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  1. Andreas, Well, at least you can discount this one. As a general statement, it would be quite helpful if future posts requesting identifications and such include all known information- such as awards in this case. Knowing this would have helped eliminate this Schaumann immediately. Thanks, Andy
  2. Andreas, After I posted my response, I noticed that you have his name as Schaumnn in the title but not in the body of the message, so, now I am convince this is your man. There was no officer named Schumann in the Hannovarian army in 1866 as far as I can tell, nor was there an officer in the Prussian army 1871 named Schumann who served with another contingent prior to 1866. There was a Hannoverian Rittm. Adolf Carl Freidrich Schaumann who entered the Prussian army after Hannover's defeat. I can't find any connection to the Schleswig Holsetein army, but, his last assignment might be a clue that he is your man. This is Schaumann's career from 1866: Adolph Carl Friedrich Schaumann (*13.06.1822 †12.04.1903) 1904 listed in the DOA event hough he had already died 1897 living as an Oberstlt. z.D., in Hannover 19.04.73-14.07.85 Kom. d. Landw. Bez. Rendsburg (II./Landw. R. 85) 12.12.71-19.04.73 b. St. d. Hus. R. 5 1867-12.12.71 aggr. d. Ulan. R. 16 u. dann Esk. Chef im Ulan. R. 16 1866 hann. Garde Hus. R., Reg. Quartiermeister Orden 1885 PRAO4 PKrO3 PDK HG3 MMV2 Orden 1871: PDK HG3 MMV2 Oberstlt. 14-08-75 (Charakter) Major 21-10-69 Rittm. 20-06-59 Pr.Lt. 23-10-46 Sek.Lt. 12-01-38 I think this officer is a strong candidate! Andy
  3. Unfortunately, I still do not have a working scanner, so, I am not able to post a page from the book. It is a very useful book, though it is best used with other sources. It includes all Prussian officers killed in action, active, reserve, Landwehr and those recalled for the war. Here is Unruh's entry as an example of the format and type of information provided Unruh.........L.d.R. RIR 216 RIR 240 15.2.17 Ripont. The first unit given is the one in which he received his commission and the second in which he was killed So, as long as you know a name and date of death, you should be able to find any officer. Andy
  4. Given the fact he was killed in action, I used Uebe's "Ehrenmal des preußischen Offizierkorps" to determine his units and the 1915 edition of the MIlitärwochenblatt, column 3449 for his date and unit of commision. Andy
  5. David, It's very hard to say. I have seen many instances where a man is commissioned as a reserve Lt in a regiment but never actually served with that regiment. I am not saying this is the case here, but I mention it to illustrate how difficult iti is to "trace" war-time reserve Lts who were not commissioned in a pre-war regiment. Andy
  6. David, He was commissioned on 07.08.1915, but I can not say when he went to RIR 240. Andy
  7. David, He was commissioned Lt.d.R. in RIR 216 but was killed while serving with RIR 240. Andy
  8. Chris, I think it is "Nervenshok"- a misspelling of Nervenschock???. Andy
  9. That is Johann Schönberger, *06.08.1882 in Weiden and Leutn.d.R. d. 11. bay. IR in 1914. He spent the war in Bavarian signal units: He was a "telegraphischer Postsekretär" in Augsbrg as a civilan. 02.08.14-31.12.16 b. Etappen Telegrpahen Direktion 6 01.01.17-24.02.17 B. Armeefernsprech Abtl 106 25.02.17-11.09.17 Fernsprech Abtl. 663 12.09.17-?? Fernsptrech Abtl. 603 Andy
