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  1. It is nice to hear it. It came with a Imperial uboot pin and Ubootskrieg 1914-1918 book, first edition.
  2. Recently, I´ve acquired this badge. Friend sold it to me. I can get back my money if it is not good. My experience with Imperial uboot badges is equal to none and I would like to start learning. For now, I can take only photos with my cellphone and this is the best it gets. I provided a scan of the front too. Hook is bent and I think it´s better not to touch it. What is your opinion? Is it good badge or fake? Thank you in advance for your help. And photos of the hook.
  3. Time Left: 3 days and 8 hours

    • FOR SALE

    2xFFL photo albums for sale. 1st album consists of 132 photos and 2nd album consists of 76 photos. They are mostly 13x8 cm (125 in 1st and 40 in 2nd) but there are larger and smaller examples too. They belonged to german guy who served in 2e REI. Photos are dated from second half of 1960s to second half of 1970s. I am asking 150 euros for both albums. Buyer pays shipping and fees. I will trade for Austrohungarian items and photos or diver/diving related items and photos. If you are interested I will send more photos.


  4. Considering that Austrian War commemorative medal was instituted in 1933 and Landesdenkmunze (Tyrol medal) 1914-1918 was instituted in 1928, this is definitely post ww1.
  5. So it is more like a decoration and not a regulation?!
  6. I have never seen an enameled wreath on a ribbon before. What does it mean?


    Commander`s Cross, 1st Class, 2nd Model. Cross is flawless and ribbon is not complete. I would like to trade this cross for KuK medals, orders, photos, Kappenabzeichen......, or diving/diver photos, postcards..... I can sell it too but would prefer to trade it.


  8. I need help with this badge. Pilot badges are slippery area per se and my knowledge is very poor. This is first time I even have something related to pilots in my hands. I hope more experienced and more qualified members will be able to say something about it.

    • FOR SALE

    Cca 57 photos and military ID. Price: 50 euros + shipping and fees Edit: I can only upload 10 files. I will send remaining photos to your email address



    • FOR SALE

    Price: 45 euros + shipping and fees I would trade it for KuK Kriegsmarine or diver/diving photos. ixhs provided some information about the priest: "Feldpater W. Emmert, a bavarian priest. He got the EK2 and the MVO 4 X".



    • FOR SALE

    I have 7-8 pcs. Price: 8 euros +shipping and fees " Probably the most successful engagement involving Sturmgeschutz III Ausf F took place in Stalingrad in early September of 1942. Stug III Ausf F from Stug.Abt.244, commanded by Oberwachtmeister Kurt Pfreundtner destroyed 9 Soviet tanks in 20 minutes. On September 18th of 1942, Oberwachtmeister Kurt Pfreundtner received the Knights Cross for this achievement. "


  12. I am getting the same message.
  13. Can you help me with these 3 photos. They are part of the lot I`ve recently acquired and there were lot of Austrian royalty photos. I have recognized almost all of them and need help with these.
  14. These cabinet photos are part of a large lot I´ve recently acquired. Small part of the lot and main reason I bought the lot is Austrian royal family photos. These were among them, aswell as other non Austrian royalty but I´ve recognized them already. Now I need help with these guys. I think t I´ve seen one of the faces on some medals but I am not sure.
  15. Unfortunately no. I know he was a cook. I can make some scans later and we can try to guess at least where he was.