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  1. Agree, fake. Safe your money.
  2. hankmeister

    Some new additions.

    All very nice Rich, congrats. He may be looking for maker's names vs. awardee's name. I personally also really like the packets that have had the awardee's name written on it. Makes it more personal from the tons of unattributed EKs. Of course, there's always the argument that we can often never know when the name was written on the packet. best Hank
  3. hankmeister

    EK1 Opinions requested please

    No problem. You ought to be able to find copious amounts of 65's out on the net, and do a comparison. K&Q used a couple of different cores, so make sure you check the right ones. best Hank
  4. hankmeister

    EK1 Opinions requested please

    Looks like a 65 on the pin? The cross makes a pretty good impression, hard to duplicate that sort of paint on the core. best Hank
  5. hankmeister

    1939 EK1 L/53 pinback

    Yeah, that's what they tell people who are "appearance challenged"! best Hank
  6. hankmeister

    1939 EK1 L/53 pinback

    That's one ugly cross! best Hank
  7. hankmeister


    Wow! You do seem to have mastered the art of understatement Mike! Great collection. best Hank
  8. unknown very. best again, Hank
  9. Definitely some great docs, thanks for showing them! Hank
  10. IMHO, compared to the crosses, the Verleihungsurkunden for these medals are even harder to find! I don't even remember seeing any for sale anywhere...they'd be a primo addition to any collection! best Hank
  11. Isn't the issue date 20 Mai 1940? (Bottom of page 2) Or is that something different? thanks Hank
  12. What maker number is on the ring? best Hank
  13. hankmeister

    EK 1 L/56

    Gorgeous! Was this on a dealer site recently? I seem to recall seeing this, or a similar one somewhere. best Hank
  14. hankmeister

    EK1 L/11~mark on the pin

    You'd have to get a TON of info for meaningful data, but I have in my collection 2 L/11s, one with box, one without. The "with" was won/awarded late 1944. The "without" was won/awarded I believe in mid 1943. If anybody else has these with strong provenance, by all means share. best Hank
  15. Outstanding group Motorhead. I'm glad to see you think like I do -- it's a shame when people break these groups into single pieces!! Great on you that you kept it together. best Hank