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  1. Hello, would the eagle and wreath police arm badge be issued in 1943-44 to the police volunteer battalions/ regiments ,comprised of ethnic Germans from Banat ,Yugoslavia ? Or no police arm badges ? They were given full German citizenship in May 1943. Polizei freiwilligen regiment 1-3 Serbien , formed May 1944 , 3 regiments. Polizei freiwilligen regiment Kroatian , formed in November 1943, Polizei freiwilligen battailon Montenegro , formed June 1944.
  2. Hello, does anyone have a copy or access to the Russian militaria magazine "Old Zeughaus" issue 72 , April 2016 ? Dave.
  3. Hello, anyone know what colour the rectangular collar patches were for the newly created Albanian army and gendarmerie from 1913 ? They had grey green Italian style uniforms.Period photos show dark patches, black or dark red . Gendarmerie red ?
  4. Hello, does anyone have a copy or access to this book by Henry L Gaidis ? - A history of the Lithuanian forces in world war 2,1939-1945.
  5. Hello gents, found this link recently that shows Albanian uniforms from 1912 right through to the communist era. Very impressive collection. http://www.gazetadita.al/fotot-shteti-shqiptar-ne-uniforma/ Although I cannot see any uniforms worn by the Albanian army after the 1943 Italian armistice. Did they continue to wear the Cacciatori d'Albania collar patches (red and Black) or reintroduce the pre 1939 Albanian green ones ? Dave.
  6. Hello, did the Ukrainian front /mobile battalions have the plain grey uniform or did some battalions have the police uniform with brown collars/cuffs ? Or both worn together in the same units ? Dave.
  7. Did the Ukrainian schuma (front/mobile units) have mainly grey uniforms or the police uniforms with brown collars and cuffs ? Dave.
  8. Hello, i would have suggested you look at this website- http://www.albmilitary.com but unfortunately it became defunct in the summer of 2013, which was a shame as it had a lot of information and photos. You could try the Albanian armed forces museum , Forcat e armatosura muze, email - aqfa@aaf.mil.al , i have emailed a few times but keep on getting a "failed delivery " message, perhaps you will have more success. Dave.
  9. Hello Artan, apologies for this late reply, and thanks for this really unusual uniform of a unit I never knew existed. Dave.
  10. Hello, anyone know what colour the collar patch colours were for the Albanian army or "international gendarmerie" when the modern Albania became independent 1912-13 ? Any museum displays of this grey uniform ? dave.
  11. Hello gents, did the Georgian and Armenian rifle regiments have any cyrillic letters to identify the nationlity on the shoulder boards 1914-17 ? If so what colour ? Dave.
  12. Hello gentlemen, just been looking at fickr and found a nice photo of the 1936-44 Mongolian rank insignia (like the photos Ed Haynes posted a few years ago). Go onto google images and put in either- khalkin gol 1939 , click on the photo of the Mongolian cavalry photo in the 3rd row or put in - Rangabzeichen 1930-1945 ,into the images search box. Hopefully the photo will show. Would anyone be able to translate (the clear and legible) caption labels ? Dave.
  13. Hello Dan, i think thats the one, printed in 2005 with some English text. I've seen a few pics of its pages. thanks Dave.
  14. Hello, does anyone have a copy or access to "Mongolian orders , medals and badges " by Dr A Battushig ? Dave.