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  1. Guys, I can't read the names of these two generals written on the back of a photo taken in Prilep. Can you read it?
  2. 1813 ? EK 2 on ebay

    Seller removed it
  3. Hi Filfoster, I ususally use the plate as a reference. Unluckily in black and white.
  4. By the way, I found another officer as a Regimental Adjutant, Otto von SCHULTZENDORFF. Could you confirm ? Walter LUYKEN, was Adjutant from Oktober 1916 to the end of war. Was Schultzendorff Acting as Adjutant before or after him? Or may be was adjutant of the 2.Garde-Feldartillerie-Brigade? Anybody has this book? http://www.ebay.de/itm/Luyten-Walter-Hrsg-Das-2-Garde-Feldartillerie-Regiment-im-Weltkriege/292297527315?hash=item440e4a5013:g:~AMAAOSwW6BZ5o~3 Written by our Walter Luyken
  5. Guys, just to complicate a little our identification: I have a portrait of an officer of 2. Garde FAR named WALTER (not Ernst) Luyken, Leutnant der Reserve. It could be the same or a relative of him? There was another LUYKEN in the ranks?
  6. Thank you Bayern! I knew the site and is full of good informations. And thank you very much Dave, amazing!
  7. Very interesting, Glenn. Now is much easier to find some more datas
  8. Thanks a lot Glenn and Prussian! Any further datas on #3 and #5? About #2: If I read correctly, it said that his career continues in Husaren Rgt. 12 in Torgau. Any Idea when?
  9. The photos were taken into the Artillerie-Schule barracks, I think
  10. Hi guys, some years ago, I've took from the net this really interesting photos. Apologizes if any of you is the owner. There's a lot of names of Officers on it. Any datas on them? Many thanks once more
  11. Yes, it make sense. just tell me, the same von Kunheim in 1.Garde-Drag.Rgt in the list of 70/71 EK owners, could be one of the two Kunheim listed in the ranklist 1869, in Cavalry of 7.Ostpreuß. Landwehr-Rgt.Nr.44. At the start of the war, he was activated and transferred to the 1.Garde-Drag.Rgt, until the end of the conflict and awarded with a EK II klasse. Is it right?