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  1. Named French group WWI and interwar period

    Hello, The Léonore database should prove to be helpful : http://www.culture.gouv.fr/documentation/leonore/recherche.htm Enjoy going through the 5 likely suspects among the 13 listed Gardes ... Regards, Hendrik
  2. Hi ww1buff, Far from being an expert in the matter, I hold the same opinion as expressed in your "guess" of a number of awards being made available to the US forces to distribute as they pleased. As far as I know the US forces were never actively engaged in the Belgian part of the front and thus, such awards would not be made with a very specific citation but rather more likely with a short sentence indicating "for services rendered during the war" or something of that ilk. Regards, Hendrik
  3. Many thanks Guy ... I hoped it was :-)
  4. Hello Gents, Could anyone identify the maker's mark found on the suspension ring of a Belgian Medal for Courageous Acts, Dedication and Humanity ? The mark : The medal : Thanks ! Hendrik
  5. Hi, If my information is correct : V Division = Wandsworth and A Division = Whitehall Regards, Hendrik
  6. Belgian web site

    Hello Jerry, French language version of my site is at http://hmc2.pagesperso-orange.fr/ Working on the English version now, it'll be at http://www.medalcorner.fr/ in due course. Regards, Hendrik
  7. What Belgian Medal ?

    Hello, This one, I think : Regards, Hendrik
  8. Which medal ?

    The website seems to be available again today ... and, yes, awards are "unofficial" ones. Regards, Hendrik
  9. Which medal ?

    Indeed, the website seems to be down for the moment ...
  10. Which medal ?

    Hello Larry, Not quite I'm afraid ... try this one : http://larenaissancefrancaise.org/Les-distinctions It's emitted by a society that basically promotes French language and culture. Regards, Hendrik
  11. Hi, It looks like a horn of affluence followed by the letters BR. That would be the Paris Mint mark with BR for "bronze". Regards, Hendrik
  12. Belgian Bat D'Angleterre bar

    Not wrong, both "types" exist. Miniatures, and their ribbon attachments, are not officially regulated as to their manufacture. There is some similarity to this front stripe bar device on a WWI Commemorative Medal miniature : But straight bars for the same exist there as well ... nothing's written in stone when miniature medals are concerned ... Regards, Hendrik
  13. Belgian Bat D'Angleterre bar

    Sorry to be a spoilsport again, Dave : the "third attachment" is a set of miniature bars representing 2 years of being a POW. It has no official place on this medal's ribbon. They belong on the miniature version of this : Regards, Hendrik
  14. Grandfathers medals, belgium ID please

    Hi, I don't think so. The first idea, i.e. a faded blue and black ribbon for this knight class of the Order of Leopold II, is the correct one for me. Regards, Hendrik