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  1. Not in my possession but the links should be interesting enough
  2. Document for a Skanderbeg Order Commander’s Cross, 3rd Class, 1st Type, instituted in 1925. Awarding document dated 19th of May 1941 to an Italian Colonel with the name of Mario Stampacchia These documents for pre-Communist Albanian awards or rare and sometimes very beautiful. Will need to spend some time to research this Colonel. If anybody could help with translating the document and/or identifying the signatures at the bottom of it, this would be highly appreciated!
  3. Just in: Albanian Order of Scanderbeg Grand Officer set from the era of King Zog Grand Officer's Set, 2nd Class, 1st Type, instituted in 1925. Neck Badge, 73x53 mm, gilt Silver, obverse enameled, obverse central medallions gilt silver, enameled, maker's mark "Ditta Cravanzola, Roma", original suspension ring and ribbon. Breast Star, 85 mm, Silver with brilliant cut rays, central medallion gilt silver, enameled, reverse with vertical thin pin, maker's mark "E. Gardino – Cravanzola, Roma", in original damaged case of issue by "Cravanzola, Roma" with Albanian double headed eagle on the lid. Marriage Medal of Prince Leka (2016) - 32 mm, Silvered, maker’s mark "W", original suspension ring and ribbon with suspension bar. Very rare medal, awarded only to the guests of the Royal mariage, mint state! To note, I was (unfortunately) not a guest!
  4. Interesting article
  5. Didn't find another appropriate thread to put this in so figured I'd add it here. Albanian Order of Scanderbeg Grand Cross set from the era of King Zog - I was quite impressed by it! No document unfortunately... I had acquired a documented set from the same auction house some time ago but they managed to lose the (beautiful!) document so had to cancel the sale. Somebody somewhere will now potentially be lucky with that document at home...
  6. Just got another gold Hero Star (cased) in the mail today. Love the 'weight' of these, but really sad that they were not numbered or (in my case, when I acquired it) did not come with a document. Anybody with any update on the potential for research in the Tirana archives? I'll be visiting Tirana again in April - looking forward to it!
  7. And here's a picture of partisan Luvsanperenlei in a Partisan's book of earlier edition. This pic shows him with all his awards impressively displayed.
  8. And here's a bit more about Lodon incl. a picture: Choijilyn Lodon He was born at a place named Bultgur of Erdenebeis County of Zasagt khan province. His father was a hunter. Lodon, trained by his father, has hunting and tending livestock until 1921. In 1921, he took part in the liberation campaign against the White Russian occupants under the command of Khatanbaatar. Lodon worked productively for many years at the government and public institutions. In January of 1921, I was summoned by the county administration and was drafted into a 40 men military unit. We were led by a man named Chogdog who took us all to the garrison commanded by Khatanbaatar. Later, we chased the White Russians along the Zereg river and annihilated the unit at the place named Dund Tsenher. After this battle, we were stationed on the bank of Zumya river. I was a commander of ten soldiers and my commander was Chogdog. His commander was Damdinjav. Later we moved closer to Ulaangom town (Uvs, province, Western Mongolia) and were stationed at Kharkhiraa Mountains. There, I was often sent to patrol the unit area and also guarded the Flag of the unit. After certain period of time we left the Kharkhiraa Mountains and our unit was divided into two sub-units. A small number of sick and under equipped soldiers were left at the Kharkhiraa Mountains. Our sub-unit was sent to guard the premises of Ulaangom town as there were rumors that White Russians are approaching the town. After White Russian units commended by general Kazantsev surrendered to our units, we confiscated their weapons and took them to a place named Khushuu Mod to hand them over to Red Russians. Translated from Mongolian into English. Source: Memoirs of Partisans. Ulaanbaatar, 1961. Pages 428-429. Partisan Lodon is the old man on the left in the picture wearing his Order of Polar Star.
  9. Hi - I was looking at your threads on this award which i've been hunting after for a long time - you seem to be the expert on it!

    Appreciate your feedback on the following - the reverse looks OK but the front... not sure... fake?





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      Sorry for late reply Bob (I didn`t get the email about your new post) 

      I am currently writing an article (maybe even a liitle book :) ) about these and other inner mongolia pieces.

