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  1. Does any one know of the validity of this "Silesian Eagle Day Badge" the top scroll displays "XII R.F.S.T." and the bottom scroll 30/31 MAI + BRESLAU + 1931" Any information on this would be appreciated; purpose, grades, origin, value, etc.
  2. Lancer 21

    ARAB MEDALS -- Kuwait

    I think this is one of the classes to the Military Order? Anyone have more info?
  3. Lancer 21

    ARAB MEDALS -- Kuwait

    The US Unknown Soldier has been awarded Britain's Victoria Cross, the French Légion d'honneur (Legion of Honor) and many other awards, which are on display in the Receiving Room of the Memorial Amphitheater. This is a picture of the Kuwait Liberation Medal, 2nd Class, presented by the Kuwait Minister of Defense, Shaikh Al-Sabah, also on display there.
  4. Lancer 21

    Monaco- WW2 awards/uniforms?

    Not really WWII awards but perhaps something to get the conversation moving?
  5. Lancer 21

    Question re: Blue Division & Spanish Army protocol

    I was aware of Portuguese units on both sides during the Spanish Civil War but I was unaware of any Portuguese involvement in the Spanish Blue Division in the continued fight against the Bolsheviks on the Eastern front. Is there any photographic evidence showing some kind of formation emblem or uniform variation that identifies the Portuguese contingent? Would love to see it if there is any, thanks.