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  1. I can't give you a definitive answer but that's certainly a possibility. For example I've seen silver 1st class orders (Type 1) without hallmarks. Apart from that there are other silver orders made by the same factory without hallmarks, for example I have one Order of Military Merits like that, same thing Order of Merits for the People... If it's Type 1 then it's definitely silver, I believe tombak (or whatever cheaper metal they used) variants of that type don't exist.
  2. It looks just like the box we can see on 287. page of Car/Muhić book (Croatian version) - Bertrand's first class order awarded to Anton Korošec in 1919.
  3. Perhaps one day that would be possible, provided that the archive survived...
  4. A few more from Wiki. People's Hero, Partisan Star 1st Class, Brotherhood & Unity 1st Class and Order of National Liberation, scarce Soviet type!
  5. Flag and decorations of the First Proletarian Brigade, Belgrade Military Museum Source: Wikipedia Author: Flammard
  6. I know it's been almost 5 years since you asked the question but better late than never. According to the regulations from 1939 the following infantry regiments wore monograms: -1st Infantry Regiment "Miloš the Great" -2nd Infantry Regiment "Prince Mihailo" -5th Infantry Regiment "King Milan" -6th Infantry Regiment "King Aleksandar" -7th Infantry Regiment "King Petar I" -8th Infantry Regiment "Prince Aleksandar" -11th Infantry Regiment "Karađorđe" -14th Infantry Regiment "King Petar II" -16th Infantry Regiment "Emperor Nicholas II" -25th Infantry Regiment "King Ferdinand of Romania" -38th Infantry Regiment "Njegoš" -54th Infantry Regiment "King Carol II of Romania"
  7. Vojvoda Bojović's overcoat with braided shoulder boards
  8. Unfortunately I don't think so. I've never tried to do something like that through the "official channels" but then again I've never heard that anyone succeeded. Also there were rumors that the archive of the Chancellery of Orders was destroyed.
  9. Few more photos found on Wikipedia (author Boksi). Cavalry Regiment IV from 1904 Flags from 1911
  10. Perfect! Thank you very much!
  11. This revolver belongs to a friend of mine, it was a gift from a Yugoslav partisan who received it during the war from the British. It's in very nice shape and the holster is original. The owner was wondering is it possible to find an original barrel? Also what's the current market value of this revolver?
  12. Thank you as well for that catalog! Perhaps some of those Saint Sava orders we discussed earlier on the forum were made by the same producer...
  13. Here's one with swords, central medallions are switched just as in illustration. The only difference are the swords, on illustration they are on the back and here on the front side. I'm convinced these two were made by the same producer - Delande!
  14. We can see Karađorđe Star with Swords in the catalog, it's enameled (!) soldiers' order (clearly visible inscription ЗА ХРАБРОСТ - For Bravery). That reminded me of couple of decorations we discussed earler. Photos of this examples were found on emedals, "unmarked, of unusual manufacture (probably French)." Back side is being represented as front in the catalog and it looks like they switched the central medallions... Order from emedals is "for bravery" but doesn't have swords, looks like there was a huge mix up in the workshop that made these...