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  1. Thanks for posting these beauties gentlemen! Adler 1
  2. That's a very nice item to ad to your collection! Adler 1
  3. Indeed sorry to say, but as mentioned before, everything is replica. To be more specific is maybe not easy to explain, but I'll give it a try: - shape of the helmet is wrong - colour of the spike is strange - shape of the entire spike is wrong - spike retainer plate is to small - Rivets for the spike are to large and the pins are to thin - chinstrap is reproduction - liner has to many tongues - holes in liner tongues are to large - shape of the helmet plate is wrong, also look how sloppy the text is put on the bandeau ... - kokarden are fake and also painted very sloppy - the way that the visor and neckguard are fixed to the dome is ridiculous I can even go further with this list, but I don't want to give the fakers all the details... I hope you can understand this. Please for give me, I absolutely don't want to be rude or offend someone but I can't say it in a nicer way... this helmet is a newly produced fake (it's not even a replica) and it was made to deceive people and get their hard earned money out of their pockets. Also you have to be aware that pickelhauben (or anything else) in old collections are not necessary original because someone owned them for decades. They were even reproduced in the 60ties and they still are today... Maybe this one isn't from China, maybe it's from India or some other country, it doesn't matter... It stays a fake... Adler 1
  4. Chris, in my humble opinion you have to think of the bunker as an ongoing work in progress... The more pictures you show, the more I like your bunker! It is indeed hard to display paperwork, it just takes so much space to do it properly, but since you have enough hardware to show, I would concentrate the displays on that and keep the paperwork in some nice binders and maps. Of course the nice ones can complete the displays and will give it just that extra power... Keep up the good work! Adler 1
  5. Thanks for your nice comments gentlemen! Now you made me consider about that admission fee ... Christophe, For some reason, don't know why, I don't have Saxon uniforms in the collection... Maybe it's time to go hunting for one ... Adler 1
  6. Thank you guys! It took indeed a lot of years to get everything as it is today, but this hobby stays fascinating because there's always something new to explore, even after all these years of collecting... Adler 1
  7. Ok, meanwhile I enlarge the bunker and put up some field beds... than we can camp with all the good stuff besides us ... Adler 1
  8. Thank you very much for your nice comments gentlemen! I Started collecting in 1973 (d*mm, seems I'm getting old) but that was just at a low level... After service in the army, things started getting more serious... Sure, but you have to bring a lot of Imperial stuff with you ... Adler 1
  9. Since a few days, bunkers seem to be popping up here and that inspires me to show some pictures of my own "bunker". As most of you know, I collect German Imperial but my main interest goes to the WW1 era. Feldgrau uniforms, bayonets, steel helmets etc... Of course I also have some WW2 stuff, but to be honest, that's a bit "on the side"... Please enjoy the pictures, Adler 1 Some more...