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  1. peter monahan

    Unknown Afghan Medals - Can you ID them?

    Well done, sir. Thanks.
  2. Yes, it looks like a local - Bengali - market/tourist piece with LAC Corke has improved by the addition of his name and so on - not hard to do, presumably, if he was in an RAF workshop and had a little spare time. Nice piece!
  3. peter monahan

    The Atlantic Star.

    Information worth having, Indeed. Thanks, Aberdeen. I did wonder, on further reflection whether the chap promoted in 1956 was a different man from the escaper, who was a Squadron Leader, but the fact that there is a faker/fantasist out there with an interest in the second fellow's area makes it a safe bet that this medal has been 'improved' at a later date, with or without intent to deceive.
  4. "So, no, I don't think this it is a supply or cost issue. There are other, perhaps, political reasons. They certainly are the only ex. colonial Republic that I know of that has not demonstrated its "divorce" from the UK by removing from its police and other disciplined services all vestiges of British colonialism. " Dave You make a convincing argument. And, yes, my initial response may have been simplistic. No slight on Fiji or its people intended. I too wonder why, other than 'its traditional' they may have chosen to retain the associations with the Crown. Cheers. Peter
  5. peter monahan

    The Atlantic Star.

    While the UK authorities, unlike India and Australia, did not issue named WWII medals, apparently Boots the Chemist would add naming for a modest charge. I don't know what font or naming conventions they used - probably just engraved whatever the veteran asked for - but the naming on this looks very like the WWI style of lettering. So, I'd say there is a reasonable chance that this is a legitimate award, privately named after issue. I offer the information below 'without prejudice', as the legal johnnies say. Now idea whether any or all of the references are to the same man or not. London Gazette, 6 DEC 19149, 28 Feb 1956 and Chaucer Auctions, Nov 2017
  6. Sadly, many units of the CEF seem to have used the term 'Overseas' pretty promiscuously, whether or not it was part of their official nomenclature. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th University Companies were sent to England in 1915 as reinforcement drafts for the Prince Patricia's Cdn Light Infantry. The 6th University Company was recruited in Military District 4 - Montreal and Eastern Quebec, so very probably made up of McGill University students - the English language university in Montreal. The original serial number block assigned the 6th was: 489751-490250. A large number of the men with those numbers ended up in the PPCLI or in the 1st and 2nd Pioneer Battalions. Paylists exist for the 6th Uni. Coy in our archives in Ottawa but have not been digitized yet. As you have his name and serial you can look up his service records here: https://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/discover/military-heritage/first-world-war/personnel-records/Pages/search.aspx Good luck and please let us know what you find out!
  7. Two comments. One, given the distance to suppliers - Australia or UK, I suspect - and the cost of replacing insignia, buttons and other appointments, plus the well know parsimonious nature of Quarter Masters, it should be no surprise that the Fijian Police continue to wear a mix of Royal and non-Royal badging. Two, on the subject of the Police medals including gallantry and UN service: Fiji had at one point, with Canada and Eire, the proud distinction of having personnel serve in every single UN sanctioned peacekeeping mission. I don't know if this is still true but suspect that, given a military force of 2,500 regulars and 6,000 reservists and two battalions permanently tasked to peacekeeping - off island - there must be a number of police officers who have served with UN contingents over the years, either as Army reservists or as seconded police officers.
  8. peter monahan

    The Legion of Frontiersmen

    Interesting indeed!
  9. peter monahan

    The Legion of Frontiersmen

    Interesting 'affiliation'! I wonder what the RCMP made of it?
  10. I believe Italy also uses the marks '18c, 20c and 22c', with many Italians being rather disdainful of anything less than 20c.
  11. Hello Peter,  Many THANKS for your prompt & kind reply. I have a chance to pick that 4 piece group up for $200 USD, delivered. Although it's not within my current collection focus, it does appear to be quite a nice little WW1 Trio group. IIRC, Any LSGC Medals when accompanied by a Trio would sell for decent money. For some reason, they appear to have stabilized somewhat in price ? I also wasn't sure if a group to an Royal Marine Band Musician would be deemed more valuable that some others ? Well, again I THANK YOU for your kind reply, Take care,


          Best,  Dom Pastore Jr. / dpast32@aol.com

    1. peter monahan

      peter monahan


      My pleasure.  I'm a retired teacher who can't resist instructing people! ;)  And lots of time on my hands.  Much of which I spend in the world of the Great War, researching and teaching. 

      I haven't actually bought many medals or groups in a good long while,  so I can't comment in detail on prices, but they do tend to be cyclical and reflect the general economy as well, as nobody really 'needs' a 2,nd, 3rd or 7th trio to the Bogshire LI. 

      I  agree that the R Marines have an edge on the RN in terms of price.  Also feel that an LSGC adds value to a group, as it indicates someone who was not just a 'hostilities only' type.  So, it sounds as if you got a good group for a good price!  I hope all your collecting endeavours go as well.

      Happy 2019!




  12. Dom A very quick look shows two perhaps comparable groups: WWI Trio and Navy LSGC to K.19832 A. Gilson, L. Sto[ker], HMS Cumberland $350.00 WWI 1914 Mons Star Trio & LSGC Medal to MacKenzie RFA GBP L225.00 = $290 Presumably a bit of a premium for the extra rarity of the RN group. A site called medalsofengland.com seems to have a fair selection of RN groups if you wanted to check there. Perhaps a UK member could comment on that firm's prices and reliability. Good luck! Peter
  13. peter monahan

    Where are all the Indian medal dealers on Ebay?

    Ah! That would make perfect sense. What a shame, though.
  14. A traditional 'black sheep'? Perhaps even a reverse remittance man - sent off to the 'mother country' to expiate his sins and paid to stay there? Peter
  15. It looks, even from this photo, to be a very elegant item indeed. Thank you for sharing, Duren, and welcome to the GMIC!