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  1. Hello, As far as I know it was awarded him because of direction of the siege of Győr (Raab) in 1849. He was wearing it as a message for the hungarians... He stopped to wear it after 1914. Regards, Viktor
  2. NaVi

    Hungarian Levente badge

    You're welcome. :-)
  3. NaVi

    Hungarian Levente badge

    Hi, I think it's a group leader's badge (or award). There is a same one here: http://www.netlabor.hu/roncskutatas/modules/myalbum/photo.php?lid=18991 Regards, NaVi
  4. NaVi

    A tunic question-1906 Honved tunic

    Hi Gordon, Maybe it is a bit late but the answer is yes. It is an 1906M gyalogsági dolmány (Infantry dress tunic) for officers. Regards, Viktor
  5. NaVi

    Hungarian Honvéd belt buckle

    sorry, my mistake. Peter's one is a 1911M and the 2nd is an 1891M. Regards, NaVi
  6. NaVi

    Hungarian Honvéd belt buckle

    Hi Peter, Yours one is an 1891M belt buckle (very nice ) and the 2nd one is a 1911M for enlisted soldiers in the Royal Hungarian Army. They are heavily faked and private purchased versions as well... Regards, NaVi