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  1. Hi gents, before I have to sell it, I just want to share with you an ultra-rare order, which you can hardly find on the market. It´s the Lippe-Detmold Leopoldorden cross with crown 1st model This order was awarded only 6 times between 1908 and 1910. In 1910 prince Leopold IV. decided to change the design into an enameled version with blue cross-arms. This version is a silver cross and the background of the enameled rose in the center is gold. Unfortunately there are some copies on the just be aware Best regards Roman
  2. @ Paul Yes, it was suggested to Leopold IV., but he decided not to donate his own order with swords. Nevertheless Carl Büsch, Hannover produced and delivered 12 Bronce medals with swords and 6 Silver medals with swords to Leopold IV.
  3. Hi gents, I would like to show a really rare little bird from Lippe-Demtold. It´s a Bronze medal with swords (!) from the Leopoldorder Lippe-Detmold. The little bird came in its original green-gray paper case wrapped in paper. On the paper case it´s written "Bronze Med z. L.O. mit Schwerter" This medal with swords was never donated or awarded, but Carl Büsch, Hannover delivered 12 pieces as preproduction to the Prince of Lippe-Detmold. This little fellow is for sure one of these 12 pieces. Hope you like it like me :-) Regards Roman
  4. Hi Eric, it got a little better, than it already had been. This nice little cross came together with his "normal" twin... I will also show the normal twin, as it is always good to have some pictures to compare. The normal one is by the way in mint condition, except the box, which is done :-)
  5. Although some may get a heart-attack (like I almost got, when I saw this one), I will show you a really rare bird, just landed on my desk: It´s a war-merit cross for heroic deeds....but something seems to be wrong A closer look shows the entire desaster....Zimmermann printed a 800 on the needle !!!!! To become serious, this cross is a ultra-rare bird. Between 1916-1918 Zimmermann produced a few crosses in Silver gilden (with 800), mostly awarded by high ranked officers, Princes or politicians (like Ludendorff or Bismarck). These crosses are 2 gramm heavier than the usual ones. Although I don´t know the exact number, I guess there were not more than 40 crosses in Silver gilden. And to complete the desaster...this special cross comes in a ultra-rare box with printing on it. Beside this box, I only know so far one other box . Greets Roman
  6. Good luck....from time to time a nice one (original awarded and not the usual ebay-crap) is offered. But the difficult part regarding this unique crosses is to find an original award document :-) I only have this blank one...
  7. I´ve just seen this cross at Bretzendorfer on yesterday, too. Looks like a good one (officially awarded during 1914-1918) from Zimmermann and as you said with a repaired needle-system. The price is acceptable. Regards Roman
  8. Wow, thank you for the picture...I count at least four enameled Lippe-awards :-)
  9. Hello gents, I just realized, that I didn´t share so far this ribbonbar here, although I already have it a long time in my collection. This ribbonbar belongs to Oldwig-Albrecht von Natzmer, born 29th November 1879 and died 30th May 1927. Career: since 1893 1st Garde-Reg. zu Fuß as Seconde-Lieutnant since 1902 Oberleutnant in 1908 promotion to Ordonanzoffizier at the Prince Lippe-Detmold since 1909 Hauptmann since 1912 Flügeladjudant of Prince Leopold IV. of Lippe-Detmold since 1916 Major since 26th November 1918 retirement The ribbonbar shows - iron cross 2nd class 1914 - war merit cross Lippe-Detmold - red eagle order 4th class - Centenar-medal - Bavarian military merit order 4th class - Saxony Albrecht-order 3rd class with crown - Mecklenburg Greifen-order 3rd class with crown - Brunswig house-order 3rd class - Saxony Ernestinian house-order - House-order Lippe-Detmold 4th class A or Schaumburg-Lippe house-order 4th class - Norwegian Olav-order 3rd class. Oldwig-Albrecht von Natzmer also received - Lippe Detmold Kriegervereinskreuz - Lippe Detmold Officers cross - Lippe Detmold house order 2nd class with swords at the ring - Lippe Detmold Leopold-order 2nd class Unfortunately I don´t have more information or a photo of Oldwig-Albrecht von Natzmer...maybe someone can add something, which might be interesting? Best regards Roman
  10. Thanks for the compliment, Paul. It's my site :-)
  11. By the way, I have a picture of a 3rd original one, which I sold some time ago (because on the above shown ones I have the names who got it and the sold one was nameless).
  12. I´ve seen this topic too late. Singnalcorps45´s shown cross is unfortunately a known fake, from time to time sold on Ebay. Only C.F. Zimmermann produced the awarded crosses, therefore all crosses are looking the same. Attached you will find pics of my both crosses. Both are 100 % original, one is coming directly from private. Regards Roman P.S. Thanks for liking my webpage :-)
  13. The LDH2 was post-war awarded (I´m pretty sure about that), but not necessarily produced post-war. But I´m really struggling with ribbon No. 6 (with the crown on the ribbon). My idea was maybe a Schaumburg-Lippe award, because it is really hard to imagine, that it should be the LDH2, as this award is not linked to a crown at all. In addition the NC-Lippe cross can be also awarded post-war (until 1921)....which makes the job not easier. Regards Roman
  14. Much better picture now... Now we are moving to phase II: Is the LDH2 a silver gilden or a real golden one? The same question needs to be answered for the LD3. Somehow I have the feeling, that the LDH2 was awarded after 1918...
  15. Sorry, but these pictures are not helping at all, as they are even smaller, than the previous one...