      So maybe a liitle bit later one piece will be available ;) 




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      Cool - will be looking out for the book!

  10. Yes, there's a thread here somewhere referring to a Russian language (if my memory doesn't fail me) book on Albanian awards with details on USSR mint volumes by medal.
  11. Almost never ending trickling in of Jamyan related items continues... now some documents and one medal ("World Peace Council" written in French on reverse, looks like 30th anniversary badge). 1. Document for the Order of the Glory Star of the Mongolian Defense Auxcilliary Society. Awarded to Jamyan in 2001. 2. Greeting Card frm the Chinese Ambassador Lee Zuitsin. The greeting card is hand signed. The Ambassador's name card is attached. 3. 1981 New Year Card by a North Korean Official. Hand signed. 4. Invitation to attend meeting on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of MPR. Dated Nov 10. 1984. 5. Invitation to attend the reception on the occasion of the same event. The World Peace Council seems to be an interesting organization dating back to the cold war:
  12. Here's a nice researched deputy badge (nr 0069) belonging to Ms. Dorjsereenen Ulzii. Born in 1928. "Elected" to Mongolian Communist Parliament in 1951 from Selenge province. I received a translation of the bio of the deputy Ulzii and the pages from the Deputy Registry pertaining to her. Comrade Ulzii qualified for nomination to Mongolia Communist Parliament in terms of her gender (women's quota), age (youth quota) and activism. She was elected to State Great Khural of MPR in 1951 and her term expired in 1954. The recommendation (dated 1953) of the local MPRP on her said that she has distanced herself from the public work, got married a wealthy person and left the "Red corner" after she became the SGH deputy and that therefore, she does not deserve to be renominated. The deputy registry referred to was made in 1954, right at the end of the term. It is an updated list and Comrade Ulzii was now classified as "unemployed". Which is weighty justification to be removed from renomination roster. A bit more info on Ulzii 69 Dorjsereenengiin Ulzii 1928 F Party Candidate Precinct 5, Orhontuul County, Selenge Province 54 Unemployed, Orhontuul County 69 is serial nr, 1928 date of birth, 54 refers to nr of livestock For those interested - data available for deputy badges 1-8 and 61-77. Longer bio on Ulzii "Dorjsereenengiin Ulzii Comrade Ulzii was born in a family of herder Dorjsereenen in Orhontuul county of Selenge province in 1928. Comrade Ulzii spent her childhood helping the parents and finished the primary school. Comrade Ulzii now works as the head of the “Red Corner” of the Orhontuul county and she fully mobilizes herself in political and public activities taking place in her county. Since taking over the work of the “Red Corner”, she has been consistently improving her knowledge and competency. She skillfully organizes the work of the “Red Corner” towards making the public familiar with the content of the revolutionary art, party and government policies, news on the international situation and developments in the field of education and science. The “Red Corner” under the leadership of comrade Ulzii unites 28 voluntary performers divided into 3 art groups. The groups perform on regular basis. In 1950, the “Red Corner” held 61 concerts and 12 lectures. Thanks to the efforts of Comrade Ulzii, the Orkhontuul county “Red Corner” became the best “Red Corner” of the province. Comrade Ulzii has worked as the Chair of the County Women’s Council for the last several years. She is highly respected by the women of the county for she exerts all her efforts towards increasing the involvement of women in the work of the “Red Corner” and the planned activities of the Orkhontuul county. Comrade Ulzii is a member of the Mongolian Revolutionary Youth League (MRYL) and she is on a six month probation period as the candidate member of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party since 1950. Ulzii is one of the outstanding members of our glorious youth. She has been devotedly fulfilling the sacred obligations of the member of the party and MRYL. As one of the best girls of our Motherland, who distinguished herself with her activism and hard work, comrade Ulzii is nominated as the deputy of the State Great Khural of MPR by the herders and workers of Orhontuul county and Orhon state agricultural farm. Comrade Ulzii has devoted her life and work for the development of our Motherland. Comrade voters! Let’s vote for comrade Ulzii nominated by the coalition of members and non-members of the Party. "
  13. Congrats - nice set! Cased / documented "Distinguished in Science" title picked up on eBay recently - first time I've seen a document for one of these.