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  1. Hi Alan, I have no problem with the Kriegsehrenkreuz für heldenmütige Tat Lippe-Detmold. It´s a typical Zimmermann-piece, as it should look like. Regards Roman
  2. Hmmm, strange guy...I can only find his SLH3, but in the Detmold rolls he is not listed at all... Kuhlgatz wears on the picture clearly Schaumburg-Lippe house-order 2nd class and Lippe-Detmold house-order 4th class. Regards Roman
  3. The mark "SILBER" you usually find on Zimmermann-pieces from 1918 or later...the case is also a typical one used by Zimmermann. So far, I haven´t seen a 2nd piece like that...I only know the very early Büsch-ones (I showed in this topic earlier) and the 2nd Büsch-model with a changed stamp.
  4. It´s time to contribute something, which I got recently.... Life-saving medal Lippe-Detmold, later version from 1918 which was made by C.F.Zimmermann in Pforzheim (marked with SILBER at its ring)...but with the original case (Zimmermann delievered around 10 medals to prince....number of awards of this medal ....unknown!). The ribbon is the original one (darker than the earlier model).
  5. And here is another one...also in a Godet-case, very similar to Red´s one :-) And to complete story, I will show you also the official Silver gilden cross with oakleaves, made by Godet!
  6. Hi gents, I have bought this photo quite long ago, but I simply hadn´t any name. Now in another forum it was maybe identified. The officer on this photo is wearing at his medalbar (partly identified due to the person): - Iron cross 1870 2nd class - order of the red eagle 4th class with swords - order of the crown 3rd class with swords - Dueppeler cross 1864 - Alsen cross 1864 - war merit cross 1866 (Mainarmee) - war merit medal 1864 - war merit medal 1870 / 71 - Lippe Detmold house order 3rd class with swords - Schaumburg- Lippe military merit medal with sabres on the ribbon He was 99 % identified as captain Friedrich von / van Beughem Infanterie-Regiment No. 55 He awarded the red eagle order 1866 and the order of the crown 1864 as Sekonde-Lieutnant (!!!) and the Lippe-Detmold house-order in 1871 as Priemierleutnant. The Schaumburg-medal was also awarded in the war 1870/71. Best regards Roman
  7. Ok, this might be an explanation, why Dr. Schuster went for a photo to Cologne :-)
  8. Hi, this nice picture took quite some time to ID. Here are the facts: Officer in the uniform of "Lippische Fuessiliere", which were integrated in 1867 in the Prussian army (IR No.55). The age might be around 45 and older. The photo was taken in Cologne. He is wearing: Prussian Order of the crown 4th class with swords (at the blue ribbon for Non-Prussians!) Lippe housorder 3rd class (the 4th class didn´t exist yet) Prussian war medal 1866 (non-combatant ribbon ? ) Lippe-Detmold war medal 1866 These facts usually would be sufficient for an easy identifaction.....would... Unfortunately no Lippe-officer awarded the KO4X and the DETMOLD house order 3rd class, but a look into Schaumburg rolls shows the desaster. This officer can only be Obermilitaerarzt Dr. Dietrich Schuster, Lippischer Füsilier until 1867, when he retired from the military service. He got in 1869 surprisingly from Schaumburg the house order 3rd class, although he was born and lived in Lippe-Detmold! Why he is wearing the triangle ribbons, I don´t know. It´s also strange, that he didn´t get the Prussian war medal for 1848/1849... Best regards Roman
  9. As you all adore the beauty, I feel also forced to show you the ugly beast :-P This 2nd class with oak leaf is a ugly brother to the shown one. It´s silver gilden and the oak leaf is pretty strange mounted on a hinge and 90° foldable !!! I´m not 100 % sure, but I guess it is a very late one from C.F. Zimmermann, as the arms, where the hinge is mounted, are the same like the late 1st classes. But the (damaged) medallion at its back is clearly a Godet-piece, so it might be a repaired hybrid, where some old parts were used again. BTW, no doubts that this cross is a original one, although in comparision it was less an award to get this (special) cross, but more a punishment :-P Regards Roman
  10. Well, good question...to define a right market-price might be not possible. I assume, that this one might be even the only one, which survived. In general it is a very rare order with very low numbers of awards... even difficult to say, how many Büsch-awards are still around. I´m still missing a picture of a person, who is wearing this 1st model. Regards Roman
  11. @ Alpha D. Very difficult to answer. Apparently there are many more fakes on the market, than original pieces. I added a scan of the detailed rose (the background is gold) and the letter L. The fakes I know (sold on ebay and at a known trader) differ especially here from the original pieces. A third criteria might be the crown, but this is difficult to fix in a scan. @ Michael The first model without enameled arms were officially only produced by Carl Büsch, Hannover. So all should look more or less the same. But I can confuse you know even more...I also have a 2nd piece here...an original one, but clearly made by Godet, Berlin. It differs especially in the letter L and the crown. Luckily I had access to the archive...Godet delivered in 1910 exactly 10 pieces to the prince, but these ones weren´t awarded anymore, as the prince decided to renew his Leopold order and changed the cross-arms to the blue enameled one. My piece has exactly the same designed letter L between the arms and the same needle-system like the official 2nd model. It might be a unique piece and without this knowledge (delivery etc) I wouldn´t have bought it for sure. BTW, with the switch to the 2nd model, the prince also officially switched from Büsch to Godet. Sorry for the confusion :-P