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  1. For those who like to know, this was the entire lot of bars.
  2. Dear all, I was fortunate enough to be able to pick up a group of ribbon bars at Zeige’s latest auction. I received them recently. I will be posting some of these, starting with some of the (pre-)ww1 bars. Let me know If better images are desired. First up is this nice pre-ww1 trapezoid ribbon bar. I believe the last four ribbons are: - Russia Order of Saint Stanislaus - Greece Order of the Redeemer - Ottoman Order of the Osmanie - Ottoman commemorative medal to the 1889 visit of the Kaiser to Constantinople Any thoughts on this bar? All feedback much appreciated. Regards. Peter
  3. Dear all, I would like to show you this nice 11 place ww1/ww2 ribbon bar from the Zeige lot. Any thoughts? Regards, Peter
  4. Dear all, I would like to show you another ribbon bar from the Zeige lot from last auction. Prussian, 1914-1918. Dark blue/black backing. Naval? Godet? The second to last looks like a very faded Hessian... Any thoughts? All feedback appreciated Regards. Peter
  5. Dear all, Hereby the last of the ribbon bars from the Zeige lot I would like to show. A Luftwaffe ribbon bar with Prussian gold military merit cross. Any thoughts? Could this one be one of those 69 or 70 airforce personnel who received this during ww1? Thanks. Peter
  6. Guys, thanks for your kind words, much appreciated @Jason, my friend, As allways, you are too kind And I agree. This lot is quite exceptional in that it’s overall quality of the bars is high. The previous owner certainly knew what he/she was doing. For this bar, my best bet would be to eliminate as much names as possible, preferably from the group of 69 airforce personnel, or otherwise from the large group of 1760. This could take a while though... Best regards, Peter
  7. Here's a close up of the eagles. Although the silver wash is already partially gone, it is still visible on both.
  8. Thanks for your compliments guys As a bonus, I will feature 2 more from the Zeige lot
  9. Dear all, I would like to show you the third ribbon bar from the Zeige lot from last auction. Another Prussian. 1914-1918. Grey Heer backing. Godet made. Notice the peacetime Bavarian ribbon. Which one could it have been, BMVO or BMVK? Notice also the flattened swords on the Bulgarian merit order, almost looks like a worn out die. Any thoughts? All feedback appreciated Regards. Peter
  10. Thnx. Thats so very cool I can just picture it in front of me "What was that ribbon again? Red green or green red?" Does anyone have more biographical information on Uthemann?
  11. Thnx. Could it be Naval, 1907-1914 period? I have the pre-war Rangliste somewhere
  12. Another bar that came with that mega stretched out ribbon bar. Note the S hilt swords. I think these were added later since the prongs of these swords do not go all the way through. I'm going to leave these where these are though because I don't want to run the risk of tearing something. Any thoughts on the last 2 ribbons? Baden jubilee medal and Sweden order of the sword? Thanks. Peter
  13. Thanks for the bump, appreciated The last ribbons look to be the usual suspects; Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungaria and Spain (order of the yoke and arrows)
  14. Dear forum members, Some time ago I picked up this mega long ribbon bar - 18 ribbons in one row. The bar has actually retained its shape when it came of the uniform - it's still bend. What are your thoughts on this one? Also, I rarely see these narrow ribbons. Does anyone know if there were any rules or regulations concerning the use of these or are these just a personal preference of the wearer? Thanks. Peter
  15. Could this guy have been one of the recipients of this livesaving medal (since there are no other ww1 medals on this bar)? Regards. Peter
  16. Hi Nicolas, I was fortunate enough to be able to pick these up but haven't come around to posting them. I will post better pictures of them in different threads. Regards. Peter
  17. Ah, many thanks that explains why I could not match the medals
  18. Dear forum members, These came in today after a long wait; a postcard, a ribbon bar and a photo (copy) of the bar in wear. The name that came with these is Alfred Jacobi. This name is also on the postcard addressed to him. The postcard has the handwriting of one Hugo Sperrle, at that time (49) living in Thaining. I can't find a complete and/or matching list of Jacobi's medals for comparison. Does anyone have this information? Thanks. Peter.
  19. Dear all,, These 3 bars came in today. I filed these under Schwarzburg since that's what they have in common. Any thoughts on these and possibilities for ID? Thanks in advance Regards, Peter
  20. Hi all, thanks for all the info. Some good points have been put forward. It's an interesting combo. The Oldenburg cross makes me think it's a naval officer, but the Westwall medal and the field-grey backing makes me think it is Heer... Do we know of any full lists of names for the 2nd class 1918 and/or the 2nd and higher classes for the 41+ recipients? On a different note, does anyone have a spare device for a ribbon bar for a 3rd or 4th class cross? This bar came without.... Regards. Peter