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  1. Yes, missing blue enamel, also looks like the whole order was gilded. Too bad that we can't see the back side.
  2. No need to apologize, thanks for posting that photo. To be honest I don't know much about that order but it seems to me that it was rarely awarded, I don't remember seeing a lot of its recipients. Even more interesting that one of your ancestors received it, is the order still in the family?
  3. Thanks again, I'll try to make better photos today. If you ever need help with Serbian or Yugoslav militaria don't hesitate to ask. Best regards
  4. Thank you very much! What would be a fair price for an order in this condition?
  5. Excellent portrait! By the way I started a separate topic about king Aleksandar Obrenović's decorations, you can find it HERE.
  6. Anatoliy Kalachev (Калачёв, Анатолий Александрович 1920-1997) Partisan Star 2nd Class WIKIPEDIA LINK Photo found here.
  7. Greetings gentlemen, I'm far from being an expert for Albanian decorations so I'd like to hear your opinions regarding this 1st class, could it be Soviet type made out of gold? It was awarded to Yugoslavian citizen. All comments are more than welcome.
  8. Here we go, major J. O. C. Orton's medal bar with unusual Karađorđe Star with swords. It also looks like one of Bertrand's soldier's stars, possibly enameled later, by whom and why who knows. Certainly looks much better than the previous one... A rare Great War Mesopotamia operations M.C., A.F.C. group of six awarded to Major J. O.C. Orton, Royal Air Force, late Norfolk Regiment and Royal Flying Corps Serbia, Order of Karageorge, Fourth Class breast badge, with swords, silver-gilt and enamel, slight enamel damage to the last, otherwise generally good very fine. Sold for £3,700 Source: www.dnw.co.uk
  9. Hopefully they will arrive soon That really is an unusual variation, don't remember seeing it before, what's the difference in size?
  10. Thanks Looks like type 3, the most common one. Depends how you count, first type - Soviet, second type - unusual Yugo type, only a few known examples, and this one, type three.
  11. I'm pretty sure it was offered by Liverpool medals. You just need to find a sucker who's willing to pay extra for ruined decorations.
  12. Could you please post images of medals from your collection? I only have couple of "standard" - the most common ones, nothing interesting...
  13. To be honest that thought crossed my mind when I saw first example like that, but I think Delande's catalog proves such orders were being produced. Take a look at this one, I'm pretty sure someone took Bertrand's soldier's star and enameled it.
  14. I believe the order goes as follows: -USSR -Mongolia -North Korea -Bulgaria -East Germany -Poland -Czechoslovakia -Yugoslavia -United Kingdom -France -USA