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  1. Hmmm difficult to say but for sure not a original Zimmermann-piece. I don´t like it...sorry.
  2. Really nice colourisation !! I also found this commercial picture, luckily I own the original one from the photograph, the other one is a postcard-copy. No idea, why this officer wears an Imperial German uniform...I just assume he is waering it for the same reason like Prince Leopold IV. does....he is a godfather of a German division and officially allowed to wear the uniform. @1812 Overture
  3. Hi gents, I would like to show you some pictures I recently got....although I´m collecting Lippe-Detmold for almost 15 years, I´ve never seen these ones before...even not online somewhere Prince Leopold IV. is wearing an Austrian uniform (with an Austrian breast-star)....to be more precise the uniform of 12. Feldjäger Bataillon k.u.k-Armee (12th hunter-division of the Austrian army). These photos should be ultra-rare! By the way, he was entitled to wear this (foreign) uniform, because he used to be the godfather (Pate) of this division. Hope you like them like I do... Regards Roman
  4. Hi gents, I would like to show a new item of my collection, which recently found its way back to its relatives: This Godet-chain shows the following awards: - Lippe-Detmold house order 4th class Div. A - Schaumburg-Lippe house order 4th class - Century medal Prussia - war memory medal 1870 / 71 steel (non-combatant) - Landwehr long-service medal (old type) Unfortunately I´m struggeling with the ID of this small chain, although the combination Detmold & Schaumburg you cannot find that often. Somehow it´s coming directly from the family (the referring medalbar should still exist, but is actually not on sale!!!!), but the given names I cannot find in the rolls or they are not fitting. It looks like the ID is becoming a bigger project.... Regards Roman
  5. Well, I know the source of this miniature...and there is no doubt about who previously was wearing it.
  6. Hi gents, this nice and rare little fellow joined my collection... It´s the miniature of "Lippe-Detmold Denkmünze an den Einzug des Grafregenten Ernst 1897", mounted on a woman ribbonbow ! Only 50 of the 1027 medals in total were awarded by women. And en top this miniature is aristocratic, as it belonged to Gräfin Adelheid zu Lippe-Biesterfeld, proofen by drawing of her (located in the castle of Detmold), on which she was wearing exactly this little medal. Sometimes the very small things are creating the most pleasure ;-) Hope you like it, too... Regards Roman
  7. As already stated on the MFF-platform, I have no problem with this cross. The needle-system is a variant of the typical Zimmermann-system, shown by the user dond. Regards Roman (alias LDH1)
  8. Hi Dave, there are receipts for the Hausorden (+ Leopoldorden etc) as well, but only the newer ones. I don´t know exactly, when Detmold started to record this with the receipts. Below you see Böhmer´s receipt, belonging to the above shown photo. He awarded the LDH4bX on 10th November 1918 and returned the receipt on 18th January 1919 (!!!). Best regards Roman
  9. Hi Dave, I agree...the difference is explained by official award date and signing the receipt...partly it took even a few months. Do you have the copy of receipt for the LDH4aX as well? As von Gillhaußen is marked in the rolls with this award, I would like to have a confirmation, that the rolls are correct at this point. Unfortunately I already saw a few examples with wrong entries for the LDH4aX / LDH4bX in the rolls....no idea why they messed up with the list of these awards between 1917-1918. Just one example: Kurt Böhmer, Regierungsbauführer in Detmold (picture below) was listed without swords, although he received them....
  10. Aaaaargh, what a nice ribbonbar....would have been a nice addon to my collection The two Lippe-awards on that bar are: Lippe-Detmold house-order 4th class type A, awarded on 30th May 1913 as Ordonanz Offizier des Fürsten zu Lippe and Schaumburg-Lippe house-order 4th class awarded on 17th January 1912 According to the rolls he received in September 1918 also the Lippe-Detmold house-order 4th class type A with swords, but this might be a mistake in the rolls. Thanks for showing! Regards Roman
  11. Here is a close up picture of the Sonderstufe worn by Prince Leopold IV.... ...and another picture, dated March 1913 and without swords.
  12. I´m happy, that you like it like I do... From the same source also this little ribbonbar with three ribbons came earlier. For me it´s also belonging to Prince Leopold 4th of Lippe-Detmold, although the positioning of the Cenentary medal differs from the corresponding medalbar...no clue why ?! It shows - house order 3rd class Lippe-Detmold (Hausorden 3.Klasse) - Cenentary medal Prussia (Centenarmedaille) - throne medal 1897 Lippe-Detmold (Einzugsmedaille 1897) Any thoughts on this? Regards Roman P.S. The picture of the young Prince I found in the internet and it´s not my own property.
  13. Hi guys, I just want to show you on of my latest entries... This ribbon bar (old style) was formerly owned by Prince Leopold 4th of Lippe-Detmold !!! Between 1905 and 1914 he was wearing exactly this combination, proofed by various photos. The bar consists of the following eight ribbons: - house order 3rd class Lippe-Detmold (Hausorden 3.Klasse Lippe-Detmold) - Leopold-order owner-cross Lippe-Detmold (Inhaberkreuz Leopoldorden) - house order golden merit cross (Goldenes Verdienstkreuz Lippe-Detmold) - throne medal 1897 Lippe-Detmold (Einzugsmedaille 1897 Lippe-Detmold) - law suit medal 1905 Lippe-Detmold (Thronanspruchsmedaille 1905 Lippe-Detmold) - golden merit medal Lippe-Detmold (Goldene Verdienstmedaille Lippe-Detmold) - war veterans club cross Lippe-Detmold (Kriegervereinskreuz Lippe-Detmold) - centenary medal Prussia (Centenarmedaille) So 7 out of 8 ribbons are from his own principal :-P I also attached the proofing photo and the colored (Photoshop) photo of the big ribbon bar. I hope you like it, as I do.... Roman
  14. Solomon

    Kriegervereinskreuz Lippe-Detmold


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    I offer Original Kriegervereinskreuz Lippe-Detmold (warriors-club cross, not sure about the proper translation) Ultra rare piece, 226 awards The cross (unworn, mint-condition) comes without ribbon, but with original paper bag. Price: 340 EUR plus shipping


  15. Hi Alan, I have no problem with the Kriegsehrenkreuz für heldenmütige Tat Lippe-Detmold. It´s a typical Zimmermann-piece, as it should look like. Regards Roman