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  1. Gents What are your thoughts on this piece. It is made of white metal and washed in bronze. Very well made if I do say so. KdF "Rejoice The Life" Souvenir of some sort? I have never seen one of these before have any of you? Thanks for your help in advance. Robert
  2. Just hoping it isn't from one of those 1970s catalogues for $3!!! Maybe Mike or Pete will see it at some point.
  3. A new addition to this old thread. Still in search of the variation with St. & L script on reverse.
  4. Perhaps Joe but still looking for answers. The first time seen ones are especially tough since it cant be dismissed as a fantasy without seeing others yet cannot confirm either. So I bring it out every so often. I'm thinking along the lines of Pete as regards possibly Germans outside of Germany type pin. I forget now where I had gotten it from.
  5. Well thanks for your thoughts gents. It would make sense to me that it is period as that fantasy badge would be more often encountered. Perhaps a female Beamten? I know a shot in the dark but this is what makes this fun! Have a good week the both of you.
  6. Any ideas on this one? I am clueless. Thanks A lot Robert
  7. This one is a classic fake I am afraid. Been around a long time. Is incorrect in a multitude of features to include marking pin plate, etc.
  8. Any other folks happen to have a photo of this one in wear or another example to show?
  9. As per SMV post. I don't see a link either. Good day all.
  10. I'll reopen this thread with this Steirische Hitler Jugend 1941 Take Care
  11. Joe Everyone likes to shoot I think. Thanks for responding. I was starting to worry. My scanner still works OK though.
  12. Just making sure my scanner still works OK. Here is one I got from a good friend. Reichs-Vergleichs Kampf 1939 Wien
  13. [attachmentid=35643][attachmentid=35644] Don, would you happen to have a photo of this in wear? Have a nice weekend. Robert
  14. Here is my Paulmann & Crone. Like Joes example needle type and all. Now....what thread to bring back to life next?
  15. And I never thought of it being double stamped. I need to put my stenos together and take a group shot. I would bet too that there are very few tinnies left with the rosette still attached. Well done Mike.
  16. Joe You may well be correct. With much squinting I think I see a G and an l and an a. But it appears that there are umlauts above the letters? Is that what you see? Mike, nice to hear from you!
  17. Here is my golden first form. For the life of me I cant make out the maker. The bottom row of letters is Dresden but I just cannot make out the top row. Frustration on a Sunday. Take Care Robert
  18. Well thank God for modern medicine to help me live a lot longer. Maybe I can get the rest of the set by the time I am 95! Don are they Poellath marked? Thanks for showing them to us. Cheers Robert
  19. Joe I have been making a little progress with these. Here is one I found recently in bronze.
  20. Gents I am not really sure of the time frame of this shooting badge. Maybe someone would be able to help me out? Thanks in Advance. Cheers Robert
  21. Thank You Sir. I had no idea whatsoever.
  22. Thanks Joe for your comments. Hope all is well with you. All the best.
  23. I managed to grab this one. It was a lucky find. Take Care.
  24. I don't recall if I have ever shown this one. I have only ever seen this one. A mod can move it along perhaps to the appropriate section. Perhaps for going "above and beyond" your RAD duty? PS What do you make of the bent over tabs on the reverse? Attachment of a ribbon perhaps?
  25. My Lord that is a lot of pins and badges to wear at once. And the coat would have to be laundered from time to time....thanks for showing such an interesting photo. Here is my Kreis Mannheim Schutzenverband fro 1936. Still remnants of silver wash remaining. Note the reverse with the IAB/DRL/Military style setup. Have a good weekend Regards Robert