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  1. I wonder.... Since he "attended the Naval Academy in Leningrad (USSR) from 1961-63" was he wearing, on his right breast (our left), the Soviet Higher Academy Graduation badge in this particular picture? I notice in other images he's wearing the distinctive triangular academy badge peculiar to the DDR in that spot.
  2. I just included the seller's description. I don't know if it's actually the manufacturer who did that or what.
  3. Interesting. New in pouch. Seller's description: "Order of the Meritorious Service to the Nation with Silver Rays (Second Degree), 1961-1991, in solid silver (.800 fine, 33 grams approximately), partially gilded, 41mm, silver hallmarked and maker marked IKOM Zagreb, unissued, still in cellophane bag as was delivered by the manufacturer, with two related ribbon bars. "
  4. Radmilo, Many thanks for doing this (and the other) threads here. I'm slowly working backwards through this forum finding out a lot of great information. I've added an old image of my T1.2.1. It has no hallmarks sadly but the patina on this old image (no more than 10 years old) makes it almost surely silver. The light gray patina on the screwplate you see here has changed to a very dark gray/almost charcoal black. And the reverse of the Order is very smooth and reflective while continuing to patinate more slowly. It's very 'shinny'.
  5. Thanks for that info~!!!
  6. Question: Military Orders such as this and the Order of Military Merit; who was eligible for these? Could a Private, or even a Senior Sergeant receive any of these orders? Or were these reserved for commissioned officers only?
  7. I was finally able to get a T1 3c OPA and am very satisfied. Enjoy some images of the new acquisition and one shot of of a pair together.
  8. Some very rare medals that are seldom shown. Do the documents for the 30th and 40th vary from the military or civilian version?
  9. This is on US ebay at the moment as well. Close numbers.
  10. 8316 is a rare bird. The arrows you use point to look like, maybe, very poor manufacturing at the soldering point. I imagine the main medal blank being coined by trained professionals and then sent along to some noob to attache the screw and was just too drunk to get it right. The yellowish tint to the screwpost and the surrounding area raises questions as well.
  11. Order of Military Merit

    Boy, this image came out great! Gives one an idea how massive these are, no?
  12. Order of Military Merit

    A couple of images I made today of an older member of my collection. Not the best but I feel better about my camera work today. The entire third page of this post is very interesting concerning our 'shinny' thread I think. Lots of speculation from 8 years ago. The more things change the more they stay the same.
  13. Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    I did a forced patina on my PS3 since I found a very cheap, easy and chemical-free method of doing so. Before and after images provided. Not quite a natural patination, which may have been due to not cleaning the materials before the procedure, but I like the new look. And it will get better over time, too. PM me for the secret method. If I know you and trust you I will share it.
  14. Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    You are very welcome! This was a fun adventure. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this done before. I want an Order of the People's Army 3rd; maybe I should buy one of the un-marked versions and see if it is Tombak or not? Maybe? One never does know for sure, but I feel more confident now than before the test. Not a bad investment in silver, either. I bought mine on US Ebay for $20 (plus $4 or $5 s&h). Spot silver price is about $11. What is the weight on the Mondvor and Ikom PS3s? I guessed about 22g. (Both my scales are broken.)
  15. Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    OK boys, the results are in regarding the content of my 'shinny' PS3!! As you can seen in the photo the content is as follows: Star body: Ag - 93.51%, Cu - 6.39% Screwpost: Ag - 90.21%. Cu - 9.79% Screw-plate: Ag - 4.15%, Zn - 34.99%, Cu - 60.86% Ag = silver, Cu = copper, Zn = zinc. As explained to me the star body and post are indeed 90+% silver. The discrepancy in Ag content between the body and the post was deemed as 'wear and usage'. I take that to mean the silver plated screw-plate rubbed off a bit onto the post. Or perhaps the posts were from a different casting with slightly different composition. The screw-plate is actually silver plated.