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  1. Dragomir, many thanks for the photos! Star of the Republic of Indonesia 2nd Class recipients: Aleksandar Ranković, Mijalko Todorović and Stane Pavlič
  2. Introduction

    Greetings and welcome to GMIC, You'll probably have better luck if you post your question in the "Central & Eastern European States" section.
  3. Tito being awarded with the Star of the Republic of Indonesia 1st Class (Bintang RI Adipurna) by president Soekarno. 16 June 1961
  4. Tito being awarded with the Sacred Star (Bintang Sakti) by president Soekarno. 7 April 1960
  5. Don't mention it, the last one is from some book about Đuro Pucar.
  6. You are welcome. Tito was indeed decorated with the Star of the Republic of Indonesia 1st class (Bintang RI Adipurna) in 1961 but also with the Sacred Star (Bintang Sakti) in 1960. I'll see if I can dig up some photos. BTW I have found more Indonesian recipients of the Yugoslav decorations, if you wish I can post their names.
  7. Tito being awarded with the Guerrilla Star (Bintang Gerilya) by president Soekarno who is wearing Yugoslav Grand Star. Same source, 28 December 1958
  8. Prime Minister Djuanda Kartawidjaja being awarded with the Yugoslav Flag 1st Class during Tito's visit to Indonesia in 1958. 24 December 1958 The rest of the photos from the Museum of Yugoslav History website, perhaps members of Kartawidjaja's cabinet? It seems like they all received Yugoslav Flag 1st class. Like I said before Rudež mentions that one Indonesian citizen received Yugoslav Star 1st class in 1958, that probably happened during the same visit.
  9. Possible recipients: Koča Popović, Dragoslav Marković, Vicko Krstulović and Vlajko Begović. Considering that it has 30 rubies we can cross Dragoslav Marković off the list. Also women in folk costumes are placed differently. Historical Archives of Belgrade
  10. This one belonged to Dragoslav Marković, awarded in 1980, 31 rubies! Historical Archives of Belgrade
  11. Socialist Yugoslavia Ribbon Bars

    First one that belonged to fleet admiral Mamula is the one I mentioned before. Third and fifth one are interesting because of UNEF medal ribbon, third also because Yugo Flag 1st class! Fourth one is unusual because of Military Merits 1st class ribbon, the rest of the orders are 3rd class. I first though it might be Order for Merits in the Fields of Defense and Security 1st class but the blouse is from SFRY period, not FRY.
  12. President Soekarno being awarded with the Grand Yugoslavian Star during his visit to Yugoslavia in 1956. Photos found on the Museum of Yugoslav History website. 12 September 1956
  13. Socialist Yugoslavia Ribbon Bars

    I know what you mean, I also never focused on the ribbon bars themselves, but over the years they somehow piled up Most of the ones I present are not very interesting, no higher decorations, so I can't wait to see some of those from your collection
  14. A First War Montenegrin Bravery Medal; French Manufacture "This medal is issued officially in silver only, this being possibly a trial piece." Medal instituted in 1841, trial piece from WW1 period? Jovićević wrote that king Nikola had an idea of passing the new law on decorations and because of that Bravery Medals were rarely awarded during Balkan Wars and WW1. But then again the new law was never introduced.