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  1. There's a list of Mihailo's decorations on Serbian Wiki page, I'm pretty sure it didn't exist when I started this topic... Here's the LINK, the list is the same so I don't know how reliable it is, I think someone just used information from this topic, anyway Nevsky's on it. I think this coat of arms is also new, I don't remember seeing it before, one can see Russian Order of St. Andrew on it?! Looks amateurish to me...
  2. 1: Order of Osmanieh (Ottoman Empire) 2: ??? (#1 in the previous post) 3: Order of Leopold (Austria) 4: Order of the White Eagle (Russia) 5: St. Maurice and Lazarus (Italy) 6: St. Anna (Russia) 7: Order of Redeemer (Greece) 8: Order of Danilo (Montenegro) 9: Takovo
  3. Same problem as before, based on another image I presume he's wearing the following miniatures: 1: ??? 2: Order of Leopold (Austria) 3: Order of the White Eagle (Russia) 4: St. Anna (Russia) 5: Order of Redeemer (Greece) 6: Order of Danilo (Montenegro) 7: Takovo
  4. It's hard to determine which miniatures is he wearing based on this photo, I presume Russian St. Anna & White Eagle and Greek Order of Redeemer... He's wearing both miniatures of the stars and miniatures of the badges.
  5. Thank you very much, Igor! Amazing research! I've found a few more Brits awarded with the Montenegrin Silver Bravery Medal.
  6. Once again, thank you so much for images from Delande's catalog! I hope you won't mind me asking you again, but are there other Montenegrin decorations in that catalog?
  7. It's Cyrillic signature ЂЈ 1912. ЂЈ or ĐJ are the author's initials, Ђорђе Јовановић (Đorđe Jovanović). Anyway, very nice medal!
  8. Very interesting TV show about two former Nebojša crew members made in 2003 LINK. When the command gave the order to surrender the submarine to Italians 19 out of 54 crew members disobeyed it and went first to Crete and then to Alexandria to join the allies. They took a lot of other people with them, navy and officers of other branches. Corvette lieutenant Ivan Mišković remained active during the war outside Yugoslavia. When he returned home in 1946 he had troubles with the new communist authorities, even spent some time in the solitary confinement. On the other hand Jovan Trbojević was first trained by the British in Palestine and then parachuted into mountains of Montenegro in 1942 where he joined Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland. After the war he remained outside Yugoslavia. Nebojša was brought back to Yugoslavia in 1945 where the Yugoslav Navy used it for training under a a new name, Tara, until 1954-5 when it was decommissioned and later cut up for scrap.
  9. Flag from the royal submarine Nebojša and submarine badge, looks like M1937 Sokol society flag Source:
  10. POW items Generals' šajkača cap Royal Navy saber and corvette captain shoulder boards
  11. Exhibition "The April War" from 2011 held at the Belgrade Military Museum. Flag from 1930 Model of the river monitor Drava Junkers JU87 tail
  12. Looks like one more Serbian recipient, artillery 2nd lieutenant, uniform from 1900. Second foreign order might be Medjidie. Historical Museum of Serbia
  13. Apologies for the wrong attribution, thanks for the correction. I remember reading an article about Mozaffar ad-Din Shah Qajar's visit to Serbia in 1900. Perhaps Esmail Momtaz od-Dowleh was decorated with Takovo on that occasion.
  14. Greetings Mark and welcome to GMIC. Amazing photography of your ancestor, thank you for sharing it with us. I've been able to identify two decorations, Serbian Order of the Cross of Takovo 1st class and Bulgarian Order of the Civil Merit 2nd class (so-called princely type). I'm not sure about the rest, images are little bit blurry. As for the decorations on the back side of the photo, second one from the left looks like Montenegrin Order of Danilo and third one is Ottoman Order of the Medjidie. Regards
  15. Looks like Fleischhacker's order which puts it in the 1891-1903 period. Unfortunately I can't help you with the ribbon.