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    This is interesting. It sounds like a 22 caliber for shooting the birds? And what is the distance of the target from the shooter and from what position is the shot taken? Thank You nice thread for sure. Robert
  2. Perfectly alright to bring back to life. Thanks for showing your badges.. I'll show this stickpin Turnbund related but I don't know the specifics of the lettering. Good Sunday Robert ATVA is the lettering and is unmarked on reverse.
  3. Gents, I am hoping some others would have one of these to compare. It seems a bit funny that I don't think I have ever seen this particular badge posted for discussion before or at least not that often. It's not the most eye-catching but is well-made and nicely marked. Have a nice weekend. Robert ""
  4. Another to show w/o swats NSBO DAFArbeits Beschaffung
  5. Here is another. Not much to write home about however. Bexirks Musikfest 4 July 1937
  6. So nice to resuscitate from years of dormancy. Only 4 pages so easier to remember what has been shown.
  7. Tag Der Arbeit 1933 NSBO Leipzig. Similar to Birkenfeld 1000 posts
  8. Stiftungfest Sanitats 1937. I have not seen many at all with DRK logo. Regards Robert
  9. Kreis Einbeck 1935. If already shown by all means delete. Your turn Alec. See you next weekend.
  10. Nice one there. My turn. Your turn Alec. And 2 more posts to 1K!
  11. These are all so nicely designed. Aschaffenburg 1937. I have an amount more for this thread to show in future. Have a good day. Robert
  12. Well I don't believe this one has been posted yet. If so, feel free to delete. 1934 Bad Sooden Pol. Schule
  13. here is another you don't see too often Karlsruhe 1933
  14. I bring this thread back to life too. Jungbann Sportfest 24/25 August 1935. Design using Sig Rune and wheel a nice combination. I have another nice one if anyone is interested to see?
  15. Gents In keeping with this thread and the warmer weather ahead.....Kreigs Meisterschaften im Schwimmen Wein 1941
  16. Joe I agree also you are right about the e and r in Berlin. The DRK badge and Frauenhilfdienst have the same markings. I don't recall exactly when and why the marked Frauenhilfdienst were deemed copies. I know Stubbe had a contract for RDK. If someone or even Stubbe for that matter would keep producing postwar why would they not keep producing DRK?? Thanks all for the input. This is the most action Ive seen on here in quite a spell. Its great. Regards Robert PS 10 more posts to 1K.
  17. Very interesting enamel werk on this Austrian diamond Lentwerk Bruder Schneider On second glance and even with a loupe I cannot say with certainty that it is 149............... whose vision is better??? Help Please
  18. put that nerf in a safe place when hes outgrown it. It will be a collectable someday!
  19. Correct Dion. Am curious to know if your little (probably not so little now) boy is with you in Florida. What a cute little bugger he was. Its nice that you are here. A big welcome!
  20. And you changed your name to monster. Here is my 25 but diferent pin setup.