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  1. Thanks for the nice comment, Camelneck. It has been awhile since i posted on this thread or the GMIC. I should post some more bars to keep the thread going. Gary B
  2. Brad, Congratulations on another stunning uniform for your very focused collection! Gary B
  3. Wow, Brad! I did not realize you had so many Heer Pioneer uniforms/visors! Gary B
  4. MH, Very nice uniforms! One minor correction....officers were not authorized to wear marksmanship lanyards. Gary B
  5. HI Stormrider, Nice bars. Your Hindenburg Cross with the clips on the reverse is for mounting it to a larger multi place medal bar. Single parade mounts were made with these backing clips so they could be attached to a larger metal plate with corresponding slits and a pin back. The individually mounted medals were then mounted to this larger metal plate to create a large medal bar. I do not have a picture of one but it is similar to the ribbon bars of the same construction type. Gary B
  6. Nice sets. Good luck on finding a reserve pair of tabs, I have only seen one set (on the internet) in all the years I have been collecting them. Gary B
  7. Brad, Great progress! You don't really need that many more tabs to complete the series! Gary B
  8. Hi Chris, The medal bars are a complete fabrication. The combination of medals are impossible to attain and also not within the German regulations. A shame that these have been framed and attributed to someone. I would also assume that the 16 TDBs are a fabrication also. Gary B
  9. Nice to see some fabulous medal bars. Unfortunately the group pictured below is an assembled group (most liley post war) featuring an impossible combination of awards. Gary B
  10. Hauptmann Tabs, Admin Judicial Post 44 High Career Obvs
  11. As has been stated it is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. If it has been buffed out the price would be less than what I stated, never the less it would be worth more than $15K, IMO. Is $20K a good offer, perhaps. I believe a European auction would be the best venue to see what this is worth. Gary B
  12. Hi, I believe there is a thread on this forum which shows a Thor goblet awarded to an Engine mechanic. Gary B
  13. Hi, In my opinion $15K would also be low for this goblet. I paid almost $11K for a "regular" silver ehrenbecher a few years ago. Additionally, Weitze has an iron one currently for sale at near $10K (and the estimates are there could be as many as 1000 of these ehrenbechers). A piece such as the one pictured rarely comes on the market and establishing a price based on other sales is almost impossible. This item is truly worth what someone is willing to pay for it. I believe in the right venue (Europen auction) and with the right interest this piece could go way over $20K - $25K. (I seem to recall hearing that one of these which was attributed in nice ocndition going for $30K, but I can not verify that). These Thor goblets are so exceedingly rare that only a top collector could afford it; and those are the guys who pay whatever it takes to get something in their collection. Gary B
  14. Hi Glenn, Thanks for the info but I don't think this is my guy. I see that the Navy lists 3 Delius, a Kapitanleutnant (the one you show), a officer cadet and a Leutnant z.s. Would you happen to have the awards listings of the Leutnant z.s.? The trophy I have came with a picture of a Naval observer briefing a group of aviators. It also came with some medals, EK2, EK1, Gallipoli star and Black wound badge. I am hoping the awards might help identify the right Delius. (Since the trophy lists the recipient as a Oberleutnant z.s. I am wondering if it might not be a post war piece....i.e. did the Leutnant z.s. Delius stay in the Navy after the war and get promoted) Gary B