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  1. Hi! After purchasing this interesting cross of the Order of Malta there is one question left for me: why this cross did not have the "normal" rearside inscrption "A.D. MCMXXIII"? I have seen some other pieces like this looking at some sellers, but why this cross is different or who made it and at which time i don't know, Does anyone have more information about this and could give me some details? Thanks for your help! westfale
  2. Really nice, too! Thanks for showing, Lars!!
  3. Hi, one of my favorites, not often seen before and now at my home : Landwehr-Dienstauszeichnung Württemberg 2nd class miniature and the inofficial enameled version! hope you like it! regards and a nice weekend westfale
  4. That sounds good, thanks!
  5. Thanks for your help, pete! Do you have any info about how much crosses were given till end 1944?
  6. Here the rearsides of both:
  7. Hi! I've got this really nice certification for an MBE - but because I'm not fm in these documents I would like to know much more, especially the question about fake or real... Could anyone of you help me in this question? Thanks a lot and regards westfale
  8. Hi! Today I've got some nice "hotties" - a nice "Volkspflegemedaille" and the next level, the "Volkspflege-Ehrenzeichen 3. Stufe" - hope they are correct ones... Enjoy! westfale
  9. What a wonderful set, Stogieman! I like especially these 8-corners cases - really not common! westfale
  10. Gentleman, and here the Brunswick ones, enjoy! regards westfale
  11. Gentleman, not really special, but for me my first 15years DA so made - not typical, but mounted as a single bar; does anyone have similar pieces especially of the other ones (iron/gold)? regards westfale
  12. Gentleman, today I've recieved this beautiful medal - I think given to remember the capture of the fortress of lille. I don't know much more than the info given by the medal itself, but I hope one of you would have some more info about it, e.g. how many were made or for what special reason except the capture itself or anything else... regards westfale
  13. "Wetterdienstplakette"

    @Paul: I'm not shure about the time of issue - I have seen two types of medals, one like mine, the other shown in the online addition of the sallach-katalogue which looks more professionell. my type is shown also in some online-article about people who got the award... @gordon: thanks for the info about the dwd!
  14. Hi, I would like to show you one interesting medal of the "Deutscher Wetterdienst" (DWD), the german weather service. This medal will be given for a minimum of 25 years of service not for members of the DWD, but for the people who help with "private service" - which means send data of their instruments (given by the service but used by them) and their reports of specific phenomena etc. It was normally given in a specific case and with an award-certificate from the "Minister für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur". Hope you like it, too! westfale
  15. Gentleman, two crosses, so called "Ehrenzeichen" der "Unteroffiziersgesellschaft Wien", given for archivement. Both are the crosses of the 1st type only given a short period of time, followed by smaller ones with a modified shield, too. They were given in bronce, silver and gold, but I have never seen a golden one. If anyone of you have a golden one it would be great to see a picture here! For more information I found a webside from jörg steiner: "http://www.ordenskunde.info/dtUOGW.htm" written in german. Regards westfale