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    SAS Wings...

    Hi Mervyn. My reference is from the book - Australian Airborne, by John O'Connor. QUOTE In 1994 a Special Duties Unit parachute badge, based on the SAS wing, was institued for the awarding to those CD [Clearance Diver] members qualified and posted to the Team at the [Australian] SAS. Unfortunately the badge was only issued for one year because the SAS attachment was discontinued. END QUOTE Pictures are included. Though parachute badges are not my area of specialist interest, that being UK, AUS, NZ aircrew wings and brevet. I have come across the the Special Duties parachute badge a couple of times during my research and this as confirmed what was stated in Australian Airborne. After a closer inspection of the pictured badge above the front in extremely similar to the RAN badge, my problem is the back and the colour. The aircrew badges of the RAN during the 1990s were made of a much solidier construction, had clutch pin fixings and retained a shiney lustre. This leads me to believe the pictured badge is properly related to British Navy special forces of somehow, esppecially as the Australia defence forces matched the style of their badges closely to that of the british. Thanks for the question and making me look deeper into a rare and interesting badge.
  2. Gareth Nicholas

    SAS Wings...

    They are Royal Ausralian Navy special forces parachute wings from the mid 80s, worn for a very short period.
  3. Email me Stephen Miller Happy to help you with lots of photos and information, please contact my via email. I am an ex RNZAF serviceman and collector Commonwealth Wings and Brevet (New Zealand, Australia and British defence forces) with a special interest in the RNZAF. I current have about 49 RNZAF brevet, most of which are modern (1995 - current). The attached photos were taken in Apr 2009 and my collection have grown since then. Quickly current aircrew catgories and brevet are; RNZAF - Cloth, 1/2 size gold bullion, metal and flying name patch - Pilot (PLT) - NZ wing, Air Warfare Officer (AWO) - AW (amalgamation of Navigator and Air Electronics Officer), Air Electronics Operator (AEOP) - AE, Air Engineers (AIRENG) - E, Air Ordnanceman (AOM - AO, Air Loadmaster (ALM) - LM, Helicopter Crewman (HCM - HC, Flight Steward (FSWTD) - FS and Parachute Jump Instructor (PJI) - Canopy RNZN - Gold bullion (Pilot only), Metal and flying name patch - Pilot, Airbourne Tactical Officer (TACCO), Helicopter Crewman RAAF - Gold bullion, 1/2 size gold bullion, Metal, Cloth, Flying Name patch - Pilot - RAAF wing, Air Combat Officer (ACO) - southern cross wing (amalgamation of Navigator, Air Electronics Officer and Fighter Controller), Air Electronics Analyst (AEA) - AE, Flight Engineer (FLTENG) - E, Loadmaster (LOADM) - L, Crew Attendant (CREWATT) - CA (Plus flying ground trade Flight Technical (FLTTECH) - FT) AAAvn - Metal, Cloth (4 types - White, DPCU, DPDU and black backing) - Pilot - Royal Cipher wings and Aircrewman - A RAN - Metal, 1/2 size metal and flying name patch - Pilot - anchor, wrealth & crown, Observer - anchor, rope & crown, Aircrewman - anchor & rope Cheers Gareth