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  1. That is some wonderful photography and a great grouping! Gary B
  2. A very nice bar, Claudio and one that I thought of bidding on! Congrats on an excellent addition! Gary B
  3. This is the 1st model which is also known as the "scalloped edges" model. They sell for a premium to the later versions. Gary B
  4. Indeed it should look familiar : ) Good memory. Nice Danzig pieces! Gary B
  5. Oberst Schmidt Generalmajor Karl Bottger
  6. Thanks for the nice comment, Camelneck. It has been awhile since i posted on this thread or the GMIC. I should post some more bars to keep the thread going. Gary B
  7. Brad, Congratulations on another stunning uniform for your very focused collection! Gary B
  8. Wow, Brad! I did not realize you had so many Heer Pioneer uniforms/visors! Gary B
  9. MH, Very nice uniforms! One minor correction....officers were not authorized to wear marksmanship lanyards. Gary B
  10. HI Stormrider, Nice bars. Your Hindenburg Cross with the clips on the reverse is for mounting it to a larger multi place medal bar. Single parade mounts were made with these backing clips so they could be attached to a larger metal plate with corresponding slits and a pin back. The individually mounted medals were then mounted to this larger metal plate to create a large medal bar. I do not have a picture of one but it is similar to the ribbon bars of the same construction type. Gary B
  11. Nice sets. Good luck on finding a reserve pair of tabs, I have only seen one set (on the internet) in all the years I have been collecting them. Gary B
  12. Brad, Great progress! You don't really need that many more tabs to complete the series! Gary B
  13. Hi Chris, The medal bars are a complete fabrication. The combination of medals are impossible to attain and also not within the German regulations. A shame that these have been framed and attributed to someone. I would also assume that the 16 TDBs are a fabrication also. Gary B