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  1. Lots of differences. I had a lot of info about them on my website but last week I shut my site down after 7 years. Two examples below, both worn after 1970. Second photo shows two different variations of the RhSAS para wings for the camo (combat) uniform.
  2. Sorry this is not a RhSAS para wing it's a British army para wing.
  3. BSAP had a leather belt with brass buckle and I believe a white belt with silver buckle but no stable belts. Stand to be corrected as BSAP is not my area of collecting.
  4. Absolutely and the above stable belt is an excellent example.
  5. rhodesianmilitaria


    No the Member of the Legion of Merit (MLM) was bronze but silver plated. The next award was the Officer of the Legion of Merit (OLM) which was solid Rhodesian silver. All the Legion of Merit Awards above the MLM were solid silver although some were gold plated. This one is genuine but there are many copies. I have a civil MLM & CLM. Both excellent pieces of work and detail like all of the Rhodesian medals from that period. The enamel work is also excellent on all of the genuine Rhodesian awards. Quite a few of the copies have a lower standard of enamel (possibly painted on) and in one case I have seen a copy where the centre that would normally be enamelled was painted instead.
  6. The RhSAS stable belt is 1st issue. Comparison photos & descriptions can be seen here. http://www.rhodesianmilitaria.com/page16.html
  7. rhodesianmilitaria

    Rhodesia - Zimbabwe ribbon bar

    The Zim Independence Medal was approved on the 17 April 1980 — two days before the renamed Colony of Southern Rhodesia became the Republic of Zimbabwe.
  8. rhodesianmilitaria


    Hello Shaun, Yes I thought that you might have got it like that. I joined the Zim Medal Society a few years ago. It would have been a ZSC from Kaplans latest auction. I'll send you an email about the research aspect.
  9. rhodesianmilitaria


    Nice group with both Army and Prison service. Interesting that the Prison LSGC is before the Zim 10 year Service Medal. The Zim Medal should go before the Rhodesian ones. Correct Order of Precedence: Zimbabwe Independence Medal Zimbabwe 10 year Service medal Rhodesian Prison GSM Rhodesian Prison LSGC GSM Bar Malaya
  10. rhodesianmilitaria


    I am going to disagree with some of the comments made here. This is my understanding. The BSAP Commissioner on the left is wearing the Zimbabwe Independence Medal in the correct Order of Precedence as it is before any Zimbabwe medals. It is interesting to see that Mugabe and the General behind him are wearing the Liberation Medal, The Zimbabwe Independence Medal and the Liberation Decoration in a different order of precedence to each other. I believe the Zimbabwe Independence Medal was a Commonwealth award not a Zimbabwe award. Here is part of the Warrant. WARRANT by THE GOVERNOR WHEREAS it is deemed desirable to commemorate the independence of Zimbabwe; AND WHEREAS, in terms of the Honours and Awards Act [Chapter 4], it is provided that the Governor may, by warrant issued under his hand, create honours and awards: NOW THEREFORE, under and by virtue of the powers vested in me as afore said, I do, by this my warrant, hereby create an award to be styled - "The Zimbabwe Independence Medal". ............... Therefore in my opinion the award of the Zimbabwe Independence Medal was either a British Award or a Commonwealth Award created in Southern Rhodesia on the 14 April 1980 and gazetted on the 17 April 1980 by Lord Soames, the interim British Governor of the day, of the British Colony of Southern Rhodesia in the interim post UDI period and the changing of the Colony of Southern Rhodesia to Zimbabwe (Nov 1979-18th April, 1980). Mugabe took power on the 18 April 1980 as Prime Minister. I have been informed that a letter from Buckingham Palace which advised the granting of the Zimbabwe Independence Medal to someone in the British Forces. Part of it states: "I have the honour to inform you that The Queen has been graciously pleased to give you Restricted Permission to wear the Zimbabwe Independence Medal which was conferred upon you by the Government of Zimbabwe." Whether the Brits then decided to make the award a Zimbabwe one is quite possible reading the above statement which begs the question why did they decided to make an award days before Mugabe took over power instead of leaving it to the incoming government? After the 18 April 1980 in the Order of Precedence, the Zimbabwe Independence Medal comes before all Rhodesian medals which would make it a Zimbabwe award however the facts are is that it was created by a British Governor ruling a British colony days before the so called 'elected' Zimbabwean government took office. What I'm interested in "Is why?" As the Zimbabwe Independence Medal was to take precedence over all the Rhodesian Awards and Medals was it the same for Zimbabwe? From what I have seen of recipients medal groups who served in the Rhodesian Security Forces and then served in the Zimbabwe Police of military, the Zimbabwe Independence Medal is before all Zimbabwean and Rhodesian awards. Judging by the above photo it's hard to see whether any of them know what the Order of Precedence is.
  11. rhodesianmilitaria

    Rhodesia Legion of Merit Grand Commander breast star

    This is a collectors copy that was made before the end of the war. The originals of the breast badges are hallmarked and the pin system is totally different to what is shown here. The Grand Officer of the Legion of Merit (G.L.M.) was also made from solid silver as was the one above that, the Grand Commander of the Legion of Merit (G.C.L.M.). The Grand Commander of the Legion of Merit (G.C.L.M.) however was gold plated on solid silver. The Grand Master of the Legion of Merit (G.M.L.M.) breast star was made from gold. This was awarded to sitting President's only and when the individuals presidency ended he was awarded a Grand Commander of the Legion of Merit (G.C.L.M.) and the award of The Grand Master of the Legion of Merit (G.M.L.M.) stayed with the Office of president of Rhodesia. I hope that all makes sense. However the original breast badges are very rare and one hardly sees one on the market. I have seen the reverse of a genuine breast badge for a Grand Officer of the Legion of Merit (G.L.M.)(Civil), that is how I know what the reverse looks like. The front of the breast badge is also much better looking than the collectors copies.
  12. Thanks Mervyn. Email sent.
  13. Zimbabwean Parachute Jump Instructors Beret to an officer of the Parachute Training School, circa 1981. Worn by a former Rhodesian PJI.
  14. I know Dudley and he's a good man. His latest edition book (3rd edition) is arguably the best book on Rhodesian militaria on the market today. Here is another beret. Selous Scouts Officer's beret but with an OR beret badge instead of an Officer's beret badge. Belonged to a decorated WO2.
  15. Here's a beret that you probably haven't seen. Rhodesian Parachute Jump Instructors Beret to an officer of the Parachute Training School.