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  1. Hello Dave, Thanks! That's more than I had found in the Ranglisten. From which publication is this? Kind regards, Jan
  2. The matter is solved. He is mentioned for the last time in the 1865 Rangliste as Major in II/IR 15. Jan
  3. Hello, I know the article of the National German Biography (and all other online articles). Jan
  4. Hello, I am looking for information on Oberstleutnant Heinrich Sixt von Armin, 1818-1872. He was the father of General der Infanterie Friedrich Bertram, commander of the German 4th Army 1917-1918 and grandfather of Generalleutnant Hans-Heinrich (1890-1952). Would anyone have some Ranglisten from around 1860-1870 to check his position at that point? Thanks, Jan
  5. There's a new German medal bar with a Finnish 1918 medal... http://www.ebay.de/itm/096-Deutschland-Ordensspange-Schnalle-1914-1939-/331992190035
  6. Does anybody have more information about the unit or the officer during WWI? Jan
  7. Hello, I am looking for information about an "Abteilung Eltze" during WWI. Could it be connected to Oberst a.D. Eltze, who was an Abschnittskommandeur der Festung Metz at some point? Thanks in advance, Jan
  8. AOK4

    IR 360 & 361

    There is even a divisional history of the 4. Ersatz-Division. I have somewhere an original batallion war diary for some months in 1916 of IR 360 somewhere, if I'm not mistaken (my library is a bit of mess for the moment). Jan
  9. Infanterie-Geschütz-Batterie 6 worked together with Sturm-Bataillon 4. Sturm-Bataillon 4 had a MW Kompanie with 8 leichte Minenwerfer, a MG Kompanie with 9 MG 08 (later 10 and increased to 12 by 1918) and 2 Sturm-Kompanien (at least early 1917) with 2 MG 08/15 each (by 1918 24 MG 08/15 belonged to Sturm-Bataillon 4). Sturm-Bataillon 4 also had a MG Kompanie of a Landsturm-Infanterie-Bataillon at its disposal for MG training. Jan
  10. I have a few German aerial pictures of Finland, but only one has the usual information. This one is taken from the 1. Seeflieger-Abteilung on 12 April 1918 (no names of either pilot or observer unfortunately).
  11. Can somebody give me a bib, I'm drooling all over my keyboard... Great item this!!!!
  12. Hello, Could you give some more details about the book? I've got quite a few books about the Finnish War of 1918, but not this one apparently. Jan
  13. Hello, It did see a bit of action on the Eastern Front, but was pulled back for training early 1917 after some disagreement about the use of the battalion in the frontline (the Finns weren't that eager to die for Germany but wanted to fight for their own independence). Some Jägers died in combat or were taken prisoner though. Jan