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  1. Time to add a few more items First, not sure what it's for - here is best I can give: "Albania, Kingdom. An Albanian Association Badge, Unofficial, c. 1941 Three-piece construction, in silver gilt with black, white and red enamels, measuring 37.5 mm (w) x 49 mm (h), intact enamels, caduceus illustrating two snakes wrapped around the Rod of Asciepius in gold-coloured bullion wire in two textures embroidered on its original red ribbon, extremely fine." Based on the condition I have a hard time imagining it's from the 1940's... And here a nice set - Order of Skanderbeg, Knight Badge with Miniature, c.1941 (Italian Protectorate times). I always try to remove the interior to see what's behind it. In this case just a penciled in nr and a smart little mechanism to 'unlock' the case.
  2. http://gmic.co.uk/classifieds/item/403-tamara-ordersedlatzek/ No company name on the pin, perhaps a very small silver mark but difficult to be certain. I do have another Sedlatzek Tamara in my collection (based on my big excel file used to document my collection) but not at home and can't remember the details and suspect I did not post a picture here. Attached the pics of the current one.
  3. When I first started collecting the biggest fun and stress was on ebay... so many of us probably bidding against each other to try to get that type which was missing in our collection. Later moved on to more interest in the research/background of the recipient. Also miss the daily checking on whether Nota Bene had updated his site (with his great prices and friendly service!). The number of items 'missing' in my collection is fairly limited and the odds of getting these openings filled are slim (and expensive). Same with my Albanian collection. So, less busy with collecting but still fun and occasionally something new does pop up!:)
  4. Interesting to see that Battushig book which startes the mongolian collecting craziness is now offered for 250 usd on ebay
  5. Here is another addition to my collection interesting because of what is etched on the reverse - hard to read but appears to say “f sedlatzek berlin leipzigerstr”
  6. Unfortunately i didnt look at that and am travelling now so will take a while before i can verify
  7. To add to this resurgence, here is a cigarette case which has just found its way into my collection...
  8. Real deal or...? https://www.czernys.com/a-86/?o=78543 Appreciate any feedback!
  9. Nope, but if you are in the market to buy one there's not many alternatives...
  10. I'm not sure if I can recall ever seeing a nr2 or nr3
  11. Just added this to my collection - serial nr 142
  12. Bob

    prices i payed!

    No, was an auction years ago (in Italy I believe)
  13. Still collecting but a) lots less coming on the market and b) only have a few select items missing in my collection and they are quite rare (type 1 polar, hero star, etc.). I wish Nota Bene was still dealing but that's been ages ago. Anyway, still enjoying the collecting field but more quietly (and easier on the wallet).