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  1. Hi guys, have this document dated 12. Januar 1918 signed by this Major, Kdr of Infanterie Regiment von Horn (3. Rhein) Nr. 29 Who is the Major, please? Regards and thanks in advan ce
  2. I have here another officer (could be Pretzschner?) Could you guys confirm? Thanks
  3. This is the officer: Are the epauletten indicating as a Rittmeister perhaps? Maybe I´m wrong... It was Oberstleutnant and not Oberst...Don´t even remember where I found his last patent as an Oberst
  4. Hi guys, would you please help me to read exactly the name of this Officer from Baden? v. Lanersen perhaps? Thanks!!
  5. Dave, if there is not any Lanersen nor Lancken, you could be right. Von Saucken could really be the officer we´re talking about. Any appointments in his carrer are listed in the stammliste? Thanks Dave, by the way, are you sure his birthday was in 1873? I see promotions in 1872
  6. Hi Uwe, it could be Lancken too...but can´t find any data or refeferces on both of them, Lanersen or Lancken
  7. EK 1914 awards

    Thank you very much!
  8. Napoleonic images

    Thank you Alex! Extremely interesting site and great quality photos
  9. Hi Guys, some of you could post awards and decorations of this General, please? I´ve found these few already but the list is not complete: 05.10.1847: Ritterkreuz 3. Klasse des Königl. Hannoverschen Guelphen Ordens 1866: Preussische Kronen Orden 1. Klasse, mit dem Emaillebande des Rothen Adler Orden mit Eichenlaub 02.1869: Grosskreuz des Herzoglich Sachsen-Ernestinischen Hausordens Thanks again!
  10. What a piece of history! Amazing! Congratulations Any chances to make some zoom in on it? Thank you Ostuf
  11. Thank you Glenn. Now , I hope somebody will tell me who the other is Regards
  12. Guys, any idea about these two generals? Many thanks in advance
  13. Guys, Have this document signed by an obscure Oberleutnant (Schonberger, maybe?) The unit is Bay. Fernsprech Abteilung Anybody could check it? Thanks again
  14. This time the unknown Officer is a Rittmeister. Anybody could help?
  15. Guys, I have here another signature of an unknown Major, Commander of the Infanterie Regiment 151, document signed after the war (20.05.1919). Who is the Major?
  16. I have a Hauptmann Wilhelm Humser listed as Ib/ 4.AOK Generalstab (02.08.1914) It could be same man?
  17. Guys, can´t find who this Major is. He signs a document dated 18.09.1916 as commander of Feldart. -Rgt. n. 41. Any ideas?
  18. Hi guys, I´ve started to write a short bio of the general Brozowsky but it´s very uncomplete. Need more datas of assignments and decorations. Anybody could help a little? This is what I have already: Generalmajor Wilhelm von Brozowski * 1.3.1852 in Mühlhausen † 1.2.1945 07.02.1871: Secondleutnant 20.01.1881: Leutnant 05.08.1886: Hauptmann 27.01.1894: Major 18.10.1902: Oberst 22.03.1907: Generalmajor 09.08.1870: Kadettenkorps als Portepeefähnrich dem 4. Westfälischen Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 17 ???? : Adjutant des II. Bataillons 12.06.1886: 1. Großherzoglich Hessische Infanterie- (Leibgarde) Regiment Nr. 115 18.09.1886: Chef des 6. Kp./1. Großherzoglich Hessische Infanterie- (Leibgarde) Regiment Nr. 115 16.04.1889: Kp. Chef/Schleswig-Holsteinschen Infanterie-Regiments Nr. 86 17.09.1892: Kompaniechef im 1. Hessischen Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 81 22.03.1895 - 21.07.1900: Bataillonskommandeur ????? Stab des 1. Hannoverschen Infanterie-Regiments Nr. 74 12.09.1902: Führung des Infanterie-Regiments „Herwarth von Bittenfeld“ (1. Westfälisches) Nr. 13 in Münster