  10. Flyingdutchman, You are very welcome. It is always a pleasure to assist a collector like you who obviously enjoys the history of an item such as "your" busby. Andy
  11. Fylingdutchman, Thank you for such a nice post with wonderful photos and great story. Such a busby and its original owner deseve as complete a history as possible, and so I provide his military career here in detail. Also, his adjutant's full name was Ernst von Laffert-Woldeck, born 15.11.1883 in Grabow, Mecklenburg Andy Viktor Digeon von Monteton (22.09.1866-12.08.1914) 12.08.14 b. Haelen gef. 20.05.14-12.08.14 Kom. d. Drag. R. 18 (Parchim) 23.05.11-20.05.14 b. St. d. Hus. R. 10 (Stendal) 20.07.07-23.05.11 Adj. b. XIV. AK (Karlsruhe), U.d. Drag. R. 20 14.09.00-20.07.07 Chef 1./Drag. R. 20 (Karlsruhe) 01.04.00-14.09.00 in 2./Drag. R. 20 (Karlsruhe) 01.04.98-30.03.00 k.z. Dienstl. b. gr. Gen. St. v. Drag. R. 20 1896-01.04.98 Adj. d. Drag. R. 20 (Karlsruhe) 1895 in 5./Drag. R. 20 (Karlsruhe) 1894 in 1./Drag. R. 20 (Karlsruhe) 1892-1893 k.z. Milit. Reit Inst. 1891 in 2./Drag. R. 20 (Karlsruhe) 1890 in 3./Drag. R. 20 (Karlsruhe) 1889 in 5./Drag. R. 20 (Karlsruhe) 1888 in 1./Drag. R. 20 (Karlsruhe) 18.03.86-1887 in 4./Drag. R. 20 (Mannheim/Durlach) 18.03.86 als Sek.Lt. v. Kad. K. d. Drag. R. 20 überw. Promotion dates Oberstlt. 19-08-14 [named in the promotion list even though he had already been killed in action ] Major 10-09-08 Rittm. 14-09-00 Oberlt. 15-11-94 Leutn. 18-03-86
  12. Here are a few additions for you: Andy Generalmajor Wilhelm von Brozowski Vater: Oberstlt. a.D. Mutter: geb. Holzapfel Gattin: geb. Teichert 09.08.1870: Kadettenkorps als Portepeefähnrich dem 4. Westfälischen Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 17 01.07.75-01.10.78 Adjutant des II. Bataillons 01.01.80-02.01.83 Assistent an d. Milit. Schießschule 02.01.83-12.06.86 Adjutant d. Milit. Schießschule 12.06.1886: 1. Großherzoglich Hessische Infanterie Regiment 115 18.09.1886: Chef 6./1. Großherzoglich Hessische Infanterie- (Leibgarde) Regiment 115 16.04.1889: à la suite d. FR 86 gestellt u. Kompanie Führer an d. Unteroffiz. Schule Weißenfels 17.09.1892: Kompaniechef im 1. Hessischen Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 81 22.03.1895 - 21.07.1900: Bataillonskommandeur 22.07.00-12.09.02 b. Stab des 1. Hannoverschen Infanterie-Regiments Nr. 74 12.09.1902: Führung des Infanterie-Regiments „Herwarth von Bittenfeld“ (1. Westfälisches) Nr. 13 in Münster 18.10.02 Oberst u. Kommandeur d. Inf. R. 13 22.04.05 Kommandant von Glogau 22.03.07 Charakter als Gen.Maj. 24.03.09 mit Pension zur Disposition gestellt
  13. Hello, I can offer the following: Irminbert Konrad Bertold Woldemar Freiher von Biedermann was born 17.07.1887 in Straßburg. He entered the Saxon Schuützen R. 108 as a Fahnenjunker on 14.03.1907. Promoted to Fähnrich on 19.11.1907, he received a commission as a Leutnant dated 14.02.1907 on 14.08.1908. Oberleutnant on 25.09.1914 and Hauptmann on 11.08.1916 Wartime assignments: 02.08.14-06.02.15 in Schützen R. 108 07.02.15-11.07.15 in Flieger Ers. Abtl. 6 12.07.15-22.03.16 Jagdflieger 23.03.16-16.01.17 Kampfgeschwader 3 17.01.17-30.12.18 Flieger Abtl. (A) 213 31.12.18-14.07.19 Inspektion d. Fliegertruppen 15.07.19-31.03.20 Schuützen R. 108 Andy
  14. Rob, The award is the Saxon Albrechts Order, Ritterkreuz 2nd class with swords Andy
