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  1. Great reference, thanks! Turkish orders/medals are unknown territory for me, so great to have a reference chart. /Michael
  2. Hi Kvart, According to Norges Statskalender 1966, Jorstad was appointed Commander of St. Olav in 1952. /Michael
  3. Yes Egorka, Andreas is right. This is the list of "Fortjenstmedaljen" ("Medal of Merit"). The "Royal Medal of Recompense" ("Belønningsmedaljen") were never listed and not only that - it will not appear in the list of abbreviations appended after a name. Andreas, I believe you're on the right track. I was a bit thrown off by the alleged link to the Duke of Cumberland. /Michael
  4. Hi Kvart, According to C. P, Mulder's "Dutch Awards Conferred on Scandinavians (1892-1995)" there are 3 Norwegians with both Dutch Grand Crosses: - Arne Vincent Bommen, chief civilian cabinet of H. M. - Lars Jacob Hvinden Jorstad, envoy - O. J. L. Kildal, ambassador /Michael
  5. Actually, when I first looked at the photo in post #1 it looked like silver gilt to me, but I blamed it on the lighting, because it definitely shouldn't be. As Egorka says, it was struck in 8 and 23 (not 24) karat solid gold. I can verify from personal experience that both types look the same to the naked eye (same deep yellow golden color). The only difference is the weight, with the 8K version weighing about half of the 23K version. The ONLY specimens of this medal in silver gilt are the copies. If the medal on the bar is silver gilt, we can't rule out that someone swapped it with a copy at some point in its life. This is the 23K version with crown (and as I mentioned, the 8K version looks the same):
  6. I think you're right that later they had more documentation (don't know exactly from when), so yes, I agree - it should have become part of the Statskalender at that point. /Michael These are the ones I can find that received the Gold medal in the period and with a direct mentioning of belonging to the court of the Duke of Cumberland: - Riekenberg - Augermann Any of those names on your list? /Michael OK, I', not sure why my edit of my last post merged it with my previous post, but anyway...
  7. Of course I do, but since the abolishment of absolutism, handing out court medals without consent from the government was one of the few royal prerogatives. Hence no official listing /Michael
  8. In his book "En allerhøjeste Paaskønnelse", Lars Stevnsborg lists recipients 1865-1912. I believe the list was created by meticulously going through the official sources (royal decrees etc.) as no official list exist. So there may still be small inaccuracies in his list. Like most court medals this medal was often part of the King's 'luggage' and to be handed out at his discretion to whomever he felt deserved it. So many times the award was not documented. If you send me the list of potential German recipients, I can cross-check. That's easier for me than going through the list which is ordered chronologically. /Michael
  9. Great, thanks! /Michael
  10. Right. Thanks for the clarification. You mention the regiment's history - is that available online?
  11. Let me just say that it's getting harder and more expensive to find pieces for my collection If I remember correctly, gold versions were given to officers and silver versions to lower ranks, but the Dannebrog (in various classes) was given to the highest ranking officers instead of the medal. /Michael
  12. Wow, that's much more information than I was able to dig up - I couldn't find any names. Not speaking Russian is a bit of an obstacle too... Thanks very much for this update. Much appreciated and a starting point for further digging for me. I know about the medal on the OMSD website. It's actually mine /Michael
  13. Never too late for an answer. Any input is appreciated I have looked closely at every photo of Russian soldiers that have passed my way, but I have never seen anybody wear this medal. Especially the ribbon with the cross should at least be recognizable... but nothing... /Michael
  14. I would estimate the value of your cross to be $2-300. Best price would be obtained if it was sold in Denmark, I think. If you add "up for auction" to that auction description, it would probably be more accurate... /Michael