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  1. Yes, I am still interested. What a pleasant surprise.
  2. This is Oberst Richard Fuerst zu Dohna =Schlibitten, who was a la suite der Armee 1914. He was a long time politician and member of Kaiser Wilhelm II's inner circle. He was authorized to wear the GdC uniform. Did you ever find a photo of Gen der Kav Alfred Burggraf zu Dona=Schlobitten? If so please post it. Cheers...James
  3. Hi Daniel, Thank You very much. Next, I would like to find a photo of him wearing his PLM. There should be one somewhere. Cheers...James Lien
  4. Hello Gentlemen, Does anyone have a photo General Major Ernst von Uechtritz und Steinkirch who was awarded the PLM on 21 October 1918?
  5. Does anyone have information about Rittmeister ( or Lt ) Heinrich Huebsch (correctly spelled with an U umlaut) who received the Baden Militarischer Karl Friedrich Verdeinst Orden knight's cross in the Franco PrussianWar 1870-71? Specifically, what was the citation for the award of the Baden MKFVO? What unit was he in at the time of the award (probably Baden Kavallerie)? Information about his service in the Baden Army from approx 1860 to 1871. This is just a guess. Can someone confirm this. He was born 3. 4. 1840. He served in Dragoner Regiment 15 from 1871 to 1882 (Rittmeister and Major). He had the following awards as of 1907: BdV3, BdZL3a, D70/71, PrRA4, EK2, PrDK, PrZM Thank you
  6. Thank you very much for your information. I am researching Hptm d Reserve Richard Carstenjen and your information was very useful. Cheers...James Lien
  7. Hello Swordguy, You asked, "Rick does not have any Prussian Rank List between 1890 and 1902. Can somebody post a late 1890s page with any more awards Prince Bernhard might have had by then?" I just found your listing. In 1895 and 1896, Prinz Bernhard was no longer in an active Regiment. He was switched to Offiziere a la suite der Armee. He is a Rittmeister. In 1898 and 1900, he is listed as an Offiziere a la suite der Armee as a Major In the 1901 Rangliste, he is not listed. His awards did not change. I don't have a scanner so I can't post the pages, but if you want to send me a private email, I will xerox the pages and mail them to you. I prefer to see the original documents too. Mistakes can be made with Rangliste if you are not careful. Cheers...James
  8. Hi Simon F.- Thank you for your response. You have found info that I did not have. The only other thing that I know about Lt Comm H. O. Mock is that he appears in one sentence in a book titled "The Yankee Mining Squadron" at page 26. In WWI, the American mines needed anchors with automatic depth regulation. The British had made important changes to mines during WWI and the Americans needed these improvement in order to plant mines at the intended levels in deeper water. "Three British officers of considerable mining experience assisted here, Lieut. Commander H. O. Mock, R.N.R., Lieutenant R. H. DeSalis, R.N. and Lieut. Commander Harold Isherwood, R.N.V.R. The Last was an expert designerand had an important part in planning our new mine anchor, which was similar to a late model British mine anchor" Note this American book says Mock is R.N.R. but the medal is inscribed R.N.V.R. I will rely on the Bitish Medal. Only 28 British Officers were awarded the US Navy Cross in WWI. Two of these officers were Lt. Commander Mock and Lt. Commander Isherwood. Who was H. O. Mock? Cheers...James
  9. I have a British War Medal 1914-20 and a US Navy Cross (WWI) named to Lt. Commr. H. O. Mock, RNVR. Can anyone tell me anything about this WWI British Naval Officer? I looked at the London Gazette Website and could narrow it to record ADM 337/117. But I could not figure out how to reserach this record. Can you open this up on line? Cheers...James