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  1. I'm looking forward to it. Jef
  2. Wonderful Guy, you must have collected a lot in 45 years time. I bet we only saw a tip of the Iceberg. Jef
  3. Hello Stijn, You can find the Regimental Geschichte of IR 360 in Leipzig: Send a mail, they will help you Deutsche Nationalbibliothek Deutscher Platz 1 D-04103 Leipzig Telefon: +49-341-2271-453 Telefax: +49-341-2271-470 Hello again Stijn, Sent a PM Jef
  4. Kris, you don't have to appologize. Those lapelbadges are non official and it's always difficult to know what it really is. Jef
  5. Hey Kris, The second is a Belgian WWII POW buttonhole badge. kind regards, Jef
  6. The horizontal part made of a grenade driving band? or do I see wrong.... a kind of sweetheart? kind regards, Jef
  7. Hello Stijn, I'm afraid don't have the 51st divisional history but if I can help you with scans from the relevant pages of "The Third Ypres, Passchendaele. The day by day account."( Written byC. Mc Carthy.) send me a PM. If you really want to dig deep, you can order War Diaries in National Archives. Kind regards, Jef
  8. Belgium

    Hello Gents, Wondering if anyone has a spare lion for sale. Would like to restore this beauty kind regards, Jef
  9. Another Liban medal with service ribbon. Kind regards and happy 2016
  10. Hello Gents, Can someone read this german please. I'n also interested in the name of the Leutnant & Ortskommandant in the second pic. Documents are here in our local village archive of the "Gemeinde Vichte" With kind regards & thanks, jef
  11. Hello Andy, Thank you for your kind wishes. Do you know if there was a Lt Strohbusch in Bay FAR 12. That man with his ordonance stayed in the house of that lady. There were 40 horses in the factory. That's the only information she gives... It's a pity I don't have any dates. I found out there was a RFAR 12 in the area ( Kortrijk-Courtrai) on 7 august 1917 . Kind regards, Jef
  12. Hello Andy, Thank you for the link. Sometimes the lady was quite detailed with Regiment and dates, names of officers . On other occasions she only gives numbers. And yes, it could be other units, IR, RIR, Bay IR &RIR, FAR, RFAR, Füss AR..............sometimes it's a needle in a haystack. In this way I'm using the books "Altes Rumeshalle" and "251 Divisions" in order to know which unit was in the area. For the moment I have time to do this, broke my knee and I cannot do many things. So books, internet and this wonderful forum are a great help and relief. I write down every possible regiment and will go later to Ypres archives to find the books. Again, thank you so much for your help. Jef
  13. Hello, I'm afraid I have no exact dates and it is not a diary in the really sense of a diary. That lady wrote down names of officers and the regiment, sometimes exact dates. Sometimes other things. Some Rgts only were mentioned by number. On some occasions I have to look where some regiments were posted. In some occasions that's the difficulty. I'm afraid only the Regimentsgeschichte of Bay FAR 12 can give the answer. By the way, the Vichte brewry was very close to the railwaystation but Germans already took away the cupper brew kettles With kind regards from Flanders, Jef