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  1. I just checked several of the source html files and it looks like all images were uploaded to the GMIC server so I reckon they should all still be on the GMIC server. I think the problem is related to faulty URL's either on the website and/or in the database. For example, if I open the first image via the website via the following URL i find nothing: http://gmic.co.uk/gallery/image/7945-device-swords-leaves-03/ If I instead use the following link from the HTML I do find the image: http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/gallery/album_344/sml_gallery_160_344_10064.jpg Please check
  2. For those who like to know, this was the entire lot of bars.
  3. Guys, thanks for your kind words, much appreciated @Jason, my friend, As allways, you are too kind And I agree. This lot is quite exceptional in that it’s overall quality of the bars is high. The previous owner certainly knew what he/she was doing. For this bar, my best bet would be to eliminate as much names as possible, preferably from the group of 69 airforce personnel, or otherwise from the large group of 1760. This could take a while though... Best regards, Peter
  4. Here's a close up of the eagles. Although the silver wash is already partially gone, it is still visible on both.
  5. Dear all, Hereby the last of the ribbon bars from the Zeige lot I would like to show. A Luftwaffe ribbon bar with Prussian gold military merit cross. Any thoughts? Could this one be one of those 69 or 70 airforce personnel who received this during ww1? Thanks. Peter
  6. Dear all, I would like to show you this nice 11 place ww1/ww2 ribbon bar from the Zeige lot. Any thoughts? Regards, Peter
  7. Thanks for your compliments guys As a bonus, I will feature 2 more from the Zeige lot
  8. Dear all, I would like to show you the third ribbon bar from the Zeige lot from last auction. Another Prussian. 1914-1918. Grey Heer backing. Godet made. Notice the peacetime Bavarian ribbon. Which one could it have been, BMVO or BMVK? Notice also the flattened swords on the Bulgarian merit order, almost looks like a worn out die. Any thoughts? All feedback appreciated Regards. Peter
  9. Dear all, I would like to show you another ribbon bar from the Zeige lot from last auction. Prussian, 1914-1918. Dark blue/black backing. Naval? Godet? The second to last looks like a very faded Hessian... Any thoughts? All feedback appreciated Regards. Peter
  10. Thnx. Thats so very cool I can just picture it in front of me "What was that ribbon again? Red green or green red?" Does anyone have more biographical information on Uthemann?