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  1. Hi Dave i have a new copy you can have £12 plus £3 post and packaging. Ian
  2. Ian Shepherd


    Saw the show. briliant bet you were pleased. Ian
  3. Ian Shepherd

    Stands to display truncheon collection

    Sorry but no I haven't Ian
  4. Ian Shepherd

    Stands to display truncheon collection

    This is what I did. I managed to arrange them in a circle. They looked good. Ian
  5. This is completly different to mine. I would say that it is quite early from the shape and grip, apart from that I am afraid I can't be of any further help. Ian
  6. Hi Zozo, can I ask why you think that it is a military police truncheon. I have have one decorated the same but without the WH which is definatly from the Staffordshire Police. Any chance of a picture it would help in dating it.. Ian
  7. 10 year bars are issued for the special constabulary LSGC medal
  8. Gentlemen Mervyn,s funeral procession tomorrow will be led by a piper. Ian
  9. Hi Peter, thanks for your reply. I thought that their role was something like that.. Ian.
  10. Hi, I wonder if one of our canadian members could let us know about the Rangers and why they continued to use the SMLE's Ian.
  11. Ian Shepherd

    Princess Mary Xmas tin 1914

    Watch out for repro tins there are a lot about. I saw a dealer with 5 for sale recently. At least he was selling them as repro at £ 5 each. Ian
  12. Not necessarily people drill holes in them to hang them up. Ian
  13. Odulf The WAPC badge is not Air Force. It is for the Womens Auxilary Police Corps. They were the Women Police during WW11. Pre war only a few forces had women police officers. Ian
  14. Ian Shepherd

    WW1 POW Group?

    Thanks again Tony. Ian
  15. Ian Shepherd

    WW1 POW Group?

    Hi Tony, thanks for your help. Much appreciated. cheers Ian