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  1. Well done, and thank you. Lest We Forget.
  2. Nice! I went to school with a fellow [in Canada] who'd father survived the war partly because he was in a hospital in Germany after wrapping himself, his motorbike and the Wehrmacht officer he was chauffeuring around a stone wall somewhere on the Eastern Front in early 1945. Jerry said his Papa always said the accident was the best thing to happen to him in his brief military career!
  3. peter monahan

    Question about the Order of Ismail/Nishan al-Ismail

    Stunning stuff! Thank you, gentlemen, for sharing with the rest of us in the course of your learned discussion.
  4. peter monahan

    Drilled medal

    I have seen medals, over the years, with various holes and slots carved in them. Decades ago I handled a clutch of Victorian campaign medals which had been mounted on silver legs and had slots in the top edges, all suspenders gone, for use as place card holders. What a desecration! This may be something similar - modified by someone to create a piece of jewellery or a 'knickknack'/ table ornament/ etc.
  5. Th SJA is organized, or was, into 'Priories', a nod to their medieval ecclesiastical roots. The contact information for the current group in Eire is: Tel: +353 1 668 8077 Email: admin@stjohn.ie Website: http://www.stjohn.ie/
  6. 'A pansy, resting on its laurels', as I once heard it described!
  7. peter monahan

    Nigeria Medal list

    Yes, part of the relics of colonialism, though when I was there in the early '80s mosty of the Army officers I met had trained in the US - many at Ft Knox. I suspect, thought I've never checked, that early post-independence medals and awards were designed and struck in the UK and certainly the rank structure and so on mimc the British, as do most Commonwealth forces.
  8. I suspect he was 'injured'. I hope he was 'insured' as well! One of the "Local Boys", the 70 men from my area whose names are on the 3 local war memorials, signed on for the RAF in Toronto, Canada and did some training at Camp Borden, just up the road from me, before going to the UK. He was injured in the crash of a 2 seater on a training mission on November 9 and died on November 11, 1918, one of two men from here who died that day.
  9. peter monahan

    French badge ID?

    The 'cockerel' is one of a number of badges of France, with the Liberty Cap, Fleu-de-Lis and so on. Given that it is silver and the general outline, I'd guess this is a piece of patriotic [civilian] jewelry, akin to a sweetheart pin, but that's just a guess. The shape is a bit odd for a military badge, IMO. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gallic_rooster
  10. peter monahan

    Belgian set of 14 medals to one man.

    Very impressive indeed! Thanks for sharing and good luck in researching this man.
  11. Mount Forest is just up the road from me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederick_William_Campbell He was 48 at the time of his deed and death - 4 days apart. Medals went to widow, living in Mount Forest, but his address was given as 'Toronto', amended to 'Detroit' at some point. OTOH, apparently Lord Ashcroft bought his VC in 2017 and the web site shows a group: QSA, trio and VC. So, possibly not the same 'F.W. Campbell. There are 5 Frederick William Campbells in the Cdn records, two of them officers. http://www.lordashcroftmedals.com/collection/frederick-william-campbell-vc/
  12. peter monahan

    French 1847 bayonet?

    Not my field at all, but apparently Steyr of Austria produced 200,000 Gras bayonets for the French Army, so my guess is that the 'B' indicates 'Bayonne' [ie: French made] and LJ the initials of the company. But just a WAG.
  13. Lovely! Always gratifying when a singleton medal turns out to have such a wonderful history attached. Well done!
  14. peter monahan


    Interesting. Thank you form sharing this, Antonio.
  15. peter monahan

    Nigeria Medal list

    'OPERATION ZAMAN LAFIYA' is bugging the heck out of me! My very very rusty Hausa vocabulary and the use of several Hausa English dictionaries suggest that this phrase translates as either 'zama' [to be] & 'lafiya' [happy, well] with the 'n' on 'zaman' being a grammatical form which connects the two words OR 'zaman' [war/conflict] & 'lafiya' [happy, well]. Lafiya is a common greeting in Hausa common greeting in answer to a series of formal questions: 'How is your work? Lafiya. 'How is your tiredness?' Lafiya. etc. So, it seems to translate as 'Operation Happy War' or 'Operation Being Happy/ Happiness'. Which seems to suggest that the Nigerian federal army, like many others, has a department devoted to producing silly and undignified code names for military operations! I can't say I care much for the colour scheme on the medal either, but thanks very much for sharing it, Antonio.
  16. Clearly, other than the 'welcome', I should have stayed out of this one! Showcased my ignorance nicely, didn't I? If I'd started by establishunbg that it is a Royal Mint issue, that would have informed my opinion considerably on the naming. Opps! But you're still very welcome!
  17. Harold Just wanted to say welcome to the GMIC. I'm afraid I have nothing to offer on the medal - a fairly obscure collecting area, if I may say so - but hope some of the membership will be able to help. I did collect Indian Army medals at one point and can say that variations in the naming style with those often indicated a later issue or a second mint doing the work but rarely an outright fake. For what it's worth. Peter
  18. I don't believe that WWII medal rolls are available for the UK or Commonwealth nations as general information, but one can write to the archives in question - Canada, UK, etc. - and some in formation is released to relatives of soldiers who served. Not sure of the details, as it's not an area I know much about. Peter
  19. peter monahan

    Belt Buckle - maybe Turkish?

    I don't think so, Demir. The various foreign troops recruited into the Wehrmacht and subsumed into the SS late in the war had their own sleeve and shoulder patches but I'm pretty sure they wore standard Wehrmacht/SS buttons on standard tunics.
  20. peter monahan

    Pakistan Princely States - Bahawalpur

    Hoping someone else would have ideas on this. But apparently not. While it's generally not done to shill for other sites, 'S.A. Gongs' may have the answers if you'd care to go there and join up. It's founder is immensely knowledgeable about Indian medals, including post-47 and princely states stuff.
  21. peter monahan

    1st Cav Pusan breakout KIA PH and Docs.

    My thoughts were very like Chris's. [Scary, eh, Chris!] Lest We Forget.