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  1. Unfortunately that's the case with most of the modern era decorations. Still, compared with orders of some other ex-Yu republics looks pretty decent.
  2. Order of Sretenje 2nd Class awarded to the National Library of Serbia in 2013 for 180 years of existence.
  3. Order of the Yugoslav Star 2nd class, Belorussian lieutenant general Nikolai Cherginets (Мікала́й Чаргіне́ц).
  4. Very nice! I especially like the right one, unknown producer?
  5. I was going through some old topics and stumbled upon this one, I completely forgot about it. That "Association of recipients of the Albanian retreat medal miniature" was actually issued by the Association for Preserving the Traditions of the Serbian Liberation Wars Until 1918 in 1975. Article by S. Radan, R. Mandić and N. Bjeloš published in Serbian magazine Dinar.
  6. First & second class badges and lower classes are not problematic, but stars are sometimes difficult to read, at least I'm not always sure which is which
  7. One more photo from B. Bogdanović's article published in Politikin magazin.
  8. I think Ludwig Wilhelm's dagger is from the Belgrade Military Museum, here's a photo from their website.
  9. Don't mention it, Ulric. Here's a link to their website in case someone decides to visit it:
  10. Ottomans and a remarkable dagger of the Markgrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden-Baden
  11. Medal of Cultural Merit also existed, if I remember well in two classes. They were also being worn on different types of ribbons depending on the category and have two types with Carol II or Mihai on the front side.