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  1. Hi all, thanks for all the info. Some good points have been put forward. It's an interesting combo. The Oldenburg cross makes me think it's a naval officer, but the Westwall medal and the field-grey backing makes me think it is Heer... Do we know of any full lists of names for the 2nd class 1918 and/or the 2nd and higher classes for the 41+ recipients? On a different note, does anyone have a spare device for a ribbon bar for a 3rd or 4th class cross? This bar came without.... Regards. Peter
  2. Hi all, Could the wearer of this unnamed ribbon bar have been one of those 2nd class 1918 ricipients? Regards. Peter
  3. Dear all,, These 3 bars came in today. I filed these under Schwarzburg since that's what they have in common. Any thoughts on these and possibilities for ID? Thanks in advance Regards, Peter
  4. Nope - sorry - maybe for trade if it can be ID'd
  5. Hi Paul, Thanks for the thumbs up There's not much to go on for identification so it's good to hear this has a chance of being identified
  6. Hi all, This ribbon bar came in yesterday. Any thoughts on identification? All help appreciated Regards. Peter
  7. Thanks for the info This list states a Landesorden and no social welfare medal Can anyone confirm he also received a social welfare medal? Can anyone confirm he received a landesorden (and which one) and would it have been logical to wear it or not wear it?
  8. Hi all, I've been looking for some time now for a name, been through quite a list of police personnel. I might have a possible match, but it could also be a very long shot.... I found this photo of Gerret Korsemann. Can anyone tell what the awards of Korsemann are and if they are a unique combination? Thanks Peter
  9. Hi all, These ones came in a few days ago. They look like unworn Ostvolk Generalmajor shoulder boards. Any thoughts on these? Regards. Peter
  10. Hi all, I received this one recently. Unfortunately only the second row of this group... Does anyone what the last ribbon is?
  11. Hi all, This one came in recently. It looks like an unfinished prototype PAB made of plastic/bakelite. It's a real quirky item, just like the part bakelite recon clasp I found earlier (http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/61414-recon-clasp-w-bakelite-eagle/?hl=bakelite). =) I've added a photo with another PAB for comparison (only other PAB I have (ground dug)). All thoughts, ideas, opinions are welcome =) Peter
  12. Didn't know that, thanks for the info Where there any Wurttemberg units in Tirol which might explain this medal?
  13. Hi all, I picked this group up recently. There are some interesting features - placing of the ribbons of and the lack of swords on the ww1 commemorative medals. Also, the placing of a wreath device on the Austrian commemorative medal must have been something of a personal choice or just to replace broken off swords... haven't seen this before... I've added a closeup shot of one of the enameled wreath devices - the enamelling is microscopic thin Hope you like the pictures, all comments welcome
  14. Would be cool if a name could be found in the remaining portion of the rolls... Are the missing parts of the rolls floating around somewhere or are they really lost? I was looking thru the threads concerning the White Falcon order.... and, well this might be a long shot, but what about the guy in post 60 of this thread: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/14487-order-of-the-white-falcon/page-3?hl=+white%20+falcon Off course there still remains the question of the uniqueness of the combination...