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  1. Hi all. Thanks for all the feedback. I have finally had time to blacklight this which I did thoroughly. It is UV negative, front and back. Regards. Peter
  2. Hi all, Any thoughts on this ribbon bar? Construction wise; it's a half eight style bar with brass backing and no device holes. The order of precedence of the ribbons is odd; eastern front medal after the long service medal and the Bulgarian medal in between the two Romanian medals... Regards, Pieter
  3. These came in today. My first foray into ww1 insignia..
  4. Hi all. Thanks for all the comments so far. Does anyone have access to the information of those awarded the swords on the ring? Thnx. Peter
  5. Hi. I'm reading it as something as [J.Gosdt, d[em] 9.11.21, uber dem Os[..]im sollt...]. Would you be so kind as to post the entire text from the back? Maybe more letters can be deducted from the rest. Peter
  6. Hi all. I thought I'd present you with another ribbon bar from the last Zeige lot. Any thoughts? Thnx and regards. Peter
  7. Hi all. Thanks for taking the trouble and time. Lot's off new information for me. WW1 is still a new collecting area for me and I appreciate all the information. Seeing all those nice medal bars, I might be tempted to go into those myself Thanks. Peter
  8. Hi all, I thought I'd post one the ribbon bars from the last Zeige lot. This one features the Red Eagle order with the bow and swords. There are no holes so the prongs do not go through and are held in place by the ribbons. It looks like just for this reason a wide ribbon for the Eagle order was used to fixate everything in place. All ribbons blacklight negativ. Any thoughts in general and any thoughts on what that second all yellow ribbon is? All comments appreciated. Thanks. Peter
  9. Thanks, that explains the double Mecklenburg ribbons. It looks like the accompanying ribbon bar was sold by Zeige at an earlier date. Does anybody know where it is? Would be nice to reunite the 2 pieces...
  10. Hi all, I picked up some buttonhole spanges lately. Two of these came from Zeige. Please see the pictures I've got some questions concerning these: - The top one; is that a life saving medal from Wurttemberg? - Bottom left: the two Mecklenburg ribbons, what do they represent? I reckon one will be the MVK but what about the other? - Bottom right: the first ribbon, Johanniter order? Any thoughts? I'll post some of the ribbon bars of the Zeige lot at a later date... All feedback appreciated Thanks. Peter
  11. I just checked several of the source html files and it looks like all images were uploaded to the GMIC server so I reckon they should all still be on the GMIC server. I think the problem is related to faulty URL's either on the website and/or in the database. For example, if I open the first image via the website via the following URL i find nothing: http://gmic.co.uk/gallery/image/7945-device-swords-leaves-03/ If I instead use the following link from the HTML I do find the image: http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/gallery/album_344/sml_gallery_160_344_10064.jpg Please check
  12. Guys, thanks for your kind words, much appreciated @Jason, my friend, As allways, you are too kind And I agree. This lot is quite exceptional in that it’s overall quality of the bars is high. The previous owner certainly knew what he/she was doing. For this bar, my best bet would be to eliminate as much names as possible, preferably from the group of 69 airforce personnel, or otherwise from the large group of 1760. This could take a while though... Best regards, Peter
  13. Here's a close up of the eagles. Although the silver wash is already partially gone, it is still visible on both.
  14. Dear all, Hereby the last of the ribbon bars from the Zeige lot I would like to show. A Luftwaffe ribbon bar with Prussian gold military merit cross. Any thoughts? Could this one be one of those 69 or 70 airforce personnel who received this during ww1? Thanks. Peter
  15. Dear all, I would like to show you this nice 11 place ww1/ww2 ribbon bar from the Zeige lot. Any thoughts? Regards, Peter
  16. Thanks for your compliments guys As a bonus, I will feature 2 more from the Zeige lot
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