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  1. Yes the Flying Squad is a real department whose remit is armed robberies. That badge however has nothing to do with the Police and would appear to be joke civilian key ring. The specials badge I will leave for others to comment on.
  2. Didn't get to use much of his pension poor sod.
  3. Over the years I have been given various patches from off duty Police on Holiday in the UK. Always a bit of a problem as we have nothing official to give back though apparently the odd bit of Equipment has made its way to a foreign clime The first up is from Montgomery County Maryland.
  4. come on guys the link is there you just need to research. In Beddington he would have walked past the River Wandle , that joins the Fleet that ran parallel to the River Lea ( Almost ) and naughty jack probably washed his blood stained hands there! So there you go a genuine Ripper medal from H division awarded to X and soon to be Z.
  5. They didn't mess around with shoplifters in those days did they.
  6. Craig

    More Challenge Coins

    GMIC will not be needing your services thank you. No further advertising here either. Thank you Craig
  7. Allowed to resign is basically a guilty verdict but the important point is you are allowed to keep your pension up to the date of resignation. You don't get it at what would have been your 30 years of service but you get it at pensionable age. Most discipline now is a straight sacking so they don't have to pay the pension even if you've been paying in for 29 years.
  8. I think with the new conditions of service and graduate entries coming into Supt rank etc the chances of anyone completing even 20 years of service will be hard enough let alone 40!
  9. Don't forget this Special when it comes to infamous old bill
  10. That's a rare group not many police got the silver jubilee medal. And for a PC rare as hens teeth
  11. For the attention of the members of the British and Colonial Police forum, it is with a heavy heart that I have to pass on the very sad news of the passing of our friend and Senior moderator Mr Mervyn Mitton. Following service as a PC in the East end of London Mervyn became one of the leading lights in the Police collecting world and I'm sure most collectors have a copy of his " The Policemans Lot ". I'm sure you will join me in sending our thoughts and condolences to his family and friends. RIP Mervyn Craig
  12. In amongst Brians Special post the subject of White Duty helmets came up. Not wishing to hijack Brians post I was wondering if we could get a defenitive list of those forces that adopted the white helmet and hopefully get some photos of members collections. Craig
  13. Craig

    DDR Enamel sign

    Ive seen those Border DDR signs and thought they were too good to be true. I think yours has the right patina Jock and would be very happy with it. Craig
  14. Craig

    DDR Enamel sign

    That is ace. Have just started a small DDR collection would love a piece like that. Craig
  15. Have you spoken to the officer? If they are not aware of the criteria required they may wish to hand it back until they have the time in.
  16. BJOW, I know that when the Golden and Diamond Jubilee medals were issued Army service was counted towards 5 years service in a crown service. However no way does military service count towards the PLSGC medal nor any other Crown service be it military. ambulance, fire service whatever. It is for 20 years ( 22 for some of us ) exemplary service in the Police. If you've got someone wearing one with 10 years service or below parading with someone with 19 years who hasn't thats just wrong. If the federation can't be bothered or your Civy Branch. I would speak to your local PCC. You never know they maybe an ex ranking Police officer and not some career politician and they may be annoyed that those that don't meet the criteria are getting medals they aren't entitled too.
  17. I agree with Dave. It has to be the fault of the force not the Royal mint. The way things are going you will get your long runner after 5 years as no one is going to stay much longer than that now.
  18. Thanks Mariner, BJOW I've never heard of any exceptions and know of guys who had to leave on reaching 50years of age with 21 years service in the Police and military service who didn't get the LSGC medal when you still had to do 22 years service. Craig
  19. No your military service does not count in any way. It was taken into account for the Golden and Diamond jubilee. Craig
  20. Must be a bugger getting on the tube flashing a silver token!!
  21. What a fantastic post bittersweet no doubt but fascinating. Craig