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    Did you get my response?
  2. Joe It is very confusing for sure. What isn't confusing is that I am the one in possession of the marked version originally shown on post 8. I show it here again. All the best. Robert
  3. Thanks Don for clearing that up. All the best Robert
  4. Don I'm confused. What pin is Alderhorst referring to in post 45?? The pin I show is from this thread. ?????????????? Post 8
  5. So then this would be a copy then?
  6. Hello All I was fortunate enough to get my hands on this Lilliput. I have seen a larger version but never of this size. Here are some scans. Regards Robert
  7. Any good folks have one of these for comparison.
  8. Gents Would someone be able to help me figure out what is written here? Thanks A lot. Regards Robert
  9. Do you have one of these in your collection?
  10. Thank you men and have a good Sunday. Regards Robert
  11. Stiftungfest Sanitats 1937. I have not seen many at all with DRK logo. Regards Robert
  12. Joe You are correct as I can make out an Mu.. Thank You PS I had just snagged this one as I had sold off my unmarked example years ago and then this one popped up and I could not resist. This hobby/passion is impossible to give up!
  13. Maybe home builders then? And also maybe someone can peek at the maker of this stickpin. I can only make out Danner on the first line and Thur. below but not the first initial to Danner or the town or city in what I suspect would be Thuringia. Thank You PS and on a side note I happened to find this in the parking lot of one of my customers last night. Not TR but hopefully a REAL find!
  14. Joe I never see those either. I move my shield here even though it might not belong.
  15. My comment is well done and what a design combination! Would this then be for a food processor. Agribusiness? I've never seen this before. Thank You
  16. Gents What are your thoughts on this piece. It is made of white metal and washed in bronze. Very well made if I do say so. KdF "Rejoice The Life" Souvenir of some sort? I have never seen one of these before have any of you? Thanks for your help in advance. Robert
  17. Just hoping it isn't from one of those 1970s catalogues for $3!!! Maybe Mike or Pete will see it at some point.
  18. A new addition to this old thread. Still in search of the variation with St. & L script on reverse.
  19. Perhaps Joe but still looking for answers. The first time seen ones are especially tough since it cant be dismissed as a fantasy without seeing others yet cannot confirm either. So I bring it out every so often. I'm thinking along the lines of Pete as regards possibly Germans outside of Germany type pin. I forget now where I had gotten it from.
  20. Well thanks for your thoughts gents. It would make sense to me that it is period as that fantasy badge would be more often encountered. Perhaps a female Beamten? I know a shot in the dark but this is what makes this fun! Have a good week the both of you.
  21. Any ideas on this one? I am clueless. Thanks A lot Robert
  22. This one is a classic fake I am afraid. Been around a long time. Is incorrect in a multitude of features to include marking pin plate, etc.
  23. Joe Everyone likes to shoot I think. Thanks for responding. I was starting to worry. My scanner still works OK though.