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    I am a collector of the Bavarian MMJO and MVM/TKM. I collect groups, individual awards, documents, cases, antique ribbons, miniatures, and recipient photographs. I am always interested in new items for my collection.

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  1. Hello again: Chris, you bring up a good point that the piece could be a period wearing copy (Spangenstück). I guess that this is possible, but with such copies, unless they come from the family of the veteran directly, then I would be doubtful. This is certainly not one of the numerous more modern "copies" (really forgeries) often seen. All that is known is that it is not an issued piece. Proving what it is beyond that, is a rather complex issue. In any case, I would advise collectors to stay away from such items and spend a bit more on a genuine piece. But, some collectors are satisfied with such pieces in their collections. It is a matter of personal taste. Best regards,
  2. The document is not only not a period document, it is a relatively modern forgery.
  3. Hello: A single photo with a group does not necessarily mean that individual is the recipient of the award shown. Documentation (Urkunden), etc. are acceptable for attributing an award. If documentation exists, then the photographs can be considered to possibly be of the recipient of that particular award. The Bene Merenti piece is a really awful forgery. There are better quality forgeries, so beware. The e-medals piece itself is 100% original and correct. However, the photo is not necessarily of the recipient of that particular award. Also, the case is incorrect. See this website for more information: http://www.medalnet.net/Difference.htm Best regards,
  4. Hello Andreas: My copy of the book is finally here! It is an outstanding work by Walter Kinast. I am certain that is was a monumental task that took many years to put all of this information in one place. I now know that stories regarding a great many items in my collection. The highest praise for Walter Kinast for his dedication in making this available to collectors and researchers. Best regards,
  5. Hello Andreas: Thank you for the information regarding this new publication! I have purchased a copy of it and can't wait for it to arrive. It will be a great resource for my library. MfG,
  6. Hello: This is a commercial (un-official) medal commemorating 100 years since the founding of the Kingdom of Württemberg (1806-1906). On the obverse is King Friedrich I who was the King in 1806 and King Wilhelm II who was the King in 1906. The medal was struck by Mayer & Wilhelm, Stuttgart who also made Fire Brigade medals during the Weimar era. Best regards,
  7. Hello John: Yes they are struck from silver alloy and are original. The ribbons are also original. I believe that the minimum standard silver alloy for these planchets was probably 800/1000 silver as stated above. The ribbon rings, suspension rings, and sword devices may have been made of slightly lower-silver content allow to make them harder and more durable. Best regards,
  8. Hello John: The medals look to be original. The ribbons however are modern copies (of the correct colors). Both medals do look to be struck from silver alloy. The Württemburg MVM could have been struck from a lower-content silver allow however. It is difficult to be certain via photographs. Best regards,
  9. Hello Jason: Congratulations regarding this item being added to your collection. I am glad that the transaction worked out well and that you are pleased with the piece. Best regards,
  10. Hello Jason: The ribbon appears to be a correct period ribbon for this medal. Best regards,
  11. Hello Andreas: Yes it must be IR Graf Werder No. 30 as the photo was taken in Saarlouis. I do not see a recipient with the Adolph of Nassau RK with Swords listed in the 1902 Rangliste, nor the 1911 Rangeliste. The photo is obviously after 1897, so he might be listed in any of the 1903-1910 Preußischen Armee Ranglisten, I don't have these in my library however. Best regards,
  12. Hello Chris: Congratulations regarding this nice group of documents. I especially like the Kriegs-Chronik. I do not often see these for MVM/TKM recipients. Best regards,
  13. Hello: The group looks to have a Marinekorps Flandern Cross ribbon with a battle clasp and a Prussian War Aid Cross ribbon. Best regards,
  14. Hello John: Here is some of the information requested: Baden, Wilhelm Prinz und Markgraf von. Großherzogliche Hoheit, GK awarded on 8. Januar 1871. Lefevre, Francois-Joseph, Herzog bon Danzig, GK awarded on 15. Juni 1808. Nicolaus, Zar von Rußland, GK awarded on 15. Februar 1827. Regarding the other Grand Duchy of Baden recipients, I probably have the information, but the names/titles provided are not specific enough (everyone was named "Carl", "Max", "Wilhelm", or a combination thereof). I do not have a reference to dates of birth/death in my listing. If you have more specific names/titles, I can search further. Best regards,
  15. An interesting question! The original ribbon provided with the award was much longer. The long piece provided originally was usually cut to provide either a ribbon for the uniform buttonhole for daily wear, or sometimes was used to add the award to a large medal bar for formal wear. Thus leaving the short piece that you see. Also, sadly, dealers will sometimes cut up a long piece (if it survived and make ribbons for awards missing ribbons). If a recipient had the financial means, he could purchase all of the extra ribbon that he wanted.