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  1. This is not the same seller but "technique" is the same. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Fotografie-Helmtaucher-der-Kaiserlichen-Marine-Foto-1910-Taucherhelm-Taucher/253542817430?hash=item3b08545e96:g:dykAAOSwpWBaxmIN

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    German ww1 Identity Tags/Disks book by Peter Meinlschmidt for sale. Book is in excellent almost new condition. Price: 50 euros + shipping


  3. That´s what I thought. But no harm from asking
  4. Is it possible to somehow determine the owner of this lot. I know it is not uncommon combination of medals but I hope somewhere exists list of Mediterranean U-boot sailors.
  5. About that one you found, I am sure that Handel is not authors name. I´ve never seen author whose signature is big as 1/3 of his work. And their description is too general so I conclude they know nothing about this relief. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Hermes or Mercury was very popular in the beginning of 20th century. Lot of merchant organizations carried his name. For example pin of "Croatian merchant society"(literal translation): Handel in German means trade, trading, commerce, business..... so this tinny is probably of merchant marine or some organization close to sea trade.And production of these types of badges, nevermind the theme, was also very popular in that period. You are all probably familiar with this Abzeichen: It is Austro-hungarian Kappenabzeichen but A-U never had any Handel U-boots like Germans did.
  7. This is not mine. These photos are from the ebay. I´ve just bought some Kappenabzeichen from this seller and noticed he has for sale smaller variant. Here are the photos:
  8. It is nice to hear it. It came with a Imperial uboot pin and Ubootskrieg 1914-1918 book, first edition.
  9. Recently, I´ve acquired this badge. Friend sold it to me. I can get back my money if it is not good. My experience with Imperial uboot badges is equal to none and I would like to start learning. For now, I can take only photos with my cellphone and this is the best it gets. I provided a scan of the front too. Hook is bent and I think it´s better not to touch it. What is your opinion? Is it good badge or fake? Thank you in advance for your help. And photos of the hook.

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    2xFFL photo albums for sale. 1st album consists of 132 photos and 2nd album consists of 76 photos. They are mostly 13x8 cm (125 in 1st and 40 in 2nd) but there are larger and smaller examples too. They belonged to german guy who served in 2e REI. Photos are dated from second half of 1960s to second half of 1970s. I am asking 100 euros for both albums. Buyer pays shipping and fees. I will trade for Austrohungarian items and photos or diver/diving related items and photos. If you are interested I will send more photos.


  11. Austrian Miniature chain.

    Considering that Austrian War commemorative medal was instituted in 1933 and Landesdenkmunze (Tyrol medal) 1914-1918 was instituted in 1928, this is definitely post ww1.
  12. Red Cross Silver medal with War Decoration

    So it is more like a decoration and not a regulation?!
  13. Red Cross Silver medal with War Decoration

    I have never seen an enameled wreath on a ribbon before. What does it mean?


    Commander`s Cross, 1st Class, 2nd Model. Cross is flawless and ribbon is not complete. I would like to trade this cross for KuK medals, orders, photos, Kappenabzeichen......, or diving/diver photos, postcards..... I can sell it too but would prefer to trade it.


  15. I need help with this badge. Pilot badges are slippery area per se and my knowledge is very poor. This is first time I even have something related to pilots in my hands. I hope more experienced and more qualified members will be able to say something about it.