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  1. Finland medals

    A very interesting photo! The cross if the "Skyddskårernas Förtjänstkors" (eng.: Merit Cross of the Defence Forces?). Instituted in 1922. The thing in the button hole is the 10 year long service award for service in the Danish "Kongeligt Livjægerkorps" (eng.: ?). Instituted in 1921. It is a powder measure (not sure if that is the correct translation?) to be worn from a green ribbon in the 3rd button hole.
  2. Thank you both for this enlightening information. I learned something new. Not expanding into tipstaff collecting - just saw these at a local online auction while at the same time reading this thread. Made me curious P.S: I can confirm that the tipstaff on the right is missing the top cross. /Michael
  3. I'm completely clueless when it comes to tipstaves, so just out of curiosity: Are these real tipstaves or something made by IKEA: (sorry for diverging a little from the Bow Street subject)
  4. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    Danish participant would be Johan Frederik (Fritz) Hegermann-Lindencrone. Note the 'H'... /Michael
  5. Danish Medal Collection

    They are quite common. Price in Denmark (biggest market I would think) would be US$50-75 in my opinion. /Michael
  6. Medal That May be Masonic; Unsure

    Looks very Russian. Reverse resembles the medal for the Persian war. Whether it is genuine or a fantasy piece, I can't say. /Michael
  7. ribbon identification

    Hmm... could the first one be the Order of the Star of Ethiopia? /Michael
  8. Could the last one be the Romanian Order of the Star (military grade in peacetime)? /Michael
  9. Are the insignias returned upon the death of the recipient? If so, the same number is used for several persons. /Michael
  10. Cross identification.

    Apologies for maybe pointing out the obvious... something Swedish judging from the "Petterson, Stockholm" stamp?
  11. Ahh... yes, of course... They DO look quite homemade... /Michael
  12. Not sure I understand what your question is? This is the military division of the Order of the Crown (first type). /Michael
  13. I know the gentleman who processed my request. He fully understood my question and I'm 100% convinced I wasn't just 'brushed off'. /Michael
  14. I can only say that although the evidence seems overwhelming, I myself have been fooled before... Take a look at these two Dannebrog crosses - one belongs to the Danish Chapter of the Orders, the other was offered for sale at Künker in 2015. At the time of the auction I asked the Chapter if their specimen was still in their possession and the answer was yes... So apparently two different crosses despite the similarities...
  15. Amazing! Thanks for showing /Michael And glad to hear you can't create an old (non-enamel) version by mutilating a new enameled version.