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  1. Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    The other lot on the current auction also has unpleasant nature: shoulder-boards pair of sub-ensign (podpraporshik) of the 48th Infantry Odesski Rgt of the Emperor Alexander I is undoubtedly a modern build-up using a set of probably original insignia and original lace stripes.
  2. Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    Thanks for information! Then it's quite odd, but undoubtedly original piece. Are there any other Russian items on exhibition?
  3. Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    Standard low ranks shoulder-board should have unit abbreviations printed by oil paint. Metall abbreviations and emblems were officially allowed for officers and chief NCOs. However there were many cases when soldiers unofficially used metall insignia. Emblems for various technical troops were introduced in May, 1911 (check this reference please: http://bergenschild.ru/Reconstruction/depot/1912-18/trafaret_pogon.htm ) but in the same order the font of letters and digits of abbreviations was officially changed. Here we see old version (pre-1911) of digit "5" combined with M1911 emblem of pontoon battalions. The button is not correct: pontoon battalions as part of engineer troops should have buttons with double-headed eagle and crossed axes, in white metal. So, several minor inconsistencies result in the general uncertainty. Personally I think that the shoulder-board itself is original, but there is a possibility that metall insignia were added later.
  4. Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    These are Soviet shoulder-boards, approximately 1947-1953 period. No chance for them to be Imperial pair, sorry. The shown above single shoulder-board of the corporal of the 5th Pontoon battalion is questionable...
  5. Help identify shoulder boards

    Just try to think of this kind of philosophy, which could help you in the future: what is the true reason to spend money on items, belonging to the area where you are not a specialist? Only a naive hope for a lucky chance to get a really great item for reasonable money? Or belief that the seller has no idea what he sell, and offers good items with wrong identifications, which result in low competitor activity? Both of these reasons will surely bring fakes into your collection, because the only true reason for decision to buy could be your professional knowledge in this particular area. Well, some people think that they could be specialists in all areas: nazi uniforms, soviets, Imperials, British Victorian militaria... Or maybe thinking that having professional knowledge in items of one histoty period, this experience will bring them success in covering new areas. But judjing on Russian forums I see very few examples where people reach impressive results in covering multiple areas: for example, I know professional collectors of elite regimental badges, who spend huge money on fake shoulder-boards, professionals in collecting rare soviet uniforms who buy low-quality theatrical items, "supposed to be Russian Imperial Guards", etc. Just think of it. I don't claim that foreigners should "leave Russian uniforms for Russians", my idea is different: if you rely on lucky chance rather than on your knowledge, you become not a hunter, but rather a victim, and further complaints on bad guys selling bad items are naive and useless.
  6. Help identify shoulder boards

    These are soviet boards with attached monogramms of the Empress Maria Feodorovna. Even if not counting the fact that boards are soviet, this particular combination of insignia, color of stripes, color of cloth and color of lace is simply unreal: none of the four regiments having the Empress as a Chief did have such combination. BTW, insignia is fake too. As for education, sorry, I'm not an online teacher - I have only answered your actual questions, because I feel ashamed when such cheap stuff is very often being positioned as "real treasures of Imperial Russia" by Ebay dealers. But if I will clearly understand your interest I will definitely tell you more details in personal correspondence.
  7. Unknown Russian insignia

    The second picture shows a pair of college student collar insignia, collar insignia for personnel of Postal-Telegraph department, and the last one was a kind of general collar insignia used in many different civilian branches of service.
  8. Imperial hallmarked Russian Jetton 1912

    Yes, it's a civilian graduation jetton, commemorating the Graduation ball in 1912. The letters K.R.G.G. may be interpreted as "Kazanskaya Realnaya Gorodskaya Gymnaziya". First letter mean a city, not necessary Kazan - it maybe some other city starting with K.
  9. Sapper Battalion 6.3?

    Not "3", but Russian "Z", which results in the 6th Zapasniy Saperniy batalion (6th Sappers Reserve battalion).
  10. Imperial Russian Uniforms?

    Boring. Maybe this link will give you an idea, what was the source of inspiration for creators of this set.
  11. Unknown Russian Badge

    Here is an example of how these items looked like:
  12. Help with Great-Grandfather's Uniform

    The color plates of Sovage, as well as those later published by Shenk, were not a kind of document having a force of official reguilation. Its purpose was only to show general varieties of uniforms of different regiments, and their major distinctions. For example, I have seen a plenty of different shades of blue color, used on shoulder-boards and epaulettes of 2nd brigades of Infantry divisions. As well as the red color was not absolutely identical everywhere in the Army. Same refers to many other cases.
  13. Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    My offer was addressed to particular person, and not to the whole world. I know you by participation on Russian militaria forums, and the image is not positive to me. Sorry, I have no plans to waste my time on you - you are out of my sphere of interests.
  14. Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    Vodorosl, it is at least not a polite manner in which you have interfered the discussion. Chip, I know Greg and I’ve been closely communicating with him several years ago. I have changed my job and my e-mail changed, but I wrote my new contacts to Greg. Sadly, there was no answer. Year ago Greg wrote me from a contact list of American pen-friends website, but he didn’t assumed that as a Russian user I cannot even register there (subscription to that website couldn’t be paid from Russian Visa card, and unsubscribed members cannot read or write PMs). I would be greatly pleased, if you could help me to restore this communication. He told me that he was moving out from CA to a new address, but I think it didn’t refer to e-mail communication. My e-mail is skalon1909@yandex.ru If you write me back, I will gladly show you the whole collection, including the other fine samples of EM boards, and nice range of officers.