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    More things than I can easily afford. :(
    Soviet and Imperial German ODMs for the most part. DDR and TR as well as Mongolian. I'd like to take the Yugoslavian plunge as well.
    Music, cooking, Pens/Bucs/Stillers, reading, websurfing.
    Need I go on? :)

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  1. Eric Gaumann

    Knights cross - original or fake

    Yeah, that's exactly what it is; an EK2. RK had the suspension loop parallel to the frame, EK2 loops are perpendicular (see image). That's not to say it wasn't worn that way (as a RK); there were instances of that happening in WW2. But unless there is some seriously solid provenance proving that it's just an EK2
  2. Absolutely awesome collection!!!
  3. Eric Gaumann

    I NEED HELP small collection of imperial medals

    That medal has a very interesting 'ear'. Never seen one as big as that.
  4. Eric Gaumann

    Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    My Partisan theme display, just finished today. I added the cap star just to round out the collection. And it somewhat resembles the Partisan Stars, especially in size.
  5. Got outbid. ;( To make matters worse it was a group of 5.
  6. I just received this one two days ago. Got sniped on the document that went with it but I like this early version. Looks like it had a home repair done to the ring which makes me like it all the more.
  7. Eric Gaumann

    Medal for People's Merit

    Just got this one along with a Order of Bravery as part of a failed attempt to collect a group of docs to one person. I love the simple design, and typical Yugoslavian quality, of this medal.
  8. Eric Gaumann

    Socialist Yugoslavia Fakes!

    I agree with this, and everything else you posted. Also, I've purchased from the first two sellers you mentioned with no concerns whatsoever.
  9. Hard to believe it's been 5 years since we found that. And since it's posthumous it never saw battle so whatever happened to it is really a mystery. I can see the H&S being removed for the gold, but the rest of the defacing? No clue.
  10. Eric Gaumann

    My new Soviet medals

    I think "БУТАФОРИЯ" translates to "props" i.e. reproductions.
  11. https://forum.faleristika.info/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=761653

    Hi,here it is the discussion about this badge.The user Ljubitelj7 took many of them in the office but he did not ask about the resource.Regards,Nick

  12. Eric Gaumann

    Help with this Soviet badge marked "FIA Lyon"

    True, but I know what it is. I just don't know why it was made in France? Was hoping one of the learned members here knew a little about FIA Lyon.
  13. Can you help me with this strange, Soviet badge, please? I've collected Soviet items for years now and have never seen a Soviet badge manufactured by a Capitalist Country. This Soviet style looks to me 1950s, but It could be earlier, even pre-WW2. It's a long service (10 years I assume) badge issued by a 'sports committee' in the USSR. Google shows me FIA Lyon started (and still exists) as a badge and medal manufacturer in 1928. Any ideas?
  14. Eric Gaumann

    Socialist Yugoslavia Documented Groups

    Nice job recreating this man's awards. Here's what I've done: I found the docs at my new favorite seller's page and had three of the four awards in my collection already. So I bought the missing award to recreate the set. Not a matching set but a set I enjoy nonetheless.
  15. Eric Gaumann

    Commemorative Medal of the Partisans of 1941

    Before and after a scrubbing in warm, soapy water with a used (soft) toothbrush.