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  1. Greetings all, I am looking for a photo of the rim inscription on some of these bronze Prussian Campaign Medals which states" Aus erobertem Geschutz". Are these around? Anyone have one for sale? Many thanks, Vince
  2. Thank you very much. The one medal of this type I have does not have the inscription around its rim. I am told it is a jewelers copy as used on medal bars. Does this make sense to you? Thanks again, Vince
  3. Greetings all, Can anyone please help me ID this Gentleman? This is a post-war Veteran's get together signed photo, any idea of its Value? I also have one of Donitz from 1971. Thanks for your help. Vince
  4. Thank you Sir, You are correct, its him. My best, Vince
  5. Greetings, I just acquired this beautiful medal bar and matching ribbon bar and have noticed something strange. The 1939 date box has slightly curved inward edges. I am not familiar with this style of spange and was wondering why this is or who its maker is? Thank you for any help. Vince And the box it came in!
  6. This is a nice little set I received some time ago from a fellow collector and thought it could be appreciated here. Enjoy! Vince
  7. Greetings, I recently found this in the bottom of a box filled with various items from my military days. This is a Breast Badge which I removed from the chest of one of Manuel Noriega's Policemen just after the 1989 invasion of Panama. I hope you enjoy seeing it. There are no maker's marks on it. If you have any questions please just ask!
  8. Best I can tell this is a Postal Service Supervisor. Can anyone be more specific or tell me what his duties could have been? Thanks, Vince
  9. sftrooper86

    What was this Gentleman?

    Hello Uwe, Thank you for this information. This is an interesting grouping I have to an "OLD Veteran" who ended up working for the Postal Service. Please let me know your thoughts about this grouping as well. My best, Vince
  10. Greetings, I recently acquired this 5 medal bar and have noticed a few unique aspects to it and am looking for information and opinions. First the and most obvious thing is the obviously done at home by his Frau attachment of the Honor Cross to the far right side of this medal bar. I know money was tight in the 1920's/1930's in Germany but this is embarrassing. Has anyone ever seen this done before? If so I would love to see some photos of it! Secondly, I noticed that the Hungarian War Service medal has NO SWORDS on it. I have never noticed a medal like this before. Obviously for a Non-Combatant, is this a rare medal? In all my years of collecting I have never seen another one. He popped for an updated ribbon bar but decided not to redo his medal bar????? Thank you for any opinions of these irregularities, Vince
  11. Thank you for this most useful information. I was not aware of the different ribbon for the Non-Com Hungarian medal but since it is so rarely seen this makes this bar even more interesting! Great news about the value of the DRK medal's value! I am not surprised the ribbon bar is out of order with everything going on with this grouping! Great Non-Com bar Ralph, thanks for posting this link! Thanks again! Vince
  12. I saw this medal bar and noted that it has medal/s from Bavaria, Prussia, Austria, and Bulgaria on it. Can this be a legit bar? I seem to remember that some Bavarian Regiments fought with such units, perhaps a Bavarian Officer? Just not sure if one man could have medals from so many different countries. Thanks for the lesson! Vince
  13. Greetings, I would appreciate any feedback on my this medal bar. My main question is concerning the Bavarian Military Merit Cross, second class with swords. With it being on a non-combatant ribbon is this a legit grouping of medals? I understand that ribbon was for Non-Combatants and Military Officials. Can you have a decoration with swords hang on a non-combatant ribbon? Just want to get some expert feedback on this bar as this Bavarian ribbon is new to me. Thank you, Vince
  14. It has been my experience with this medal that some swords swivel or move and some do not.
  15. Thank you again for this detailed information. This card came with this medal bar and notes the US Army soldier's name who captured it and the location in Germany. I know this really means very little as it cannot be proven but it is the pieces provenance according to the person I purchased it from and whom I trust.
  16. Hello, Thank you for your most valuable translation. I have attached the front & back photos of the Lake Khasan document as requested. I look forward to receiving your revised opinion of this most important document & medal grouping. Your friend, Vince
  17. Thank you for your assistance. It has been many years since I have collected and there is still a life time of learning ahead. Thanks to all who have helped me along the way. This is an awesome group of individuals and I am proud to call you my friends. Thanks again & Happy Hunting, Vince
  18. I thought I would share a few of my 2nd Class, Order of the Patriotic War's with unique backs. Enjoy, Vince
  19. Thank you Paul, For some reason I have always liked this decoration and it is interesting to see how its design progressed.
  20. Perhaps this will help, I forgot to scan it. It came with this grouping.
  21. I love when the books have their photo but this one did not. Still a respectable set! Enjoy, Vince
  22. Greetings, I wanted to show this to our members for opinions and to determine if it is a good piece or not. Thank you for your comments, Vince
  23. Yes, I purchased it sight unseen. Won't be doing that again! Seller agreed to refund so no harm done! Thanks to all