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  1. Can you help me with this strange, Soviet badge, please? I've collected Soviet items for years now and have never seen a Soviet badge manufactured by a Capitalist Country. This Soviet style looks to me 1950s, but It could be earlier, even pre-WW2. It's a long service (10 years I assume) badge issued by a 'sports committee' in the USSR. Google shows me FIA Lyon started (and still exists) as a badge and medal manufacturer in 1928. Any ideas?
  2. Eric Gaumann

    Socialist Yugoslavia Documented Groups

    Nice job recreating this man's awards. Here's what I've done: I found the docs at my new favorite seller's page and had three of the four awards in my collection already. So I bought the missing award to recreate the set. Not a matching set but a set I enjoy nonetheless.
  3. Eric Gaumann

    Commemorative Medal of the Partisans of 1941

    Before and after a scrubbing in warm, soapy water with a used (soft) toothbrush.
  4. Eric Gaumann

    Commemorative Medal of the Partisans of 1941

    Here is my recently received T2.3 award. Very heavily used, abused and repaired; "salty" is the way I like them.
  5. Thanks. I have a document for an OPA2 but it's not the actual doc that came with this order. More images. Huge box, BTW; 180mm x 122mm x 43mm.
  6. OK boys, here it is; my OPA2 that I just received; Some more images. When I saw this on ebay I thought the darker parts of the rays of the obverse were wear/patina. Sadly they seem to be where the gold paint either flaked away or was not correctly applied. Same on the reverse down by the catch. So it's just another 'shinny'. Seems I've maxed out my upload MB allowance so I'll try for more later.
  7. Eric Gaumann

    Commemorative Medal of the Partisans of 1941

    Thanks! Thanks! Did not know GK and BK predated IKOM. TIL (Today I Learned) Just like some of the People's Merit Orders. I assume the upper part on each is soldered to the screwpost which is then passed through the base? At least that's my guess.
  8. Eric Gaumann

    Commemorative Medal of the Partisans of 1941

    Awesome list! Thanks for doing this. I've noticed the majority have three rivets securing the upper part while a few use the screwpost to secure it. How does that fit in? I also notice the "GK" maker's mark is for "Griesbach & Knaus" . Any idea who that maker is, and who is "BK"? PS. Any reason to doubt this well-worn award?
  9. Eric Gaumann

    Commemorative Medal of the Partisans of 1941

    Wow...Nice! Despite the 16k number that screwpost has got to be very early, no? Congrats on a great find. That's on my 'bucket list' as well.
  10. Yes, in a safe home now. All four documents to the same man saved for posterity, for what that's worth. So few even notice this, much less care about it.
  11. Examples of award documents for 2nd and 3rd class Orders.
  12. Let's try the side shots again. I may replace these with better images once the morning sun reaches my work bench. edit: replaced images
  13. Now to the Order itself. It's got a massive chip, obviously, in the enamel of the flag on the obverse. It looks worse in person but I like "salty" so I'll live with it. My scale is on the fritz again but I've seen 60+ grams for this order. Serial numbered and hallmarked for content. I believe this single square hallmark denotes 950 silver content? I believe the original, T1V1 version of this Order had two screwposts, at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock, as attachments to the uniform. This has been modified to a pin-back attachment, I assume by ZIN despite it's almost home-made look. And finally two, poor quality side images. My guess is that this is a three part design with the center medallion, of just the two heads, either soldered or riveted to the circular white enameled piece, which is then riveted to the wreath/enameled red flag base. Having trouble uploading these last two images. Will try again tomorrow.
  14. So here are some more, detailed images of this beautiful Order. Starting with the box. It has a vertical slit in it to accommodate the pin-back, not the original double screwpost that I think this order originally was (more on that later.)
  15. Eric Gaumann

    Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    Thanks mate! I was speculating in my mind about awarded vs. unawarded and then I noticed a bump on the reverse 12 o'clock starpoint. I thought maybe this didn't pass quality control? As I type this I realize that's just wild speculation. I like your Star as well, nice low number. It's a rather simple design but it's very effective in it's typical Soviet style.