of the 50s. It was made for the french army (stamped: Armée Francaise) Now I need both "Okularringe". I don´t know the english word for it. Maybe eyepieces? Does someone know, where I can get them, please?
  21. Ah. Ok. So we have a aviation Tunis from an officer who served with the engeneer before. A lot of them wore there old tunics Since 1915 all enegneer officers had Garde-Litzen. So he could serve with a engeneer of the line bataillon too.
  22. Hello! Black/red collars = Garde-Pioniere What about the shoulder boards?
  23. Help with binoculars

    The only cheap article here is beer...
  24. Pre-WW1: Saumur - Officiers Etrangers

    Great Infos! Thanks a lot! Good Job, mate!