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  1. Peter, tue shields are identical and made by same producer. Pascal told me which but can't remember.Will take a more detailed photo when I come home. Cheers Frode
  2. Congratulations, a very nice one , cheers Frode
  3. Hello Peter, Will try to take some pictures in the weekend and post. Cheers Frode
  4. Agree, a nice one Cheers Frode
  5. Very nice, congratulations. have one myselves that I got from my grandfather. Cheers Frode
  6. Thanks for the link, looking for pictures when she was located in Narvik. Hopefully I can find one where the flag is in use. Cheers Frode
  7. Very nice indeed, Cheers Frode
  8. Hello Nesredep, Thanks for posting the picture for me. Hope someone has some pictures of Aviso Grille when located in Narvik. All the best
  9. Thanks for your replies, cheers Frode
  10. Very nice, congratulations, these early ones are very hard to come by. Cheers Frode
  11. Nesredep, thanks for posting. It's an ink stamp, dimmension is 40x55 mm. It's the City Weapon of Swinemunde (until 45), today Świnoujście in Poland. It was found and made in Trondheim Norway and came together with several KM items. Several U-boats used a similar wappen and one of them was allocated to the 13th U-flotilla, but who knows, I'am still investigation and this is only a theory, all suggestions appreciated , cheers Frode
  12. Thanks for posting it, Nesredep. By the way it's not a hilfzkreuzer but a blocade runner badge, Cheers Frode