  15. According to the Saxon Militär Verordnungsblatt, he was promoted Leutn.d.R. in IR 106 on 16.04.1915. An entry in an Oct 1914 casualty lists him as an "Unteroffizier: in Landw. Inf. R. 101 and states he was wounded while serving in the 4th company of that regiment in Aug/Sep 1914 His marriage registry entry on ancestry lists him as a "Herzoglich Schauspieler und Lt.d.R. vom Gren. R. 101" when he was married on 25.07.1915. I also found an entry in a non-public source that he was awarded the SA3bX while serving in IR 192. No date given. At least now you have a few pieces of information to help in your search. Andy
  16. Claudio, First, let me congratulate you on a fine medal bar! Assuming Glenn is correct, and that is normally a very safe assumption☺☺, I can provide Rohrscheidt's career information. I believe that this is a fine example of the career path of a Prussian military intelligence officer prior to the war. I have seen many like this. First, War Academy, then a two year stint at the General Staff. Then, they spend several years attached, but not assigned, to an army corps HQ on either the eastern or western border. His short detachment to the General staff late in 1910 to early 1911 convinces me he went back to learn the latest information the Gen. St. had and, perhaps more importantly, what information requirements the Gen. St. had that he would try to satisfy while on assignment. That he went from the Kr. Min. to the intelligence department of the Gen. St. at mobilization makes it clear to me what his role was- intelligence officer. We know that the military attachés (subordinate to the Gen. St.) conducted intelligence operations, Franz von Papen is a fine example of this, but these other officers, who moved quietly from post to post, must also have been tasked with intelligence requirements. It is particularly telling that the detachments to the AK HQs were not listed in the MWB, just their attachment to the Gen. St. They just showed up in the Rangliste as at the AK HQs. Again, congratulations of an exquisite medal bar. Andy Walter von Rohrscheidt (25.03.1875-??) 30.11.20 d. Char. als Oberstlt. erhalt. Ehrenrangliste Kom. d. Inf. R. 329 27.12.15 Verbindungsoffiz. b. k.k. Ob. Komdo. Süd 02.08.14 in Nachr. Abtl. d. Gen. St. d. Feldheeres 17.02.14-02.08.14 in Min. Abtl. (Z 1) im Kr. Min. 1914-17.02.14 k.z. Dienstl. b. Kr. Min. 23.05.11-1914 k.z. Dienstl. b. XVI. AK (Metz), zuget. d. gr. Gen. St., U.d. Gren. R. 7 [01.11.10-31.01.11 k.z. Dienstl. b. gr. Gen. St.] 21.03.08-23.05.11 Chef 7./Gren. R. 7 (Liegnitz) 01.04.06-21.03.08 k.z. Dienstl. b. gr. Gen. St. v. Füs. R. 80 01.10.02-21.07.05 k.z. Kr. Akad. 01.10.01-01.10.02 in 4./Füs. R. 80 (Wiesbaden) 01.10.98-30.09.01 Adj. III./Füs. R. 80 (Homburg v.d. Höhe) 22.03.9301.10.98 Komp. Offiz. in Füs. R. 80 (Wiesbaden) 22.03.93 als Sek.Lt. v. Kad. K. d. Füs. R. 80 überw. Major 19-08-14 M5m Hptm. 21-03-08 F8f Oberlt. 22-03-02 U3u Leutn. 22-03-93 K
  17. Chris, Here is the limited entry from ancestry- unfortunately not too much information Andy This is not working. Here is the link http://interactive.ancestry.com/1631/31421_BH19061-00108?pid=4317279&backurl=//search.ancestry.com//cgi-bin/sse.dll?_phsrc%3DWUe5%26_phstart%3DsuccessSource%26usePUBJs%3Dtrue%26indiv%3D1%26db%3DBavariaWWI%26gss%3Dangs-d%26new%3D1%26rank%3D1%26gsfn%3D%2520%26gsfn_x%3D0%26gsln%3Dschuster%26gsln_x%3D1%26MSAV%3D1%26uidh%3Dzl3%26pcat%3D39%26fh%3D4%26h%3D4317279%26recoff%3D%26ml_rpos%3D5&treeid=&personid=&hintid=&usePUB=true&_phsrc=WUe5&_phstart=successSource&usePUBJs=true#?imageId=31433_bh06850-00104
