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  1. Here's some interesting images; maybe a die flaw? Never seen this before. Look at the 3 o'clock area.
  2. Eric Gaumann

    Order of Military Merit

    Interesting image of a damaged OMM3. Obviously the Red Star is gone but there looks like there was some sort of clear covering to the small shield that backed the star. Not sure what's going on here.
  3. Eric Gaumann

    Tsar Nicholas I. Medal

    "It was founded in 1896 in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Emperor Nicholas 1. Silver medals were awarded to all officers and class officials who were in the reign of Nicholas I, on active service, bronze lower ranks. More than 30,000 silver and more than 220,000 bronze medals were minted at the St.Petersburg MD. " From: http://medalirus.ru/pamyatnie-medali/pamyat-nikolay.php Image of ribbon included.
  4. Not necessarily new, shinny and suspicious.... but I found a nice example of the shiny reverse 'coating' which I consider some sort of preservative lacquer. Notice how it seems to be brushed on; you can see what seem to be brush marks where it was applied. And also how reflective it is; in two of the images you can see the reflection of the underside of the pin.
  5. Eric Gaumann

    Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    Welcome back Radmilo, we/I missed your presence here. Thanks for the image, very helpful. But I have more questions. I have an image of a Pentagon Rooster with what looks like a "II" and a "2". See image 1. And the older marks you shared show a mark with a "I", "II" and "III". See image 2. Is there some 'overlap' with that content stampings? I apologize for being pedantic (and drunk tonight), just curious what you think.
  6. Eric Gaumann

    Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    I read on another forum about the rooster in the pentagon and the poster alluded to a Roman Numeral next to the rooster indicative to the content. Here's the image: We can see a Roman Numeral 'II', basically to the left of the rooster's butt, and what might be a Latin Numeral '2' up top. And here's the poster's comments: " the Rooster (depending on which roman number, it will denote the grade of silver, in this case II with Pentagon shape is .800 silver , depending on the time period the shape of the pentagon can be a square, and roman numbers can denote different meaning."
  7. Yes, very nice indeed. It's a "2.1.1" according to Paja's classification and the reason I initially assumed it had no number and hallmark (a "2.2") was because the certificate made no note of the serial number on it. So, were they ignoring existing serial numbers on awards when issuing documents for said awards by 1962, or are Gunner's items unrelated? The later seems less likely since there are two docs issued to the same awardee as well as the box.
  8. Great set of documents! I'm so tempted to start acquiring these... The award itself, I assume it's unnumbered and without the Ikom hallmark?
  9. Eric Gaumann

    Order of Military Merit

    Thanks! It would be interesting to determine the actual silver content of these 'double marked' pieces. edit: I made a collage of 5 images of mint and content marks from this thread as an aid for reference.
  10. Eric Gaumann

    Order of Military Merit

    What are these mintmarks, and are they correct for this order? "900" is obvious and one of the other marks is for the maker/mint. But what is the third? And can this specific grouping of marks narrow-down a specific era (or group of years) when this order (and maybe others with the same marks) were made?
  11. Ah! Now I see it. Thanks (again).
  12. What's written on the bottom of the box? "BROJ ORDENA: 4106 BROJ. UKAZA (27205.)" Obviously one is a serial number, but the rest?
  13. This just popped up. I know it doesn't qualify as "shinny" for this thread but it does have that 'shiny' coating on the reverse that irks me for some reason. Note it is hallmarked; I used to think these were tombak, and it's a 6 torch version. When did the torches change from 5 to 6, 1963?
  14. Great set! Thanks. Re: the shaft. In the Soviet Union these were occasionally shortened by the owners to lessen the poke-in-the-chest factor. And it's usually fairly obvious when they've been shortened. This may be the case in Yugoslavia, or it may be differing suppliers(if such a thing existed) delivered different shaft lengths or perhaps even theft of material.
  15. Thanks for your information and your kind words. So it was produced in 1945/46 but we really have no idea when it was awarded, or if it was awarded, do we? Not necessarily this particular piece but since we see so many unissued Yugo awards available it makes me wonder why they made so many awards than they needed.