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    2 early Legion D'honneur medals (Help?)

    Hi, I beg to differ : to my knowledge, the various types that saw the light of day in that short period had either no crown suspension or, again, a little cross on top of the suspension ball. The motto in the central medallion referred to Napoleon as 1st Consul on those crosses. Regards, Hendrik
  2. Hendrik

    2 early Legion D'honneur medals (Help?)

    Hello Ken, The absence of a little cross on top of the suspension ball seems to make this a "July Monarchy" type with altered central medallions ... Your No. 2 is a 2nd Empire type as you rightly observed. Regards, Hendrik
  3. Hello ! The badge below has been described on commercial sites as a long service badge awarded to members of the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie's bodyguard. Is there any truth in that and, if so, what number of service years would this light green coloured badge stand for ? Regards, Hendrik
  4. Hendrik

    Ethiopia : Emperor's Bodyguard Long Service Badge

    Many thanks Owain for your expert answer ! Regards, Hendrik
  5. Hello Rav, I wish ... haven't come across any yet. Regards, Hendrik
  6. Hello Ravenft, The Belgian government went into exile near Le Havre (France) and some medals were produced by French firms at the time. Their job was taken over by Belgian manufacturers after the war's end. Regards, Hendrik
  7. Hendrik

    Greek War Cross

    Very nice, Mark ! The silver mark is from the Paris Mint and indicates 1st grade silver (0.950). Regards, Hendrik
  8. Hendrik

    Japanese Order ? ID Help request

    Thanks Nick, much appreciated. Regards, Hendrik
  9. Hendrik

    Japanese Order ? ID Help request

    Hello, I'm looking to find more information on this breast star which seems to have elements of both the Orders of the Golden Kite and of the Sacred Treasure in it. Its reverse suggests Eastern European manufacture to me. But then again, I could be completely off ... Any help on identifying it etc. would be welcome. Regards, Hendrik
  10. Hendrik

    Japanese Order ? ID Help request

    Thank you for that information ! Do you think it is of Japanese manufacture ? Regards, Hendrik
  11. Hello Noor, Portuguese Order of the Tower and the Sword, I think. More often seen on a blue ribbon ... Regards, Hendrik
  12. Thank you, Peter, for your illuminating input ! Shall we settle on either "Divisional Train Transport" or "Divisional Transport Train" for the time being and until a better description is offered ? Regards, Hendrik
  13. Hello Gents, I've recently been able to acquire 2 campaign medals that I believe to have belonged to the same recipient : General Service Medal, bar Iraq, to "4526 DVR. ALLAH DAD. S&T. CORPS" and India General Service Medal, bars Waziristan 1921-24 and Mohmand 1933, to "O-153463 DVR. ALLA DAD,17 D.T.T. COY." Despite the missing "H" in the second medal's naming, could they indeed have been awarded to the same person ? As to the units involved, I think S&T Corps stands for Supply and Transport Corps but I have no idea as to what a D.T.T. company is other than presuming it is also transport related. I would appreciate being enlightened on the subject ! Regards, Hendrik
  14. Hi Sampo, There's a few Belgian ones mentioned on this page : http://hmc2.pagesperso-orange.fr/en/spotl/korcitations.html Regards, Hendrik
  15. Hendrik

    Request for identification assistance - FFL

    Hi, I think that stands for "Lignes Aériennes Militaires" ... Regards, Hendrik
  16. Hendrik

    Belgium medal

    Hi Marius, FI/OF stands for Front de l'Indépendance/Onafhankelijkheidsfront PA = Partisans Armés MP = Milices Patriotiques All three are WW2 resistance groups. Regards, Hendrik
  17. Hello Simon, Quite correct. The only exception, AFAIK, would have been the British War Medal 1939-45 : permission to wear it was refused by the Belgian authorities as the recipient would also have received its Belgian counterpart, the 1940-45 Commemorative Medal, for the same services rendered. Regards, Hendrik
  18. Hello Kris, I think he would have been entitled to both the 1939-45 Star and the France & Germany Star. Depending on the date of his arrival in Britain, he may have been entitled to the Defence Medal as well. Brigade Piron members usually qualified for those. Regards, Hendrik
  19. Hello Chris, Here's a mate of his ... I note the difference in the way their rank is rendered. Regards, Hendrik
  20. Hello All, I've acquired a small set of medals awarded to a South African gentleman for his services during WWII. With the medals came copies of some paperwork in which two units/postings were mentioned : - a/m A.F.S. Gordon's Bay and No. 7 Motor Boat Sec. Any information on those would be much appreciated. Regards, Hendrik
  21. Thanks Chris ! Great stuff. As the medal recipient was a diesel mechanic, the article's praise of the boats' maintenance directly concerns him. Regards, Hendrik
  22. Hendrik


    Indeed it does ! Only recipients born in France or its "overseas territories" are in the database. Recipients of former colonies haven't been entered in it. Regards, Hendrik
  23. Hendrik


    Plenty of them but none with those first names : LE BIHAN Alain François Marie 1905/05/05 Finistère ; Lesneven LE BIHAN Alphonse Edmond Louis 1882/12/17 Finistère ; Brest LE BIHAN Ange Marie 1917/10/17 Loire-Atlantique ; Pont-Chateau LE BIHAN Charles Marie Casimir 1798/12/01 Pays-Bas ; Delft LE BIHAN Francis Alfred Henri 1890/11/24 Loire-Atlantique ; Saint-Nazaire LE BIHAN François Marie 1896/01/15 Finistère ; Plouégat-Guerrand LE BIHAN Félix François 1873/02/05 Côtes-d'Armor ; Saint-Igneuc LE BIHAN Gustave Jean Adolphe 1869/01/11 Finistère ; Quimper LE BIHAN Henri Lucien 1903/07/19 Finistère ; Kérity LE BIHAN Hervé Marie 1892/06/09 Finistère ; Roscanvel LE BIHAN Jacques Edouard Eugène Marie 1863/05/02 Finistère ; Brest LE BIHAN Jean Mathurin 1881/06/29 Morbihan ; Locqueltas LE BIHAN Joseph Léon 1895/07/17 Morbihan ; Port-Louis LE BIHAN Joseph Marie 1882/09/12 Morbihan ; Pluvigner LE BIHAN Joseph Marie 1880/11/07 Finistère ; Plougasnou LE BIHAN Joseph Pierre Marie 1887/04/05 Finistère ; Guilvinec LE BIHAN Léon Joseph 1882/08/05 Morbihan ; Lorient LE BIHAN Léon Victor Marie 1909/02/01 Loire-Atlantique ; Pont-Château LE BIHAN Michel Yves Marie 1900/07/23 Finistère ; Pont-l'Abbé LE BIHAN Paul Emile Casimir Auguste 1830/08/17 Nord ; Valenciennes LE BIHAN Pierre Désiré Charles 1865/06/06 Finistère ; Brest LE BIHAN Yves François Marie 1872/04/30 Côtes-d'Armor ; Lannion LE BIHAN Yves Henri 1875/11/05 Mayenne ; Laval The dates and place names refer to birth date and place. Regards, Hendrik
  24. Many thanks Arthur for the perfect answer to my question ! Regards, Hendrik