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  1. Erntedankfest 1934, Bitterfeld [Thanks Giving Day 1934 in Bitterfeld], with Police checking the documents
  2. I know, and my words "the noble sport of swords" in the context were with ironical intend Bruno Loerzer, the President of the DLV and Reichsluftsportführer
  3. two certificates for the Sudentenland medal (1938) as presented to enlisted Luftwaffe personnel of the Naval Air Station on the Isle of Sylt
  4. On further notice, I agree with Slicht & Angolia, that the "K" Schulterklappe is probably dating from the Reichsmarine. "Kanal" seems odd to me, because the Germans did not get to the Kanal before June 1940, and by then all tactical information (Roman numbers and letters) had been removed from the Naval Schulterklappen for reasons of security. So why add tactical information when a year before all these characters were removed? The "K" from the Reichsmarine would indicate "Küste", this could be Küstenverteidigung or Küstenartillerieschule. The Schulterklappe could have been worn in the early days of the Kriegsmarine, but fact is, that it does not show up in any KM regulation (so far). So, my educated guess would be, as the "K" is visible only on one person, that he is a reservist wearing his old Schulterklappe. I know nothing about large or smaller "K".
  5. A very very nice and interesting photo. Obviously the funeral party are Luftwaffe, to bury one of their comrades, but the Catholic chaplain is of the Army. Because Goering would not have any chaplains at all in the Luftwaffe, for the occasion of military funerals, chaplains had to be "borrowed" from the Army or Navy.
  6. Another interesting portrait, with information. We see a Maschinen-Obermaat of the 1. Komp. Marine-Stabsabteilung Festungskommandantur LS Gotenhafen [1st Coy Navy Staff Unit of the Garrison Administration Gotenhafen - presenty named Gdynia], the photo is dated 5 April 1940. Interesting to note the crossed anchors below the letter "O" (for "Ostsee"), the early style cap with woven roundel and oak leaves. Also interesting to see his ribbon bar, which denotes that he is from Austria, with 2 medals for bravery in the Great War.
  7. Here are some more of other sailing school ships, "Segelschulschiff Albert Leo Schlageter" "Segelschulschiff Georg Fock" "Segelschulschiff Horst Wessel" with 2 men standing "Totenwache" (Dead Watch)
  8. An interesting studio photo. The sign reads: "3. Schiffsbatterie // Mondsüchtiger an der Arbeit // Munster 1939" [3rd Ship's Battery // Moonrakers at work // Munster 1030] The photo was taken in Munsterlager, a Truppenübungsplatz [Military Training Facility, like Aldershot]. The men are wearing Army uniforms, with the Arab number 83 on the shoulder loops. Some of the men are wearing the old style Schnurstiefel [Lace boots]. It is puzzeling that the tekst reads "3. Schiffsbatterie", a unit to be connected with the Kriegsmarine, but the uniforms and insignia are Army.
  9. When I read the information about the "K", both on the internet and in my books, I would consider it safe to conclude that it is assumed to be "Kanal" based troops, but this is not (yet) supported by any Kriegsmarine regulation or official order.
  10. Interesting Morten, what is the source for this information about the "K" (MV, Vfg, OKM-B, OTB, etc.)?
  11. That is a very informative photo Morten! Thanks for sharing
  12. Some more Auxiliaries: Lufthansa pilot (The German national commercial airlines company, extablished 1926) Seemännisches Personal (manning the fleet of sea-rescue ships, supply vessels, etc.) they were non-military staff Three women of the RADwJ, serving with the Luftwaffe as extra-supplementary auxiliary personnel, at war-conscript service
  13. Two very rare photos of the same guy, who served as a fireman on the Naval Air Station Bug, on Rügen. In the second photo he is depicted as Löschmeister (Master-Fireman)
  14. Very nice pics Morten! Any opinions about this portrait? A Matrose with 2 (!) identical Flak Sonderlaufbahnabzeichen (Fla. Maschinenwaffenführer). What could be his story? I can'd find the answers in any of my books...
  15. These are very fine and well produced badges. In the past many posts concerning the RVO were placed in the GMIC forums, so with a little efford you can find a lot of information here.
  16. Apearently, the office workers must have been geared in overdrive, because at this date many medals & decorations were issued (feeling the hot wind of change?). Many I've seen are printed in Latin script.
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