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    I take a general interest in orders, medals, decorations, uniforms, insignia of: The Netherlands; Germany & German States 1800-1950; Great-Britain 1800-1950; Belgium 1830-1950; France 1800-1950; USA 1900-1950.
    Also I collect images (photos, postcards, prints, other documents) related to the above; German award documents (Besitzzeugnis & Urkunde); French campaign medals.
    Main projects:
    Germany and NS Organisations between the wars - in particular Reichsarbeitsdienst (FAD, RAD, RADwJ); HJ.
    German Sailing Training Ships & Kriegsmarine in general.
    Dutch Colonial Army and Navy.
    Royal Navy & Scots Guards.

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  1. Interesting photo Larry. I think the KzS inspecting, is Hermann von Bredow, he was Kdr of the 5. SStA from 1 Jan. until 11 Apr 1939, and before (from 20 Aug 1937) Kdr of the I. Marine-Ergänzungs-Abteilung (also in Eckernforde). Von Bredow was promoted Konteradmiral (1.11.42) and commanding Coastal Forces (Kdt. Seeverteidigung) in Northern Norway.
  2. New arrival: TeNo Gruppe Luftwaffe (wearing the Luftwaffe Fliegerbluse and Lw side cap with Lw eagle and Lw belt buckle), dated 1941, left a TeNo-Scharführer and right a TeNo-Vormann.
  3. The French Order of Agricultural Merit on a military uniform? Yes, I have a portrait of a British Major, also wearing this decoration. Presumably, a Reservist.
  4. French military buckle?

    Not necessarily French. The Fleur-de-Lis symbol was, in particular during the romantic period (2nd half 19th century) but ever since much used as a fashionable ornament. I see no military connection here.
  5. Interesting Larry, we're learning all the time
  6. Medal of the International Commission on Former Yugoslavia (ICFY) from 10-10-1994 to 30-03-1996. http://www.vredesmissies.nl/icfy.htm
  7. 2 pages from the Soldbuch of a young Naval-Artillery Gunner (born 25.10.1927) who was enlisted in January 45 and served in Helgoland 11.5.45!
  8. J. HEINTSCHEL - WIEN (vertical pin)
  9. The BeVo insignia, as shown in Larry's photo, are rarely seen on the Kriegsmarine cap but on the Army caps there are more common. Also note the absence of the chin strap on this type of headdress.
  10. Excellent photo, I like the cap, this model with silk insignia is not often seen.
  11. The victory of U9 ("Three before breakfast") was celebrated wit many postcards of the crew and commandant (Otto Weddingen). Later other victorious crews appeared on postcards also, like: - The crew of S.M.S. MÖWE, a Raider or AMC (Armed Merchant Cruiser) - The crew of S.M.S. WOLF, another Raider - The crew of S.M.S. AYESHA. This is an interesting tally, because the schooner Ayesha was captured by the shore party of S.M.S. Emden on the Cocos Isles, shortly before the Emden was attacked by H.M.A.S. Sydney. The shore party took the Ayesha to the Dutch East Indies, and left in her to sail home. This was impossible, but the men were taken on board a German freighter, and the schooner Ayesha was sunk. The men made it to the Red Sea, went on shore and traveled it via Turkey to Germany. The Ayesha was never officially listed as a German war ship, but the legendary journey of her crew was stuff for books and films.
  12. The tallies read mainly TORPEDO-DIVISION, T is for Torpedoboot, this was a rather young branch of the Imperial Navy