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    Soviet and Imperial German ODMs for the most part. DDR and TR as well as Mongolian. I'd like to take the Yugoslavian plunge as well.
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  1. This just popped up. I know it doesn't qualify as "shinny" for this thread but it does have that 'shiny' coating on the reverse that irks me for some reason. Note it is hallmarked; I used to think these were tombak, and it's a 6 torch version. When did the torches change from 5 to 6, 1963?
  2. Great set! Thanks. Re: the shaft. In the Soviet Union these were occasionally shortened by the owners to lessen the poke-in-the-chest factor. And it's usually fairly obvious when they've been shortened. This may be the case in Yugoslavia, or it may be differing suppliers(if such a thing existed) delivered different shaft lengths or perhaps even theft of material.
  3. Thanks for your information and your kind words. So it was produced in 1945/46 but we really have no idea when it was awarded, or if it was awarded, do we? Not necessarily this particular piece but since we see so many unissued Yugo awards available it makes me wonder why they made so many awards than they needed.
  4. It took me a few months of searching on ebay but it was worth it. Big delay with Bosnia post (over a month) so it caused some concern but all's well that ends well. Less than US$ 30 including P&P. Any guess on the date of production with the 24k serial number? Late 1940s? Oh, and here it is in the new display.
  5. Here it is. It took a while to get from Bosnia to Florida but it was worth the wait. Second Class, earlier version. Sorry I can't focus any better on the hallmarks.
  6. Thanks for that!!!
  7. "Incredibly are high the prices of gold coins." Yep. Gold took a huge price jump a few years back and while the spot price has dropped some it still retains value. Silver went up as well at the same time, and then went down slowly but has not seen the same perceived value. At least in my opinion. What's a few good Communist Czechoslovak awards to look after with a tight budget?
  8. It's crazy, isn't it? I'm not a huge collector with a big budget but I've never seen prices actually go down like this. And these are not cheap, tin awards; in many cases they are real silver. Nor were they awarded in hundreds of thousands or millions; they are fairly rare. It's just crazy...
  9. Eric Gaumann

    Miniatures of Soviet Medals

    A miniature, silver OG3 modern copy would be a neat addition. As would an Imperial George Cross.
  10. Eric Gaumann

    Making a reference site

    I use the Mondvor site often, and since my native language is English I use the Chrome website translator and the results are very good. There are a plethora of forums (this one included) that provide for images and information, many of them in English and those in other languages are easily translated in this day and age. As for medal images I have a relatively extensive collection and would be happy to be involved with taking photographs of them. But my time and effort would require some sort of compensation.
  11. Eric Gaumann

    Imperial Russian medal, 4th class

    "I have few imperial Russian "kolodas" left so I used this one instead. Should I put the rings back?" Without any clearer images I'd leave things as-is. Having said that I put my few on Soviet suspensions with replacement ribbons as they all came without either.
  12. Eric Gaumann

    Researched Cross of St George

    I'd start with the friend in Russia, and then try googling the regiment name in it's original, Cyrillic form.
  13. Eric Gaumann

    Imperial Russian medal, 4th class

    The citation's pretty grisly. And while I'm not an expert at all the medal looks good to me. Original ribbon and suspension? That would be a big bonus.
  14. Eric Gaumann

    Shockworker Badges

    These were awarded from the mid 40s to the mid 50s only? Is that for the most part accurate? I believe I read somewhere 1943 or '44 as the start date?
  15. Super, thanks! I see they have a forum there as well; any better or worse than here?