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  1. Hi Nick/Mikulas! I saw that image from the ForumFaleristika thread about VDNKh/BCXB. We have both posted there at different times. In my opinion the suspension and blue ribbon is from another award, possibly a gold-grade 1959-65 award. But the screw base looks odd/different and I'd put that down to there being so many slight variations. A comparison image if you want to use it.
  2. Order of Military Merit

    Here's an interesting image I found on ebay. Looks like it's the central portion of a 3rd Class, T1 Order.
  3. Nice! Thanks for sharing. I've only 2 OPW2 but am planning on getting a OPW1 in the distant future (hoping gold prices continue to drop.)
  4. The Set of Slava Orders

    For those wondering "фуфло" translates to 'garbage'.
  5. I'm not an expert but I don't see anything that stands out as being bad here.
  6. First, thanks so much for your help in increasing my knowledge about these! Concerning the quote above regarding lacquer use and my questions that prompted the reply; I just noticed on the first page of this post a silver hallmarked award that exhibits the 'splotchy' patina that I attribute to lacquer. It may not even be lacquer; there are many reasons patina develops in less uniform ways.
  7. Many thanks for that information. I was under the assumption that tombak was lighter, I guess that's not the case. What do you think about that idea of silver-plated tombak? Have you ever heard that? It might explain the patina on your and my examples. I also get the sense that the other, more obvious tombak examples (that have that shiny chrome look), have some sort of clear lacquer applied to them. Agree?
  8. Thank you, Paja! It looks like a Type 1. Do the two metals have a different weight? Can you give weights for silver and tombak in 3rd Class, please? On closer inspection it looks more like T2. So more than likely tombak? It does have that nice patina though. I want to believe.
  9. Are the 3rd class versions, without any hallmarks, always tombak (aka red brass)? I'm looking at an example right now that exhibits a classic silver patina, not the shiny 'chrome' nor the splotchy finish that is typical with tombak. I see no hallmarks and the seller claims "silver" but I'm not sure.
  10. Red Army

    "Military Space Program Qualification badge, 2nd cl, 1989-1991." (From collectrussiadotcom) Should have the late-era LMD mintmark on the lower reverse.
  11. M1924 Order of the Red Banner

    Yeah, the number's a bit wonky, but that could be for numerous reasons. OP, you've seen this page? http://mondvor.narod.ru/ORBan2.htm
  12. Super post, thanks! I especially like the part about the boats.
  13. George Cross 4th Class, 197k

    Gentlemen, Any and all comment appreciated concerning this ZOVO. The serial number puts it around 1915, correct? Any chance of a name?