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  1. Guys, have this nice digital portrait of an Oberst. It came to me as Kdr. Kgl. Sächs. 1. Fußartillerie-Regt. Nr.12 (Metz), dated 1908 Can't find his name. Who was the commander of Kgl. Sächs. 1. Fußartillerie-Regt. Nr.12 at that time? Thanks !!
  2. Hi guys, any chance to find out the name of this General, please?
  3. Good job Bayern! Thank you! I'll try to make a list of the generals involved in the campaign
  4. Bayern, here it is a zoomed bottom part of the photo ixhs: do you mean Edwin Freiherr von Manteuffel ? I don't think so
  5. Ostuf

    German participant of Waterloo 1815

    Nice portrait Prussian
  6. Hallo guys, anybody has some datas on this officer? I think he was Hauptmann und Compagnie-Chef im 2.Garde Regiment zu Fuß und Adjudant der 2.Garde-Infantrie-Division
  7. Guys, can't read the name of this Oberstleutnant. Could you help me?
  8. Hi Uwe, thanks for replay. It could be Muller but the document is dated October 1914, when he wasn't Commandeur yet
  9. Hi Guys, I found in this document dated April 1859, an Oberst signature, as Commandeur des Regiments. The commanders in those years were (from http://www.danzig-online.pl/husaren/leibhusare.html): 1856 v. Blumenthal 1860 v. Eckartsberg Now, Who is the Oberst signing the document?
  10. Ok guys, This is what I finally found on him: Oberst Carl BÖDICKER (05.06.1808 – 14.04.1874) Commander of the Regiment from 21.11.1857 to 16.07.1865 Second Lieut.: 26.04.1826 Premier Lieut.: 1838 Rittmeister: 1846 Major: 1852 Oberstlt: 1855 1835: Second Lieut. 2.Esc. Leib Dragoner Regiment 1838: Premier Lieut. Adjutant (Staab) 1846: Rittmeister 1.Esc. Leib Husaren Regiment 1852: Major (Staab) 1852: Commandant zu Grebenstein 1858: Interim Commandeur 1. Leib Husaren Regiment 1859: Commandant zu Hofgeismar mit Führung der Geschafte Militär Verdienstkreuz 30.09.1856: Wilhelm Orden IV Klasse 28.08.1861: Ritter der Wilhelm Orden 30.09.1863: Commandeur der Wilhelm Orden II Klasse Anybody could add something? Thanks again!
  11. Guys, I can't read the names of these two generals written on the back of a photo taken in Prilep. Can you read it?
  12. Guys, thanks a lot for your answers I´m posting here some close ups of the photo: If you think you could give a name to some other officers pictured here, please telle me and if you need a close up I´ll post it
  13. Thank you guys. #3 could be General der Infanterie Kuno von Steuben? The Headquarter of the Army moved to Prilep on 5 October 1916 until the retreat to Hungary in September 1918. In That period of time Gen. von Steuben was Commander of the Army (from 5 June 1917)
  14. Ostuf

    1813 ? EK 2 on ebay

    Seller removed it
  15. Guys, have this document to show you and see if somebody can help me. Who is the Rittmeister signature in this document? Werkher ?
  16. Hi Filfoster, I ususally use the plate as a reference. Unluckily in black and white.
  17. Hi guys, some years ago, I've took from the net this really interesting photos. Apologizes if any of you is the owner. There's a lot of names of Officers on it. Any datas on them? Many thanks once more