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  1. It's definitely a copy even though the seller wrote: "Sale item from the pictures, I guarantee that it is genuine." Officers who completed the Higher School of Military Academy (Виша школа Војне академије) received the badge and diploma. According to the Law on Military Academy (Закон о устројству Војне Академије) they had to pay some tax, but I doubt its amount had anything to do with the production material so I'm not buying the "poor students" story.
  2. The rest of the photos for future reference.
  3. One more got sold couple of weeks ago for 444$! LINK
  4. On the contrary, thank you for posting it. Frankly speaking I forgot about this topic, this came as a reminder to continue the research.
  5. I think the edges of the red star were smaller on the earliest orders. I'm not completely sure but it seems like most of those are usually coming inside boxes with inscription "Orden za vojničke zasluge".
  6. Monogram under magnifying glass.
  7. I've seen only a few orders with those pre-WW2 type of screw nuts, one of our forum members has a piece like that in his collection. Others have so-called "butterfly" screw nuts and there's a certain number of remade ones with needles. That piece from shopbulgaria also has 23XX number and it's was the first one I saw with butterfly screw nuts, perhaps someone replaced them.
  8. Sadly the original owner of the watch I presented in this topic passed away so I can't ask him. If I remember well the story was they couldn't be replaced because of the breakup of SFRY and everything else that followed.
  9. I forgot to add those to the list, thanks for pointing it out, Drugo. They also caught my eye. It's interesting that all of those shinny ones have 23XX number and their quantity on the market certainly raises some suspicions, I've seen at least of them 15 so far. And like you said it's not just the screw nuts, they also have that "shinny" look and couple of other details are different compared to orders with lower numbers.
  10. A fellow collector asked me to open this topic, what do you think? Original piece or not? All comments are more than welcome.
  11. Very nice photos, thanks for sharing them with us Five torches order awarded in 1971
  12. I'm very skeptical because I really don't remember seeing them before at all, not a single one (not counting fakes and replaced screw nuts) and then all of a sudden a certain number appears in 2016 in a very short period of time. In the beginning 2nd and 3rd classes were made only by ZIN/ZNB and IKOM made 1st classes. At some point IKOM also started producing lower classes, when exactly I don't know but it was later because they are with double horizontal needles. By the way IKOM was even remaking some of the older ZIN/ZNB screw types. You can't find them in Sammler's base and I'm pretty sure no one mentioned them in the literature. On top of everything their quality is not that great, especially for decorations which should be from the '40s-'50s. I'll make some comparisons tomorrow, it's getting late over here Since the only difference between 2nd and 3rd class is the gilt it would be logical to assume IKOM made both of them. Has anyone seen a 3rd class like that? I haven't.
  13. Awards to Enver Hoxha

    I know that photo, it's a cropped version, on full size you can see Georgi Dimitrov on the left. It was probably taken before the Tito-Stalin split which affected relations between Yugoslavia and Albania. He's also wearing Yugoslav Order of the People's Hero.