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    19th Hussars

    Hi Peter Thanks for that, and thanks for answering my question from the other site. I have sent for Williams marriage certificate, which took place in india, and i am hoping it will have more details so i can contact kew. As so far i have not found him on any sites that list some of the recipients of medals, but i do believe that i read somewhere that only about 10 % of medal recipients have been listed and the rest remains at Kew until about 2011. Have a nice evening Regards Alison,x
  2. Hi, i am researching my husbands family history, his great grand father served with the 19th Hussars, I know he was in india in 1897, ( or his wife and son was). Please can someone let me know some more info about this regiment. This is what i have on him so far William Oakley lance corperal reg number 3182. Uk military base was canterbury kent. Any help would be great. Thanks ALison xx
  3. tiggy1970

    help wih boer war please

    HI please can someone with more military knowledge than me help me with the history of the hussars. i am slightly confused with there where abouts. My husbands great great grandfather was serving with the Hussars , and i am presuming that in 1897 they were stationed in india, as while there they had a son born 1897, on his birth certificate it states father william oakley rank 19th hussars reg no 3182. Then on the 1901 census, Williams wife Mary and thier son were living back in uk at the canterbury barracks kent. William can then be found on another census at canterbury barracks but residingseperate from mary. (looks like all the 19th hussars were living together on this census all men) So my questions are, would William of been in india in 1897, or possible in africa (as i thought thats where the hussars were in 1897) if so was it normal for wifes and families to stay in india and not return to uk. Would it be possible that when the whole family returned to uk which i am presuming must of been 1900/1901 going by the census info, they would of gone to reside at different quarters on the same barracks. Sorry but my history is not that good. I have googled and looked on many advised sites, but find i get lost with it all. Where did the hussars go after 1901? Icannot find any of them on the 1911 census, but there is a death for awillian oakley in 1903 canterbury. (not sure if this is my william iwill have to get the certificate) If it was his death it could explain why i can't find mary and albert on 1911 census if she remarried. He does not appear on any of the boer war medal records that i can see. Was not every soldier in the boer war issued a medal? Regards Alison x