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  1. "Coblenzer" Coblenz being the spelling of the German city Koblenz prior to 1926.
  2. Well, according to E. F. Wrede "Finlands Utmärkelsetecken" from 1946, this is the official Finnish version ("struck in iron with a diameter of 30mm"). Sweden may have struck medals for Swedish participants in the Finnish 1918 War of Independence, thus having Swedish hallmarks. Wrede does not mention anything about 'later versions made in silver'.
  3. Swedish Vaasa-orden

    Correct. When the system of orders in Sweden was reformed in 1974, this order was put 'on hold'. I had for quite some time been looking for this order (don't need it anymore), so always mentally noted prices from dealers and auctions. The prices are quite stable - on average $400 for a Knight cross in gold and about the double for a Commander's cross in gold. Silver gilt versions are a little cheaper. For this order eMedal's prices are - surprisingly - quite reasonable. And I agree. It's a beautiful order.
  4. Interesting that they misspelled General Hirschauer's name...
  5. Finland medals

    A very interesting photo! The cross if the "Skyddskårernas Förtjänstkors" (eng.: Merit Cross of the Defence Forces?). Instituted in 1922. The thing in the button hole is the 10 year long service award for service in the Danish "Kongeligt Livjægerkorps" (eng.: ?). Instituted in 1921. It is a powder measure (not sure if that is the correct translation?) to be worn from a green ribbon in the 3rd button hole.
  6. Thank you both for this enlightening information. I learned something new. Not expanding into tipstaff collecting - just saw these at a local online auction while at the same time reading this thread. Made me curious P.S: I can confirm that the tipstaff on the right is missing the top cross. /Michael
  7. I'm completely clueless when it comes to tipstaves, so just out of curiosity: Are these real tipstaves or something made by IKEA: (sorry for diverging a little from the Bow Street subject)
  8. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    Danish participant would be Johan Frederik (Fritz) Hegermann-Lindencrone. Note the 'H'... /Michael
  9. Danish Medal Collection

    They are quite common. Price in Denmark (biggest market I would think) would be US$50-75 in my opinion. /Michael
  10. Medal That May be Masonic; Unsure

    Looks very Russian. Reverse resembles the medal for the Persian war. Whether it is genuine or a fantasy piece, I can't say. /Michael
  11. ribbon identification

    Hmm... could the first one be the Order of the Star of Ethiopia? /Michael
  12. Could the last one be the Romanian Order of the Star (military grade in peacetime)? /Michael
  13. Are the insignias returned upon the death of the recipient? If so, the same number is used for several persons. /Michael
  14. Cross identification.

    Apologies for maybe pointing out the obvious... something Swedish judging from the "Petterson, Stockholm" stamp?
  15. Ahh... yes, of course... They DO look quite homemade... /Michael