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    I take a general interest in orders, medals, decorations, uniforms, insignia of: The Netherlands; Germany & German States 1800-1950; Great-Britain 1800-1950; Belgium 1830-1950; France 1800-1950; USA 1900-1950.
    Also I collect images (photos, postcards, prints, other documents) related to the above; German award documents (Besitzzeugnis & Urkunde); French campaign medals.
    Main projects:
    Germany and NS Organisations between the wars - in particular Reichsarbeitsdienst (FAD, RAD, RADwJ); HJ.
    German Sailing Training Ships & Kriegsmarine in general.
    Dutch Colonial Army and Navy.
    Royal Navy & Scots Guards.

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  1. The victory of U9 ("Three before breakfast") was celebrated wit many postcards of the crew and commandant (Otto Weddingen). Later other victorious crews appeared on postcards also, like: - The crew of S.M.S. MÖWE, a Raider or AMC (Armed Merchant Cruiser) - The crew of S.M.S. WOLF, another Raider - The crew of S.M.S. AYESHA. This is an interesting tally, because the schooner Ayesha was captured by the shore party of S.M.S. Emden on the Cocos Isles, shortly before the Emden was attacked by H.M.A.S. Sydney. The shore party took the Ayesha to the Dutch East Indies, and left in her to sail home. This was impossible, but the men were taken on board a German freighter, and the schooner Ayesha was sunk. The men made it to the Red Sea, went on shore and traveled it via Turkey to Germany. The Ayesha was never officially listed as a German war ship, but the legendary journey of her crew was stuff for books and films.
  2. The tallies read mainly TORPEDO-DIVISION, T is for Torpedoboot, this was a rather young branch of the Imperial Navy
  3. Hi Morten, You can delete the wrong photo yourself by use of the EDIT function. I think you're right Martin, I wonder how many postcards of Weddingen and his successfull crew were published.
  4. Two brothers and a woman, an interesting studio portrait made during the Great War. The men are wearing the field grey overcoat and sailor's hats in the same colour with the tally ?.II. MATROSEN-DIVISION. Note their typical gaiters.
  5. When looking at the structure of GMIC, you will note this thread is placed subordinate to German Third Reich Militaria, so it is not logical to add older periods. Therefore I have opened a new thread about Kaiserliche Marine / German Imperial Tallies in the correct period.
  6. Obermatrose (A.B.) of the Small Cruiser S.M.S. AMAZONE wearing the China Denkmünze (China Medal, for German participants in the Boxer War)
  7. As annex to the thread Kriegsmarine tallies in wear, post here your photos of Imperial Navy sailors. Starting with an early tally of the Aviso GREIF, without the prefix S.M.S. The prefix was introduced in June 1890. A Funker (Wireless-Operator) of the 1. MINEN-ABTEILUNG (1st Coy. Mine Sweeper Batallion.). The Minen-Abteilung was established 1 June 1907.
  8. Apologies GreyC, I should not have used the term ultimatum... For the sake of clarity, I suggest to start a German Imperial Navy tally thread.
  9. What is this, an ultimatum? Why no start a new forum topic about Imperial tallies? This is all about Kriegsmarine tallies, as I understand it right.
  10. In the British and Commonwealth Armies to be compared to Warrant-office Class II (Company Sergeant major, CSM), the key of communication in the old Army between officers and "rank and file" (as officers did not address lower rank directly, nor the opposite).
  11. Nothing Morten - it's like you can take a horse to the water, but you cannot make him drink... With 21 pages you have not done a bad job, so far
  12. This is a photo of Vermessungsschiff Komet from my collection, note the crest on the bow.
  13. KdF Gau Koblenz-Trier [Ziemer & Söhne] Alu.