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  1. Bill

    I've taken the liberty of moving your query to the Mongolian section, on the possibly spurious grounds that the experts there are more likely to have answers than the rest of us!  I hope that's acceptable.  If not, I'll move it back, though there is a link on the 'Rest of the World' section as well.  Good luck with the query!


    1. Bill Harris

      Bill Harris

      Sounds good Peter. I wasn't sure where it should go: Soviet, rest of world, or wherever! Thanks for your assistance.


    2. peter monahan

      peter monahan

      No problem.  hard to see wher to put that one but, as I say, maybe the 'Mongolians' will know more about the 'stans' than we Euro-centric types. ;)

    3. peter monahan

      peter monahan

      Still hoping for a flood of entries to the competition, ladies and gents.  The judges are waiting in eager anticipation for a chance to exercise their aesthetic judgement too.


  2. Hi Chris

    Nick, our fearless leader, has given me the 'power' to move posts, so I did. I think it will get mnore views here, as the Africa forum is almost excluseivley used by a handful of collectors of post colonial ODM.  Again, thanks for a fine post on an interesting topic.