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  1. Indeed, according to Durov, there is no real difference between the "gold head" and the "silver head" Lenin. The silver plating on the "gold head" was thin and wore off. And I totally agree, this award is as beautiful as it is historically significant:
  2. Albert

    Mongolian State Security

    Out of curiosity, and along the question in post 162, now, almost ten years later, how much would a cased badge go for?
  3. Hi Gerd, Looks like Vojshnits, Petr Iosifovich (dt.: Wojschnitz, Petr Iosifowitsch) Best regards, Albert
  4. If I may kindly add: the name is in Russian and reads "Larisa Mikhajlovna", so it's for a woman... The stamp is Ukrainian; doc was issued in the city of Makeevka, Donetsk oblast'.
  5. Albert

    Sukhbaatar Order

    Thanks, Ed!
  6. Albert

    Sukhbaatar Order

    Here is a close up of the serial # on the above mentioned OSB that I am selling on WAF. No care is needed with this particular piece as it is 100% original. The reason I am selling my tiny Mongolian collection as well as most of my German collection is health related... The best price is EUR 1630 incl ww registered airmail (this is not an add but rather an attempt to clear up above statements reg. my OSB and to add new pertaining info). Best regards, Albert
  7. Gentlemen, May I have your opinion please Thanks in advance and Best regards, Albert
  8. Hi Scott, Mine do not have this marking. They are only marked 11; I guess that's the size. BR, Albert
  9. No, mine are Army. My question above was aimed at the pair posted by Scott. Albert