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  1. sftrooper86

    Order of the Sacred Treasure question

    Many thanks for your expert advice. Japanese orders are new to me and I would really like to limit my mistakes as these can be expensive. Do you sell such orders and medals? If not can you please recommend a reliable dealer. Thank you again, Vince
  2. sftrooper86

    Order of the Sacred Treasure question

    Greetings, I was wondering if there is any truth to the story about this order being post 1945 if there are no rivets on the reverse of the arms? I only want to collect pre-1945 orders and am requesting help in understanding this matter. Does it also apply to the 3rd Class order as well? Many thanks, Vince
  3. sftrooper86

    Gold versus Silver

    Many thanks to both Gentlemen who answered. Happy Holidays, Vince
  4. sftrooper86

    Gold versus Silver

    Greetings, Can anyone tell me why some award boxes have gold writing and others have silver on their covers? Is one older than the other, a different class of award or just maker's differences? Many thanks, Vince
  5. I agree, Thanks to all who sounded off! Merry Christmas, Vince
  6. Difficult to photograph it, this is as good as I can do with my equipment. there are 2 small light wash marks to the top left of the castle but the rest is solid.
  7. http://www.medalnet.net/Beauty_of_Old_Orders.htm Here is the split ring, just FYI
  8. Should there be any markings on it if it, either way?
  9. Hello and Holiday Greetings to all my friends on this forum, I recently acquired this 3 medal bar and am looking for any opinions on it as well as help identifying the class of Baden Lion. Thank you for any opinions and assistance, Vince
  10. Sorry I cannot answer your question but here is another ribbon bar for the same General circa 1945, just FYI.
  11. sftrooper86

    Medal ID help!

    Hello and thank you to everyone who helped me with this new acquisition. I hope you like it as much as I do! My best, Vince
  12. sftrooper86

    Medal ID help!

    Hello, I do not own this medal bar at this time. If I get it then I will post detailed photos for you. My best, Vince
  13. sftrooper86

    Medal ID help!

    Hello Gentlemen, Can anyone ID this medal for me? Thank you, Vince Reverse
  14. Hi Dave, All I can say is that your awesome! This is my first real quasi-complete grouping and you have made it come alive. You and others here on the forum really make collecting enjoyable by sharing your knowledge and expertise with others. I cannot thank you enough for your kind assistance. I only hope that one day I can pay it forward to another collector in some way. There are only a few more docs left to post in this group so here goes! There is a whole area of military service that is missing from this grouping and I only know about it from the Sonderausweis dated 1941 which shows him as a Hauptman of Reserves back in the Army. Unfortunately, I only have this document and a couple of letters (1942) about his MIA Brother-in-law I think. Nothing else showing WW2 service. No wehrpass or soldbuchs came with this grouping. Do you know of any way to find out what he may have done during his WW2 Herr service? Thanks again, Vince These are the 2 letters.
  15. Hi Dave, Very interesting, I always wondered how they calculated the years towards receiving these decorations. Here are a few more docs I was directed to on line. I dont know if they will explain anything additional? Thanks again for all your help! Your friend, Vince