  18. Gents, That would be Major z.D. Eugen Schuster. 1914 he was Bez. Offiz. d. Landw. Bez. I München. He does not have much of a file on ancestry.de, but he is listed there under Ers./bay. 18. IR. Andy
  19. Chris, #158 is Heinrich Ulfert, in IR 138 in May 1914 #159 is Karl Winke, in IR 121 in May 1914 Andy
  20. Andreas, The EH3a is the 1924 abbreviation for the 1914 abbreviation HSH3a- Sachsen-Ernestinischer Haus Orden, Ritterkreuz 1. Kl. and you are correct about the two Turkish awards. Andy
  21. Andreas, As requested here is the bio I have for him. Please note that I do not include information from the Biblio series on the Generals, , so, there are a few gaps which can be filled in from that source. II choose not to simply copy directly from someone else's work. Andy Ulrich Henning auf Schönhoff (22.08.1873-17.05.1942) 01.05.27-31.01.29 Kom. d. 1. Kav. Div. (Frankurt a.O.) 01.02.26-01.02.27 Art. Führ. VI (Münster) 01.07.23-01.02.26 Komdt. von Königsberg 01.02.23-01.07.23 b. St. d. 1. Div. 01.10.20-01.02.23 b. St. d. Art. R. 2 27.02.18 Ob. Quartiermstr. d. HG Scholtz 17.11.17 Verbindungsoffiz. b. k.k. Gr. Komdo Conrad 22.07.17-17.11.17 Kom. d. Feldart. R. 33 16.10.16-31.10.16 Chef d. Gen. St. d. Etappen Insp. 11 08.07.14-1914 Gen. St. d. 28. Div. (Freiburg) [13.01.14 Mitgl. d. Stud. Komm. f.d. Kr. Sch.] 26.10.12-08.07.14 i. gr. Gen. St. 20.04.10-26.10.12 Chef 5./Feldart. R. 61 (Babenhausen) 27.01.08-20.04.10 i. Gen. St. d. 25. Div. (Darmstadt) 18.05.07-27.01.08 i. gr. Gen. St. 22.03.07-18.07.07 aggr. d. Gen. St., b. Landesaufn. 01.04.05-22.03.07 k.z. Dienstl. b. gr. Gen. St. v. Feldart. R. 46 21.07.03-01.04.05 in 6./Feldart. R. 46 (Celle) 01.10.00-21.07.03 k.z. Kr. Akad. v. Feldart. R. 46 18.08.96-01.10.00 in 5./Lehr. Abtl. d. Feldart. Schießsch. 1895-18.08.96 in 5./Feldart. R. 10 (Hannover) 1894 in 4./Feldart. R. 10 (Hannover) 18.08.92-1893 in 7./Feldart. R. 10 (Celle) 18.08.92 Sek.Lt. 17.12.91 Port. Fähnr. Orden 1924: PRAO4 PHOvH3mSchw EK1 PDK HE3mSchwu.Kr BM4mSchwu.Kr SA3 WK2cmSchw BZ3amSchw HP3a HH EH3a ÖE3K ÖM3K TL2mSchw TH BO2 Orden 1914: PRAO4 HP3a HSH3a Gen.Lt. 01-03-28 (1) Gen.Maj. 01-02-26 (2) Oberst 01-07-21 (2) Oberstlt. 18-05-20 Major 01-10-13 U13u Hptm. 22-03-07 V2v Oblt. 23-03-01 H4h* Leutn. 18-08-92 *ern. 22-07-00
  22. Chris, Recognizing that a person's signature does not always resemble his name, here are my suggestions: Helmut Witting Karl Schultz was commander of 1. Matr. Art. R. 25.07.18-23.11.1918, but it looks like someone signed for him, but I can't make out the name. Otto Schulze-Höing Titus Türk Hermann Brinkhaus Andy
  23. Chris, Looks like (Georg) Keller, (Kurt) Davids, Frhr. von Gienanth, (Max) Winter and Hptm. Fitzer. The odd thing is that there was only one Frhr. von Gienanth, Kurt, in 1914. He made Major on 22.03.1916 but was a cavalry officer and general staff officer who went on to become a Wehrmacht Gen.d.Kav. At the time the doc was signed, he supposedly was the Ia of the Garde Kav. Div. Curious....... Andy
  24. Chris, That would be Albert von Lengerke (1868-1923). In 1914 he as a staff major in IR 49. Andy
  25. Chris, As you probably already know, Jürgen Kraus' 2 volumes on the infantry 1914/18 shows that LIR 84 had its own Ersatz Batl. and IR 410 was supported by I. Ers. IR 85. FYI- Christian was born 21.04.1877 in Flensburg and leased the royal domain know as Nygarrd, Kr. Hadersleben from 1902, when it was acquired by the Prussian crown, until 1926. Andy