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    Hitler Youth Shoulder Straps and Boards, D.J. Sigrune arm patches. Top money paid for rare or difficult examples. See my blog sites of examples from my collection.
    http://sigrunes.blogspot.com/ http://hjschulterklappen.blogspot.com/
  1. Sorry I don't have any uniforms. I stick with the cloth insignia as a focus. The items have come from many different sources over the years. I search oline quite a lot and my best items have come from private offers. The key is to have a fund set aside so when items are offered you can buy them at once. Some of my items have been purchased through "lay away" type deals as well, from friendly and understanding collectors and dealers. It never hurts to ask them.
  2. I also collect D.J. Sigrune arm patches. Here are some from my collection.
  3. Here is a Fahlientragger grouping from Jungbann 147 that was once part of the Baker collection. It includes the Fahnlientragger arm shield, the shoulder strap with Fahnlien 12 button, the ink stamp from the Jungzug, the Gebietsdrieke and the Sigrune.
  4. I also enjoy collecting items from Jungbann/Bann 201 Berlin Moabit named after H.J. Martyr Herbert Norkus.
  5. Thanks for the compliments. Here are a few other difficult to find straps. I was very happy to add the set of "DJ 1" for Auslander H.J. to my collection recently. The others are early pre 1934 straps used when the H.J. was subordinate to the SA and used the SA Gau colors for the piping and numerals and the H.J. Banns were not named but merely numbered.
  6. I collect mainly HJ and DJ straps, for about 5 years now. Almost 300 examples in my collection.
  7. Additional items from my collection. Bann J Nurnberg and Bann L Munchen.
  8. Additional HJ Straps for Educational Specialties.
  9. Here are some of my other HJ straps in group photos. If other photos are requested I will do my best to show them. Also check my blogsites for more detailed photos and descriptions.
  10. As requested some close up photos of the oakleaves. The gold pair are for an Oberbannfuhrer serving in the position of a Gebietsfuhrer and are in celleon.
  11. Some higher level H.J. Leadership Shoulder Boards from my collection. Enjoy.
  12. A nice example from Bann 420 Wandsbeck of the Nord Hamburg Gebiet.
  13. I don't like the somewhat crude swaz, thick arms and not symetric on these two.
  14. Never get tired of seeing this grouping Stu.