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    I take a general interest in orders, medals, decorations, uniforms, insignia of: The Netherlands; Germany & German States 1800-1950; Great-Britain 1800-1950; Belgium 1830-1950; France 1800-1950; USA 1900-1950.
    Also I collect images (photos, postcards, prints, other documents) related to the above; German award documents (Besitzzeugnis & Urkunde); French campaign medals.
    Main projects:
    Germany and NS Organisations between the wars - in particular Reichsarbeitsdienst (FAD, RAD, RADwJ); HJ.
    German Sailing Training Ships & Kriegsmarine in general.
    Dutch Colonial Army and Navy.
    Royal Navy & Scots Guards.

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  1. A tragic double portrait of two brothers,who were both KIA in 1944, a Oberjäger der Gebirgsjäger and Reichsbahn (Corporal of the Mountain Troops with Railways Official). A decorated NCO of the Mountain Troops with his girl, a Heeres-Nachrichten-Helferin (Army-Signals-Auxiliary)
  2. Ersatz-Seebataillon (Replenishment Naval Infantry Batn.) M.I.R. = Marine-Infanterie-Regiment
  3. From the Ehrenrangliste der Kaiserlich Deutschen Marine (Imperial Naval Honours List), p/1137 Schweim, Otto, born 19.10.1894 13.01.1917 Lieut.d.Res. der Marineinfanterie Entered Jan, 1915 May 1915 - I. E.S.B. Sep. 1918. M.I.R. POw in England until the end of war 21.01.1920 to Reserve-List
  4. Hi Odulf, 

    I just joined this group. Trying to help my husband buy a Dutch resistance cross. His father's cross was given to another sibling and it means a lot for him to have a similar collection for our kids. The Dutch website that you refer to is not available for us as we live in Canada. If you see a cross for sale, would you kindly refer me to it.

    Regards, Mrs Broersma


    1. Odulf


      Dear Mrs Boersma,

      These crosses are on the market. Below I am sending you a linkt to a Dutch digital market (Marktplaats) where such a cross is on offer. As it is an auction site the current offer is 118 Euros, but the accepted price is expected to be higher.

      I can do the bidding for you, but I don't know how much you are prepared to pay.

      The cross is original and in it's original box with the littje ribbon bar for daily wear.





  5. ... der Nordsee. Please note my reactions #58 & 59 from 13-06-2013 about the stripe on the knot of the silk.
  6. The Seeberufsfachschule was a training establishment for future Merchant Navy personel. Before more tallies of this institute are shown
  7. he reminds me of Lütjens, but this guy is a Leutnant z.S. and Lütjens was promoted Oberleutnant z.S. in 1913....
  8. As it seems we are of about the same age, gents, but I have no intention to stop collecting at 65.... Publishing a such book is not an easy task. Take for example the excellent book about German tallies 1815-1918, by Bernd Wedeking and Markus Bodeux, that's a life time job, a vocation! Perhaps a job for when we are retired. But I'll support every realistic initiative comng about. Cheers!
  9. Two photos from China (early 20th Century) showing men wearing the tally MATROSENARTILLERIE KIAUTSCHOU on the all white sailor's hat as worn in the Far East.
  10. Like his British counterparts, the German sailor was a Jack of all trades. Here we see a naval black smith's workshop of the Heavy Artillery in Flanders, in 1916. The cap tally SCHWERE-KORPSARTILLERIE (introduced 15-05-1915) is visible. The woorden shield reads "Kriegsjahr 1914.15.16 // Schmiede // Schweren Korps Artillerie" Later, two Naval Corps Heavy Artillery Regiments were formed, below a tally of the 1st Regiment (total length of the text = 42 cm!). Perhaps of interest to know that the Original owner of this tally served subsequently in the Marine-Artillerie of the Reichsmarine and the Kriegsmarine.
  11. Torpedo & Mine Service Men of the Torpedo-Abteilung en Minenwesen dressed as seamen were issued cap tallies with gilt letters, but per A.C.O. of 12 April 1887 it was also ordered that they would be recognized by a red piping around the top of their hat and around their collar tabs. The P.O.s Torpedomaat and Torpedo-Obermaat are to be recognized by white metal buttons, a red piping and a cap tally with silver letters. On the white cap cover no coloured piping is worn. A nice hand coloured photo showing a seaman of the Torpedo Branch, wearing the cap tally TORPEDOBOOTS - HALBFLOTTILLE. [1] A.C.O. van 12-04-1887
  12. This is my (rough and rapid) translation Larry While I served in the Reichsmarine and Kriegsmarine.docx