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  1. Hugh It is thought that the firing of Z battery rockets in nearby Victoria Park Hackney was a contributory factor in causing the panic at Bethnal Green Underground Station resulting in the death of 173 people including 60 children. Bethnal Green Bethnal Green
  2. Quite possibly. Would like to see the other side of the hilt to see if any other alterations were made - especially to the press catch.
  3. The hilt has been modified. The photo shows an un-modified hilt.
  4. Looked on Ancestry. There is an entry on the Waterloo Medal Roll for Private Peter Nugent, 6th [or Inniskillen] Dragoons. Captain William F. Browns Troop.
  5. Probably too late for this but that is an interwar police marking - Schutzpolizei Oppeln [in Silesia] now the Polish city of Opole.
  6. Jonthan Fascinating story and a fine sword. Thanks for posting. Regards Richie
  7. Bob Have a look a the pdf file here - Division Histories Gives outline histories of all German WW1 divisions - quite a useful resource. Downloadable as well. Regards Richie
  8. Mervyn Bet that was a tough part of town in those days - still is I think. You were there right at the end of the Kray Twins era - funny really, I've heard people saying " it was never like this when the Twins were around". Probably true but I think there's rather more to it than that. Untaxed fuel - yes still going on and it is still a Customs matter. Regards Richie
  9. Mervyn We're everywhere - you just don't always realise it ! Didn't realise you were ex Job. How long ago did you leave ? Did a lot of work in the East End a while ago especially round Brick Lane so I know the area quite well. Fair to say its an "interesting" part of the world - I think Tower Hamlets is the poorest borough in London. I don't think you're missing much. I was born and bred in South London and used to love the place - now I'm sad to say I stay away as much as possible - noisy, smelly and over-crowded in my view. I don't really collect Customs stuff although I would love to own a sword and some pistols from the "good old days". I suppose the best place for Customs collectibles would be close to the Police section. Best wishes Richie BTW - we get confused by the name changes - but we're still Cussies at heart whatever the official name is.
  10. Mervyn Interesting badge. Certainly hasn't been standard issue for a long time. We don't generally wear hats now - except for baseball caps. Her Majesty's Customs & Excise no longer exists following merger with the Inland Revenue to form HM Revenue & Customs on 18 April 2005. Things are about to change again - the uniformed officers of HMRC will soon become part of the United Kingdom Border Agency There's some history here (not very upto date) Customs History HQ has not been in Custom House, Lower Thames Street for years, the place is still in use and is a very fine building indeed (at least from the outside) Hope this is some interest. Regards Richie
  11. Claudius This is in German - but reasonably easy to understand (I hope) Scroll down the page for WW1 IR 126 Regards Richie
  12. Mervyn As far as I know it was (and is) issued only to British forces. The Nato number is part of a standardised stock control system. More here:- NSN Thanks for the welcome - glad to be able to contribute something. Regards Richie
  13. Thomas Glad you found your man Richie
  14. I know the question is a bit old but no-one seems to have answered it. The number 5110-99-127-8214 is the NATO stores code. J. Adams is the manufacturer. Standard issue knife - quite uncomfortable to use for heavy and prolonged work. Regards Richie
  15. Thomas This is a standard Argentine fighting/survival knife - Still used in 1982. La Fabrica Militar de Armas Portatiles Domingo Mateu - Argentine arms manufacturing facility at Rosario. Sr Tte Gral is short for Senor Teniente General (Lieutenant General) The name sounds like Dutch or South African - might be worth a Google. Hope this helps a little Richie BTW - it isn't a bayonet of course !